Enrique Iglasias

Enrique Adrenaline

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Enrique Adrenaline is a masculine fragrance that exudes strength, self-assurance and coolness, capturing the motivating sense of exhilaration. It features a provocative contrast between fresh top notes and a heart of spicy, vibrant woods and sensual, creamy leather.

Price above is for 100mL. Also available in 50mL.


Enrique Adrenaline


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I had purchased this for my dad as he is a lover of cologne and can never have enough.  He normally wears very strong, heavy scented colognes but I wanted to get him something a bit more citrusy and woody.  The cologne comes in a bright red glass bottle with silver lid.  It's initially fruity and floral when you first spray it with notes of mandarin orange followed by Violet.  It also has spicy, leathery notes to balance out the sweetness and give it some masculinity.