Essano Collagen Repair Serum

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Essano Collagen Repair Serum is a nutrient-rich anti-ageing skin treatment. Formulated with plant peptide technology, certified organic rosehip oil, natural botanical extracts and vitamins, the silky serum stimulates collagen production, improves skin elasticity and firmness, tightens pores, evens skin tone and smooths wrinkles.

Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, plus vegan, free from common synthetic irritants. 

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Essano Collagen Repair Serum


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Essano is an affordable, yet effective natural skin and hair care brand that I have only recently discovered and started using. I am pleasantly surprised with the quality and efficiency of this face serum, so much so that I have since purchased a 2nd bottle! This serum has a glass bottle and a pump dispenser, and looks like a high-end product for under $30. I really love, love, love the texture of this serum as it’s very lightweight and silky, yet adds great hydration, nourishment and moisture to my skin. It absorbs instantly into the skin and doesn’t have that sticky feeling that many serums have and contains a good mix of plant oils and vitamins to really hydrate and smooth the skin. I often just use this serum on its own at night and don’t feel that I need to layer any additional creams on top, as it does a great job moisturising my skin. The scent is pleasant and mild, and therefore doesn’t cause any irritation. I think this serum would suit all skin types, but would be best for dry or dehydrated skin. I can't really fault this serum, and will be repurchasing it again and again I think.
The formula of this Essano Rosehip Collagen Repair Serum combines certified organic rosehip oil with blackberry leaf extract, jojoba oil, sunflower oil and vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), B5 (Panthenol), C & E to reduce breakdown of collagen & elastin, diminish age spots, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. It also claims to reduce the visible signs of ageing.  This serum comes in a 30ml dark glass bottle with a pump dispenser. I absolutely love the pump packaging of this serum and the product delivery is great. Though the packaging looks simple it still gives an impression of a luxe product when kept on the vanity. It has a light lotion like consistency and is beige in colour. Since this serum is formulated with an intensive blend of certified organic rosehip oil and innovative plant peptide technology it has a very earthy botanical scent to it which is what I like the most about it.  I like to use this serum in my night-time routine and only two pumps are needed to easily cover my face & neck. Upon applying onto the skin, due to its lotion like consistency it is very easy to spread however it takes a little longer than my other serums to absorb and leaves a slightly sticky feel on the skin and that’s the main reason why I prefer to use it in the evenings and not mornings. But once absorbed it does not dry out my skin like some serums tend to do and next morning I wake up with a healthy glow on my skin and it feels & looks very soft, smooth and hydrated.  Since I have dry, dehydrated skin I can truly say this serum works well in terms of providing hydration. I would say it is even suitable for oily/combination skin types and can be used as a 2-in-1 product (serum plus moisturiser).  Overall, there is a special luxurious feel to this serum due to its combination of packaging, consistency and scent. It’s a nice hydrating serum with beautiful skin loving ingredients like Niacinamide being second in the ingredient list with other nourishing oils like sunflower seed oil, Jojoba seed oil, and certified organic Rosehip seed oil, Sodium Hyaluronate, Vitamin E & B5 with other beneficial plant extracts.  This serum from Essano is vegan friendly and those who love natural skincare products will surely adore it. It is definitely a good choice if you are into plant extracts and want something that is lightweight and hydrating. In fact, I must admit that I quite enjoy using it because it feels very nice on the skin and can be used as either a serum or a moisturiser depending on skin type. This serum is perfect for those who want a formula that targets fine lines, or the prevention of them and also helps to refine skin texture for a more youthful complexion.  Pros: >Skin Texture - A Big tick for this. I am surely impressed by this serum’s effect on refining my skin's texture. My skin feels very smooth and soft to touch.  >Hydration - This serum does a great job at hydrating my dry dehydrated skin due to which I love how my skin looks plumped. >Overall Glow - Thumbs up on this aspect. The serum surely imparts a healthy glow on my skin which I definitely notice the next morning and this kind of assures me that the product has been working into my skin overnight.  >Fine lines & Wrinkles - Since I do not have deep wrinkles, I would just comment on the fine lines and would say that this serum helps to smooth out and soften fine lines (which I have on my forehead and under my eyes, Yes I do like to apply this serum under my eyes to get the anti- ageing benefits from this serum).  With a strong commitment to no compromises, no animal testing and no harsh chemicals, Essano is a truly natural, sustainable brand and I absolutely love the ethos of this brand.
I first bought this serum for my mum. But. As you gotta do with all the makeup and products your mum owns, you have to steal it for a bit and try it out, which I did, and she hasn't gotten it back (don't worry I bought her another one!).  I love this serum. It's so moisturising, and a little goes a long long way. Just one pump is enough to spread over my entire face and down my neck. Also, because it's so affordable, I feel like you get a real bang for your buck compared to high end brands that cost so much for so little. (And it's cruelty free/vegan! Unlike lots of high end products!!) Normally, I apply it after I've used the toner and rosehip oil (which is also amazing!!), and it glides on really nicely. It smells like rose, and it's not too strong in my opinion.  I've used about half the bottle now, and my skin feels really hydrated throughout the day. Also gives you that really nice healthy glow. And it hasn't made me break out! (my skin is dry and prone to breakouts).  Go buy this serum if you want your skin to feel and look amazing without wasting a ton of money on overpriced products that do the same thing.
Firstly I will say I have had trouble with acne/adult acnec for most of my life and like may others I feel I have tried every lotion and potion to help to eliviate my problem with no avail.  Not until I tried the Rosehip Essano range , all the products are super gentle in fragrance and cleaning properties. I am in love with the collagen repair serum as it is a delight to use. I was sceptical at first , worried that it would be too heavy on my skin . Oh how wrong I was , not only is it smooth and silky to apply , it really absorbs into my skin beautifully. I tend to use it mostly at night after washing my face and apply this liberally to my face and neck.  It reduces alot of my redness and inflamed acne over night. I wake up with lush and rejuvenated skin that feels smooth , supple and super hydrated.  I feel that this gentle cost effective serum is worth a try and would definitely give a lot of high end products a run for their money.  And even better it is cruelty free! 
Initially, I didn't have high hopes about the serum because it was rather thick and creamy. However, I was pleasantly surprised that it worked well for my dry, sensitive skin! It did not break me out, yet provide moisture for my skin and reduced the fine lines. It feels very silky on the skin, and I wouldn't say that it is the lightest serum that I have tried but it worked very well in keeping my skin healthy and plump. I am really happy with the results. There is a strong scent to it though, which took some getting use to for me. I do realise that this serum somehow caused my sunscreen and cream to peel slightly so I would usually use this only at night. I would suggest layering this serum on after using any water-based products because they don't seems to react well with it. Otherwise, it is affordable and great quality! It would be the best for people with dry skin rather than oily skin types.
I'll be honest- when it comes to skincare I can be quite a brand snob. Even at 26 years years of age, I can somehow justify spending nearly the equivalent of my mortgage repayments on skincare lotions and potions in search of obtaining an everlasting youthful complexion. I like to think of it as an investment- the more I put into it now, the better the return in the future. So, had it not been that the Essano Collagen Repair Serum was featured in one of my The Parcel- Ageless beauty boxes (A quarterly beauty subscription box- which is excellent value for money EVERY time by the way), I never would have thought to pick this up from the shelf in my local supermarket to try it in place of my $90 per 30mL serum I had used religiously for years.  In all honesty, when I first opened my beauty parcel and saw the Essano Collagen Repairing Serum, my first thought was to try using it on the stretchmarks my daughter so lovingly gave me as my gift for entering motherhood. I just didn't believe that a product that was a third of the price of what I had been using, could ever compete.  I used the serum for the first time immediately after a shower, and concentrated only on the areas worst affected by stretchmarks- my stomach, my hips and my breasts. Immediately I loved the rosehip oil scent and the beautiful, silky texture of the serum that was quickly absorbed into my skin completely, leaving my skin feeling noticeably softer and moisturised instantly. I was able to put on my pyjamas right away without any sticky or greasy feel left behind afterwards.  I ended up using that first bottle of this serum on my stretchmarks instead of on my face, and although my 5 pumps worth of product only saw the the bottle last 6 weeks, the results were well worth going out and investing in another two bottles- this time, one for my face and the other for my stretchmarks. In 6 weeks of using it on my problem areas for stretchmarks, I saw an incredible difference, I saw results worthy of taking photos for (if only I had have), just like you see in all of those before and after testimonials. My skin was not only the softest it had ever been, but the overall texture, elasticity and tone was greatly improved , my skin was considerably firmer and and the stretchmarks had faded. I was now convinced to take the plunge and try this on my face, whilst setting aside my usual serum. My skin is typical combination; an oily t-zone and occasional dry patches on my cheeks and around my nose. Despite my greatest efforts I suffer breakouts regularly on my chin and along my jawline. I also have a little pigmentation due to scarring from past breakouts and uneven skin tone. I was thrilled to experience that the results were just as impressive when I used this product on my face. The serum was absorbed into my skin beautifully with no sticky or greasy feeling afterwards. I never experienced any extra oiliness during the day after using this product. The product worked amazingly well as a primer under makeup also, whilst still feeling light and fresh when layered. My skin tone and texture, again,was dramatically improved, as was my pigmentation as a result of scarring. Also, my skin has never seen such clarity before either.  Pros:- Beautiful, lightweight silky formula that is easily absorbed into the skin. - Skin immediately feels soft to touch and moisturised and leaves no sticky or greasy feeling. - Skins texture, tone, elasticity and clarity is drastically improved. - Pigmentation and scarring is greatly reduced. - Very convenient pump bottle to ensure that just the right amount of product is dispensed. - Affordable. - Perfect for all skin types, of all concerns and of all ages. Cons: - I don't think I will ever be able to stop using this product on my body as well as my face, which means that this product won't last all that long. (Although, considering the price is a third less than the product I was previously using, I can easily justify using three times as much!) To choose between my old faithful at three times the price versus The Essano Collagen Repair Serum? The Essano Collagen Repair Serum wins hands down and that's without the consideration for affordability and only based on the results achieved and realised. Who knew you could do beauty AND get REAL results on a budget?. . . Well now I do too!
The whole Essano range is dedicated to products incorporating the coveted and ultra popular rosehip oil.  I have become a huge fan of the oil for its ability to hydrate my skin, reduce the appearance of my scars and blemishes, even out my skin, decrease redness and inflammation as well as combating fine  lines and wrinkles.  For some RHO works great all year round but I prefer something with a lighter texture during the warmer months.  The Essano collagen repair serum has all the great benefits of RHO while being in serum form.  For those who have oily or combination skin, like myself, this is a great alternative to the standard RHO. The texture of it is so light so my skin drinks it up right away without feeling sticky or leaving any residue.  I apply two pumps and apply to both my face, neck and décolletage both morning and night.  Gradually I started to notice changes in the texture and evenness of my skin.  My skin has always been a bit rough and bumpy but the serum helped smooth it out, leaving it soft to the touch and supple.  One of my biggest insecurities is my scars from years of terrible breakouts and cystic acne.  I never leave the house without makeup or using concealer to help cover them up.  With the help of the serum, my pigmentation and acne scars have faded and I find that they are becoming less and less noticeable.  I am finally able to go makeup free and not worry about people focusing on my scars.  Even the crater sized pores on my face have started to shrink, something almost no other product could do.  It helped plump the skin as well, leaving fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable while adding much needed brightness to my dull skin.  To say it has helped my skin would be an understatement.   Tips: -Can be used on other parts of the body to help reduce the appearance of scars and burns -Use it before makeup as a moisturising primer  -Layer it with your favourite face cream for added hydration -Use it on your neck and décolletage as well which are often neglected Pros: -Hydrates the skin  -Absorbs easily without leaving any residue  -Helps with scars and evening out the skin -Increases collagen production, leaving skin soft and supple -Reduces the size of pores -Fine lines and wrinkles are less noticeable  -Works well for all skin types -All plant based (vegan) -Cruelty free, don't test on animals -Organic
I bought a range of Essano products (hand creme, night cream, eye cream, this serum and a day cream) and overall I am impressed, just one thing I am a little perplexed by and why I deducted one star.  This serum, while wonderful, does not work with the night cream.  No matter what I do I can't keep them on my face, they pill off.  If I use the serum and wait half an hour before applying the night cream or if I apply it right after makes no difference, they don't mix.  I had a choice to give up the serum or give up the night cream and the choice was easy, this serum is wonderful so I have used it 2 x daily and now on my second bottle. It comes in a handy pump pack with a dark amber glass bottle which is great as you know all those active goodies inside are well protected from finger contamination, air and light.  It is a thick yellowish liquid and one pump easily covers my entire face.  It absorbs quickly and leaves no residue on my dry-normal skin.  It has a pleasant herbal-botanical scent with a touch of rose and it doesn't linger once absorbed.  It has really helped keep my winter dry skin soft and supple and I couldn't imagine not using it - it's a staple now!
I'm a big fan of this nourishing oil, not only do I use it nightly for moisture but I've also noticed it has made a huge difference in improving my skin texture & fading acne scars (esp in combination with a retinol serum - they work together to resurface & nourish/moisturise your skin). The moisturising aspect is super-important if you are using any retinol products as they can inflame your skin quite a bit! The texture of this serum is light with a lovely rose fragrance, a few drops definitely go a long way, it absorbs easily into your skin and isn't greasy at all which I really love. I always follow this serum application with a night cream and my skin feels smoother & looks softer/more hydrated the following morning. I've also used this serum on some older burn scars (I managed to sustain second degree burns on my hand a few months ago after a disastrous cooking fiasco) and am very happy with the improving elasticity and texture of my skin, I'd say it has good scar-fading power. I'll be using this serum for a while & definitely recommend it!
I adore this product! Not only does it smell amazing, it gives my skin the boost it needs to repair itself, it has improved my skin tone and texture, and feels absolutely luxurious to apply. I love that it is an organic product. I will continue to buy this product.
I love Essano products and this serum has to be one of my favourites and I can't recommend it highly enough!  It's absorbed super quickly and left my skin feeling nourished, soft and smooth! As a lady in her (ahem) early 40's, I found there was a noticeable difference to my skin tone, my skin felt smoother and shinier. It's an affordable beauty product that I wouldn't now be without.
I use this serum at night under my night cream while I sleep as I found it a little too oily to use during the day. It has a nice rose scent and yellowish colour and light consistency so you only need a little bit to cover your entire face. I've noticed the overall texture and appearance of my skin has improved, my fine lines becoming less noticeable and my skin really soft, smooth and more hydrated the morning after using this. It is also great for people with sensitive skin as it doesn't irritate. The serum comes in a handy pump bottle which is easy to use and is very affordable and I would definitely recommend this product.
First of all I LOVE all of the essano range! Such great product quality that is affordable.  This serum is no different - it has a super silky consistency with a nice rose garden scent that isn't too over bearing (if you have any of their other products you'll know the smell). I usually use one pump and that covers my entire face and neck and it leaves it SO soft and smooth. I use it with the essano collagen repair cream and the two combined have definitely improved the elasticity and smoothness of my skin, not to mention my uneven skin tone - this was the primary reason why I tried it out because I am freckly and prone to breakouts & scarring.  Would definitely recommend to anyone who is wanting to soften, smooth or brighten their skin, especially for those who, like me, have uneven skin tone and is prone to breakouts. Also, a lady (late 30s early 40s) at work uses it and she swears that is has smoothed out her wrinkles and fine lines so I'd say it is definitely effective as an anti-ageing remedy.    Pros: - affordability (30mL is between $20-30 i bought it on sale so can't remember precisely)  - leaves skin feeling really soft, smooth and hydrated - has helped with my scarring - doesn't clog pores (actually has helped shrinked mine which is amazing) -silky texture so only requires 1-2 pumps to  cover face and neck  - packaging is practical and looks nice, the pump dispenser doesn't spill out like a lot of other serums - no bad reactions to my sensitive skin Cons (really minor): - I have oily skin so this could just be for that reason but I did notice it didnt completely absorb very quickly, so for that reason I only use this at night before bed. 
This is a really nice facial oil to wear under moisturizer especially coming into winter!!  I have the Essensa Rosehips day and night creams and alternate between this facial oil and the Essensa Rosehips facial oil. I am really impressed overall with all of Essensa's products as they are affordable and have nice textures and fragrances. I have sensitive rosacea skin and have never had any issues with flare ups, the products (including this one) treat my skin very nicely and i would recommend them to any one who has a similar skin type.