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Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE® City Smart + DNA Enzyme ComplexTM + Anti‐Pollution + Antioxidants With Sunscreens Hydrating Shield

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Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE® City Smart + DNA Enzyme ComplexTM + Anti‐Pollution + Antioxidants With Sunscreens Hydrating Shield is a multi-active skin defender that delivers younger, healthier and more resilient skin in three phases. Anti-Pollution technology forms an invisible protective barrier to help prevent harmful toxins and pollution particles from penetrating skin, while an anti-pollution complex, comprised of an antioxidant blend of idebenone, green tea, thiotaine, ferulic acid and L-carnosine, will neutralise free-radical damage caused by pollution and UV exposure, including both oxygen-based and nitrogen-based free radicals. It also helps prevent the appearance of future signs of skin ageing, including lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. A DNX Enzyme Complex™ formulated with enzymes derived from plankton, arabidopsis thaliana and ocean bacteria extracts helps protect against free-radical damage and supports the skin’s natural repair process against oxidative stress. The skin’s elastin and collagen matrix are protected and its natural recovery process is strengthened. The sheer formula contains a universal tint and optical diffusers that work well with all skin tones and make-up products. It is non-comedogenic, paraben-free and dermatologist tested.


Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE® City Smart + DNA Enzyme ComplexTM + Anti‐Pollution + Antioxidants With Sunscreens Hydrating Shield


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The Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart is an expensive, thin lotion that purportedly acts as a "hydrating shield". The product states that it has "sunscreens" but no SPF rating has been attributed. Pros: I really like the smart packaging designed as an inverted tube with a pump. I can control precisely the amount to dispense. The opaque packaging also somewhat protects the contents. There is a sheer tint which provides minimum coverage for daily use. The lotion is full of silicones and spread easily. Feels lightweight. Can be a good makeup primer. Cons: The "shield" forms by chemical polymerisation which, unfortunately, I suspect is breaking me out. It acts as an "anti-pollution" layer but at the same time, it is making skin congested. Maybe it's a case of an invisible glad wrap, "nothing gets in, nothing comes out". Not sure what the "DNA Enzyme Complex TM" does either - there is close to no chance that cosmetics applied on skin will do anything at DNA level. It's basically marketing jargon. Unfortunately I didn't finish my tube as it is just not suitable for my skin

Protection from city smog and sun!

Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE® City Smart is perfect for when I holiday in the city to protect me from pollution. I apply it as the last step in my skincare and makeup routine. It smells nice and light, is tinted (nice beige colour) to add a bit of extra colour and glow and also protects me from the sun! Brilliant :). It isn't sticky and does clog your pores which makes it easy to wear and remove at the end of the day. Not something that I thought I need in my skincare routine but once you try it you won't look back. I would recommend Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE® City Smart.
I love this stuff! My skin loved it! I actually got Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE as a sample when I purchased some ceramide capsules and after about a day I noticed the improvement in my skin. It feels luxurious without being heavy and worked as the perfect primer for foundation. It’s a bit pricey but it’s well worth it.
I wasn’t too sure what to make of Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart, went it turned up among a selection of skincare goodies in a Gift with Purchase. It seemed like a tinted moisturizer or BB cream, which I don’t usually use, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was more like a primer, but one with pretty formidable SPF and skin-protection qualities. So,with its multi-tasking properties, not your usual last step in a skin care regime. City Smart is described as a hydrating shield with SPF 50, containing Elizabeth Arden’s patented  DNA Enzyme Complex, with antioxidents like idebenone to protect the texture of the skin,and very high level sun and pollutant protection, to prevent UV damage and form a screen between our skin and the  irritants and pollution that can speed up the ageing process. It’s designed to be the last step in a skin-care routine, so I wear it just after my moisturizer. City Smart is quite a thick, creamy texture and gave me a lot of confidence that it would protect my skin from sun rays and anything else! Looking a lot like tinted moisturizer it actually blends right into the skin leaving a slight greasy feeling. Thankfully this doesn’t stay – it becomes a great primer and I apply foundation over that slightly thicker layer. Having SPF 50 in our climate, as the skin cancer capital of the world, is so important and an essential for most face products. I usually make sure I have an SPF  product – moisturizer, primer or foundation – in at least one part of my routine. The Prevage range has an array of products, all protective,most with SPF, to complement the hydrating shield so you can be double, or even triple protected if you want! Of course this more high tech skin care does not come cheaply - at $89 -  but it takes only a small amount to cover your face and neck, so you will definitely get value from this product.  
I have used a number of Elizabeth Arden products so I was happy to add the Prevage City Smart to my skincare routine.   The product is very light, almost like a fluid, and smooths over my skin with ease, creating the perfect base for my moisturiser.  I find that my BB cream or foundation then applies without any patchiness or pilling.   The product leaves my skin looking firm and hydrated, and I like that the formula helps to protect my skin from the aging effects of pollution.  Only a small amount of product is needed so the.tube lasts quite a long time.  The packaging also makes it easy to dispense just the right amount of product so there is no waste.   I have dry, mature skin so I like a product that looks and feels like it is improving and protecting my skin and I feel.the Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart does this.  I have no hesitation in recommending this product.  
I love this product for protecting my skin from free radicals and city pollution, I use this as s primer every day under my moisturiser and foundation to protect my skin and slow the ageing process. The product is oil free which I love as I have an oily tzone, this also means it won't clog pores. The added spf is great if you are outdoors, even more skin protection. This product feels really light to wear and actually makes a great base for moisturiser and foundation. The little silver tube dispenses product easily and it glides over skin so smoothly and sinks straight in.  I adore this gorgeous product from Elizabeth Arden for the fact it slows down the ageing process, protecting my skin. Presage is a little expensive at $89.00 but you only need the smallest amount for great results. I love it and can't speak highly enough of it. I see no negatives and highly recommend it. .
Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart can work as a: primer, spf (rated 50 overseas, mineral based on ZnO and TiO2), light BB cream, protects skin from environmental (tiny particles) pollution, even contains antioxidants, so as a skincare serum/hydrator hybrid.  The cream itself comes in the elegant 40ml silver tube with the orange airless pump. The formula is on a medium runny side,   small amount is enough for the whole face. I do apply two pumps just in case, or even more (a bit too much perhaps ). It is tinted very lightly, as it contains natural mineral sunscreens zinc-oxide and titanium-dioxide. though when applied, the tint disappears, and the product itself blurs out the 'imperfections'. The formula is non-comedogenic , which is important for people like me who have very big pores that tend to clog easy. It is also oil free, so perfect for all skin types.  The whole concept was to create the Shield not only from UV rays that age the skin more rapidly, but also to protect the skin against the pollution. Many particles suspended in our not so clean cities can be up to 20 times smaller than our pores. Some of these can cause damage to the skin. So not only having sunscreen shield in it, it contains some antioxidants and polymers that protect and shield the skin from the damage. Best of all, there is no perfume in it! Just nice natural mild pleasant scent, almost undetectable. Great for those with sensitive skin and those that react not only to perfumes, but also sunscreens. My skin is very sensitive. This cream is perfect! Leaves my skin glow all day long.  Oh, and this shield seems to keep the moisture in the skin all day, this is my fave part.  After a long day in the city or AC environment, my skin tends to dry out a bit, but with this cream this does not happen! Before first use you may need to shake the formula in the tube, as the minerals can settle just a bit. The first squirt was a bit clear and watery, so I 'mushed' around the tube, to mix in the formula back.  Only small amount is needed. Apply evenly to face and neck if needed, after your skincare regimen. Can put makeup over the City Smart directly when it is absorbed. I did not use any primers, as this cream seems to work as a primer as well. Ideal For...:  All skin types. Safe for sensitive skin.
This is my top weapon against pollution affecting the skin, harsh climate and moisture loss. I live in a dry hot place that's freezing at night and near a main road with a lot of traffic passing. These factors and pollutants contribute to my pre-ageing skin and I was on a mission to find the ideal solution to this premature problem of mine. After looking and researching many products on the market I decided to make an investment for my skin, so I purchased the Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart.   This time stopping skin product from Elizabeth Arden offers the perfect solution to maintain my skin from awful radicals and toxins while ultimately protecting the skin which helps stop it from ageing any further. Straight away I could feel and visibly see the innovative anti-Pollution technology that appears to form an invisible protective barrier to help prevent from my skin from pollutants. It penetrates directly into my skin leaving it looking more young and radiant and ready for battle against the elements. The gorgeous texture spreads very evenly, leaving no greasy feeling and is easily dispensed out of its tube. You only have to pump one or twice as this amount is sufficient to cover the entire face. It comes out onto the skin as a universal colour suiting all skin tones and textures. It applies on clear with a slight tinted sheen and in 2 minutes this sheen disappears as it soaks directly into my skin doing its marvelous work. The Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart has activated multi-tasking ingredients that provide healthier and more resilient skin I love to be in. My skin relies heavily on the quality protection their SPF 50+ this product offers as I like to exercise/walk outside often. It contains an array of skin loving antioxidant ingredients along with DNA enzyme complex, idebenone which are important to block the free radicals from the pollution in the atmosphere. The product comes in a very sleek, shiny and silver tube and feels absolutely luxurious in its texture making it a pleasure to apply.   I always apply onto my cleansed skin at the end of my skincare regimen for the best results. Since using this product there appears to be no more signs of ageing. I think my face is looking younger the more I use this product, in fact I know it. Extremely pleased! I will continue to use this overtime to keep getting astonishing results.   
Its an everyday essential , can sometimes get away with just this product & no foundation  . Amazing sun protection ...
I love this product! So great that it is 50 SPF and protects against pollutants which is something where I have never really considered the impacts on my skin. I use this before putting on Bb cream/ foundation, or sometimes just by itself - it has a really light consistency so It feels really natural and non-sticky. Definitely recommend trying this!
This silver 40ml tube contains a very fluid formula - this makes it really, really easy to spread very quickly and easily straight over the top of my moisturiser.  It appears crystal clear once applied to the skin - it is only opaque when it's squirted out of the pump pack into my hand.  Be careful to catch it as it comes out as it is runny!  I like that it's runny because it's extremely light on my skin and only a very thin layer needs to be applied.  It's not oily - in fact it's oil-free and feels very light on the skin.  It has no scent and pretty much feels like I'm wearing nothing except my normal moisturiser.  I can put my foundation over the top of it and my foundation glides on much easier - for me it's like a replacement for a primer too but you could still use your normal primer if you wanted to. This is wonderful to me because it provides not only SPF50 but also protection from any pollution in the air.  I like that idea and I love how light and invisible it is.   I forget I'm wearing it after I've applied it yet I am reassured that by putting it on I have that high quality protection for my skin from the environment.   I could both happily wear this to the beach as well as to a trip to the city.  It's not waterproof but it is sweat-proof and stays on really well - my skin has not got burnt while I've been wearing this and it feels like I'm not even wearing any sun protection!   This would be great for male or female and anyone who wants high SPF that is oil-free, doesn't clog pores and doesn't create any white 'ghosting' or haze on the skin.  I've been loving it especially because it has no oily feel and is as light as a feather to wear.