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Restore shine and softness to dry, damaged hair with the Essano Argan Oil Nourishing Shampoo. The plant-based, sulphate-free shampoo combines aloe vera with macadamia, pomegranate and Moroccan argan oils for soft, silky strands and is gentle enough for colour-treated hair.

Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, plus free from common synthetic irritants, vegan and made from recycled materials


Essano Argan Oil Nourishing Shampoo


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Gentle but effective on dry hair

I purchased this shampoo after being drawn to its pretty packaging in the aisles of Coles. Made with 93.6% of natural origin ingredients, with a soft pretty smell, I decided to give it a go. As someone with very long, blonde hair - I am always on the lookout for a budget friendly shampoo that cleans my hair without stripping it of moisture. This shampoo did not disappoint, and the shimmer in the shampoo added a touch of glam to my hair washing session (which is usually something I dread). I found the shampoo a good consistency for application and the pretty pink bottle was easy to use and looks good in the shower. I'd definitely recommend for anyone with oily roots and dry ends.
I picked up this shampoo with the paired conditioner when i was shopping in Coles. I am always on the look out for natural and sustainable products and as someone with very dry long hair, I as interested to give an Argan Oil based shampoo a go. So far I have been pleased with it.  It smells great but can be a little bit difficult to turn into a lather on the first application. I usually wash my hair twice and find on the second application it  is easier to spread and massage into my scalp.  Overall I would definitely recommend.
My hair feels so great that I can't stop touching it.  Yes indeed I seem to be very obsessed with myself and I least with my hair thanks to Essano. I had 50 ml travel sized bottles of both the Shampoo and Conditioner and I just left them sitting in the cupboard because my scalp and hair are very touchy. After reading what the box had to say that the two bottles came in, I really didn't have much confidence in these products.  Don't get me wrong it's not that the information on the box was bad in fact it was the total opposite. I just was not trusting that something that was plant based and 93.6% of ingredients were from natural Origin and 10% of those were Organic..was this really going to make my hair happy?  I did however like the sound of Argan Oil, Vitamins A, C, and E, Macadamia, Pomegranate, and olive oils, Aloe Vera, and plant proteins.  My hair was doing ok so I figured I shouldn't tamper with it.  So these bottles just sat there, but the time came and I decided to take the lid of one of the bottles and see what this product smelled like and that was it.  It smelled so divine that I decided to give it a go. The Shampoo is a low foam formula and on first application there really wasn't very much foam.  I then rinsed and applied again and and the second wash felt a little more foamy. I rinsed and was ready for the matching conditioner.   I had no issues at all with my scalp and  no tangles.  I have very long but fine hair and it loves to tangle so something that helps with that is a must for me.   Once my hair was dry I loved how it looked and felt.  Very healthy looking with a wonderful gloss and it feels so very clean and super smooth and soft.  My hair smells divine.  My hair actually has some body to it which is amazing and normally it's quite limp. I love the pink bottles as pink is very much my colour.  I read that the bottles are made from PET which means they are made from 100% pre-used recycled material and they can be recycled again. I will very happily purchase full sized bottles of both the Conditioner and Shampoo. 
I received the shampoo and conditioner travel size combo in a beauty box. My hair felt moistursed and cleaned after using this shampoo. It also left a nice natural smell on your hair. I actually really like it. The price is better than what you get, so I highly recommended to try this for all types of hair.
I absolutely adore this shampoo, beyond the fantastic fragrance and texture this product does wonders for rejuvenating the hair. My hair is rather sun damaged and brittal from dying and this product has bought back the softness and silliness that I didn' know I was missing.   Would highly recommend, especially for those girls who want an effective product which is natural and does not test on animals. BIG THUMBS UP!
The Essano Argan Oil Nourishing Shampoo leaves my hair clean and looking healthy. It also smells really beautiful and i love that its a plant based product. I also like that there is a sample size to buy & try to see if it suits your hair before you buy the big bottles. Great product overall!
The Essano Argan Oil shampoo and its matching conditioner comes in a rosy pink cylindrical shaped bottle with a flip-top lid. Its a nice colourful bottle to have in the shower but I wish the bottle wasn't so thick because its hard to squeeze out the shampoo when you still have about 1/3 remaining. I flip the bottle and let it stand on its flat lid and that seems to help.  The shampoo is off white in colour, and thick and creamy in consistency. It is not pearlescent but has tiny, non gritty sparkles in it which is fun to look at. The shampoo has Essano's signature sweet, floral scent. Despite being free of sulphate, it lathers up beautifully and I can work the foam into my hair easily. The shampoo is infused with Moroccan Argan, macademia and promegrante oil to nourish and aloe vera and plant proteins to hydrate and replenish nutrients to dry and damaged hair.  Using this shampoo and its corresponding conditioner, my hair dries with minimal frizz, and feels soft and manageable. I've even been complimented on how shiny and healthy my hair looks when I use this hair care combo. The shampoo is gentle enough to use on colour treated hair and has 90% natural and 10% organic ingredients. This is an affordable product from a cruelty free brand so I feel good about adding this product to my hair care regimen. 
I tried this product as a free sample and found it dried out my scalp instead. My hair was no longer soft to touch and became frizzy. Not sure how this could have happened with all the moistening ingredients. I really wanted to love this product with it's no nasties formula but couldn't 
I have eczema and most shampoos, cause me to have flair ups on my scalp. But since using this product I have had no such issue not only does it smell great, it has restored my hair leaving it soft and no longer dry to the touch. This product has given me comfort, in regularly using it knowing I won't have any kind of reaction.  This product, has changed my life as I can now go through each day without having an irritated and sore scalp. Thank you Essano for creating a fantastic and safe product other people like me with skin issues can use.
I have very long, fine dark blonde hair and i am loving the Essano Argan Oil Nourishing Shampoo (and conditioner because lets face it who doesn't buy the matching conditioner)!  I am a two shampoo gal so i always have the problem of shampoo running out before the conditioner, i would love to tell Essano to have a transparent line up the side of the bottle so you can physically see how much product is left! For a shampoo that has zero nasties i think it lathers well (even better on the second wash!) and it leaves my hair shiny and smooth, which is exactly what i want!  Pro - LOVE supporting Aussie companies and no nasties OR animal testing involved in providing a beautiful product - tick, tick, tick! Con - i do like to stretch my washes out to 3 or 4 days, i find that because i have fine hair, it gets a little oily at the end of day two - this is because it's such a nourishing product though so i shouldn't complain!
I love this shampoo! I have very fine hair that tends to look limp and lifeless, if I don't use the right product, so I was hesitant to try shampoo that contains oil, but I'm glad that I have! This is my current favourite shampoo (and conditioner) - it leaves my hair clean and soft, very healthy looking and I love that my roots don't get oily soon after washing my hair (like after some other shampoos). If you have sensitive scalp like me you might want to try this shampoo as it contains no harsh chemicals and as a result it doesn't irritate my skin! Pros: - subtle scent - lathers well compared to other natural products  - contains Aloe Vera, Argan Oil and other great for your skin & hair oils - contains No Parabens & No Sulphates (and no other potentially harmful chemicals) - not tested on animals - leaves my hair looking fresh & healthy - doesn't irritate sensitive scalp Cons: - a bit pricey (at full price of $15.99) for 300ml bottle (but it often comes on special and that's when I stock up!)
I really like this brand but I didn't feel like this shampoo was anything amazing. It does the job but it's too pricey.
My hair is of a medium thickness, wavy and relatively long and begins with being quite oily at the roots and scalp, and then becomes very dry from the mid lengths to the roots. I am always constantly in battle with rather dull  uncontrollable frizz. With having such extreme hair types in one, I was very interested to see how the Essano Argan Oil Nourishing Shampoo would work for me. I'll break down my experience below; First impressions: The packaging of the product is much like most shampoos, cylindrical and easy to dispense with a press top lid. The product itself I consider to be of a thinner consistency than most shampoos, and it quickly came from the bottle and almost right through my fingers. The shampoo has a very pretty light shimmer throughout and the scent was absolutely incredible. I would think that this is the best smelling shampoo ever!  Use: I found that this shampoo was rather difficult to lather through the hair, that I required a considerable amount of product and that I would have to wash, rinse and repeat up to three times, if I had used styling products. Every other day I was having to wash, rinse and repeat twice each time I washed my hair, to get rid of the oily feel to my scalp. This bottle was not going to last me very long. Results: My hair smelt amazing every time I used the Essano Argan Oil Nourishing Shampoo, but unfortunately I didn't see or feel any other results that excited me. I actually felt that the frizziness in my hair was worse once my hair dried naturally, and it wasn't until day two after using the shampoo that my frizziness has settled, but by then the roots of my hair were oily and visually looked greasy. No win. This shampoo just does not work with my hair type. Pros: - Plant based and sulphate free. - Smells amazingly good. - Reasonably priced. Cons: - A lot of product was required to build a decent lather, therefore not making it all that cost effective. - This product did not work well to find a happy balance of keeping my oily roots and scalp feeling clean, and bringing moisture and shine to my mid lengths and ends whilst keeping my frizz in check. This product just simply wasn't suited for my hair type. Recommendations: As this product just did not work for me with my hair issues and concerns, I can only guess that the Essano Argan Oil Nourishing Shampoo would be better suited to dry, damaged hair types that don't require much cleansing to obtain a clean feeling. 
Best Shampoo Ever for stressed out coloured hair. I  have heavy highlights in my hair and I find that the Argan oil adds a touch of luxury and makes my hair feel absolutely amazing. I do find that I need quite an amount to shampoo my hair properly as it doesn't lather up very easily.  It does however work very effectively in conjunction with the Nourishing Conditioner and I would strongly recommend that you use the products together. The fragrance is light and noticeable .. more like a perfume than a shampoo. I would absolutely recommend :)
Love this product!  I recently bleached my hair and my scalp has become very dry.  In one use I could already tell this was going to help with moisturising and softness of my hair. With a great smell and no nasty additives, this is one to try!
My Hair Type and Concern  I have a straight-to-wavy hair type with a coarse-to-fine hair texture. The ends are a bit frizzier than I would like so I'm always in search of products that can tame it without having to use heat. The Product  Essano Argan Oil Nourishing shampoo comes in a beautiful cylindrical shaped dusty rose coloured bottle with a push down black lid. I rest the bottle on its lid so the product is easier to dispense. The shampoo is a translucent beige with shimmer in it which was a fun surprise. At first I was worried the shimmer would stick to my hair strands but it is not gritty or chunky at all and rinses out easily. Plus the shimmer is pretty to look at so win win. The shampoo smells like a sweet floral with a hint of botanical to me. It might be a bit heavy for some but the scent doesn't bother me. The product is plant based and is free of gunk such as parabens and sulphates. The shampoo is a blend of argan, macadamia and pomegranate oils with soothing aloe vera and plant proteins. Product Application and Experience  The shampoo is free of sulphates so it doesn't lather up that well. I take a bit of shampoo into the palm of my hands to create lather before distributing it into wet hair. My shower stall fills up with the sweet scent of the shampoo which is lovely. I find I use slightly more product than usual as it takes more product to lather up enough to clean my long hair. Once I rinse out the shampoo and follow it up by applying Essano's Argan Oil conditioner.  There is no scalp irritation from using this product and my hair feels clean, soft, shiny and bouncy once my hair is dry. It also smells amazing. It does feel like the shampoos nourishing properties somewhat weigh my hair down a bit at the roots. The frizz at the ends of my strands are tamed a bit but I manipulate it further with other products.  Verdict The product is free of a lot of gunk and made of natural and organic ingredients and is in the affordable price range. It is also not tested on animals which I know is a concern for many. For my straight-to-wavy hair which lacks volumes, this is not a product that I see myself using long term as it doesn't work for my hair type. That doesn't mean it won't work for you. I feel that this might be a good shampoo for people who wash their hair daily to restore scalp moisture that gets stripped away from washing hair too often. It might also be suitable for those with curly hair who are looking to tame hair volume. Pro  Free of a long list of gunks such as paraben & sulphates  Made of natural and organic ingredients No animal testing Affordable  Cute packaging & shimmer (!) in the shampoo  Gentle cleanse, doesn't strip moisture  Smells nice  Con  Weighs my hair roots down a bit  Hard to lather up unless you rub product between the palms of you hand to create lather   
My hair was suffering from winter winds and due to being covered with hair accessories which is why I chose to try Essano Argan Oil Shampoo. I love the fact it is organic containing plant based ingredients, the mild rose scent, and gentle on damaged hair. While it can be a little drying on its own used in conjunction with the Essano Argan Oil Conditioner my hair is left feeling soft and slowly I have noticed new regrowth and extra shine. Considering the price and results AND the fact it is natural I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to eliminate commercial synthetic products.
I love this Argan Oil fragranced shampoo! It has a sultry perfume scent which isn't overwhelming, but instead it's enticing and makes me reach for it every morning. The pretty dusty pink bottle looks great in my bathroom and I use this shampoo daily and it keeps my hair feeling soft and easy to style. My hair can become greasy at the roots if I don't wash it everyday, so I need a shampoo that doesn't weigh down. This shampoo is perfect for my hair as it leaves my hair manageable and glossy.  Since the shampoo smells beautiful, the fragrance lingers in my hair and I have the slight hint of perfumed Argal Oil throughout the day! Bonus!  This shampoo does not contain any harsh chemicals and I never thought a plant based shampoo would work so well as a daily use product. I recommend this shampoo for anyone who wants a wonderfully scented shampoo that feels luscious and really works to maintain healthy and nourished hair! 
I LOVE Essano I have never come across a bad product of theirs (and I have tried most) so I was really excited when I heard they were bringing out a hair care range! I have very long, fine and dry hair that tangles really easily so I opted to try the Argan oil version as it claims to help dry and damaged hair. I have used this for 1-2 months now and noticed a huge difference in the health of my hair - it is stronger, silkier and doesn't look dry on the ends like it used to. If this is your first sulphate-free shampoo it may take some getting used to as it doesn't have that extra lather. At first I didn't like this since my hair is so long I was struggling to get the product throughout all of my hair, however I have found you just have to work a little harder with it and really massage it into your hair so it starts to get foamy. Another thing I love about this shampoo is the smell it is soooo nice, I always get compliments on it!  The packaging is so pretty I love how it is really feminine and stands out - and it provides a really good description of the ingredients used. The bottles are thick plastic which at first annoyed me because sometimes I found it difficult to squeeze it out when I was running low - however then I realised since they have a flat lid they can be stored upside down and that solved that problem straight away (der me). Overall I would recommend this to everyone with dry/damaged hair who is wanting strengthen their hair with a healthy and natural product! Essano also brought our two other types of Shampoo & Conditioner so if dry/damaged hair isn't your main concern you should check out the others too :) Pros - Leaves hair looking and feeling smooth, strong and healthy! - Smells really nice - Natural ingredients & sulphate free which means it is so much healthier for your hair than those that are full of unfriendly chemicals - Affordable, excellent quality & price -Packaging is pretty and practical Cons None!
Love this and it's matching conditioner, moisturised my hair beautifully as it was quite crunchy on the ends. After a couple uses was noticeably softer and shinier