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Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup SPF25

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Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup SPF25 is a long-lasting liquid foundation for creating a fresh, even and natural-looking complexion. It contains SPF 25 and a range of antioxidants to protect the skin from UV rays and pollution. It is suitable for all skin types and delivers both skin-smoothing and hydration benefits.

Available in 21 shades.


Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup SPF25


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This is a perfect foundation when you want light coverage that lasts all day. It comes in a gladd bottle for easy application and compact enough to fit in your make up bag. The scent is frangrancesless and just smells like foundation. It also comes in a good range of colours to match your skin tone. It gives a soft velvety semi-matte finish and has great coverage. The matte finish makes it easy to apply other make up over the top like blusher. It glides on silky smooth, feels luxurious on your skin and is lightweight. The foundation blends well on your face, wears beautifully, evens out your skin tone, and doesn't look caked on/mask like. Also a little bit goes a long way. After trialing several methods, I've found that for best results, use a makeup sponge to apply the foundation to your face to give a flawless and even natural look. For the days that I want extra coverage, I like to finish off with a powder over the top. The foundation stays put in hot/humid conditions, doesn't sweat off or transfer and quite waterproof, so you don't have to re-apply during the day. Even through it has great staying power, it is easy to remove at the end of the day with a good cleanser. I found this to be a perfect foundation for Summer or daywear because it's lighter and provides a fresh, even and natural-looking complexion. I like the fact that it's oil free and contains SPF 10 and  it still looks quite fresh at the end of the day. I felt confident wearing it all day long. The negative is that it can make your skin dry so use a good moisturiser underneath and it also sets quickly so you have to work fast. You may have to use a little concealer on those tough to hide areas although the foundation is buildable. Overall this is a great foundation from a premuim brand that I'm happy to recommend.
I've only tried this in a 10-day supply sample pot from an Estee Lauder counter, and I like the texture a lot. It's lighter than the usual Double Wear in terms of coverage, and the finish is more natural like your own skin. It doesn't have the same lasting power as the original Double Wear in heat and high humidity for my combination skin, but would be something that I would consider for daily use.  Unfortunately, this product doesn't come in 2W0 which is my shade in the original Double Wear. It would be great if more shades can be added, and a pump to be included by default.
I have read great reviews about this product and was very keen to try it. I managed to get colour matching and a sample from the departmental store counter. However as i have dry skin, i find the foundation to drying and cakey on my skin. This will be suitable for someone who wants a matte finish for their foundation.
I was colour matched by an Estee Lauder consultant to 2N1 Desert Beige.  It is packaged in a frosted glass bottle with a gold screw top lid. Unfortunately there is no pump, which it really should have at this price point. It is just an open top which you pour the liquid out. It is a very runny consistency; I would usually prefer a thicker consistency than this. However it does apply very lightweight as a result which is great for a "no make up" make up look. I normally apply this using a make up sponge, over sunscreen and a primer underneath. I had no issues with pilling whatsoever. I apply one coat all over and using the makeup sponge apply some more over my cheeks where I have discolouration due to blemishes. The result is a light satin finish and leaves my skintone even with a dewy glow, without any visible cakiness. I only need concealer to cover marks from blemishes on my cheeks and redness around my nostrils. In terms of durability and wear, it is claimed to last 24 hours. I have worn this for max. 12-14 hours and it has stayed put which is remarkable. No visible bunching or sliding, looks even more dewy later in the day due to my natural skin oils.
Unfortunately this foundation did not work for me.I gave this foundation several tries, considering it wasn't cheap, i didn't want to give up on it.  Packaging - heavy glass bottle, gold screw on/off cap and had some weight to it. Didn't come with a pump so that was a bit of an inconvenience when dispensing the product and hard to control the amount. Product - provided good coverage and I was able to layer it on to build full coverage without it looking cakey on my face. Very blendable with all types or tools, I used it with a brush, beauty blender and a flat sponge. I found that the product started to slip and slide on my face after 2 hours and made me very oily especially in the t-zone area. I thought maybe it was my skin care underneath or the primer, so i switched up the products i used and tried a few different brands of primers but all gave me the same result. i also started breaking out very badly since using the foundation. I wanted to give this product the best chance as it worked so well for so many of my friends but unfortunately not for me. 
This is a great foundation, and a fantastic alternative to the original double wear foundation. It still has the same lasting power as double wear, however it has a more natural finish, like skin - not matte or super dewy. Lasts very well on my oily skin and awesome shade range. if you have oily skin, I would still recommend setting lightly with powder
This is a great light foundation. I particularly use this in summer months when it is hotter and I tend to sweat more. It is really light so you can hardly tell you have anything on your face. It isn't thick enough to cover freckles and some redness, so don't get this foundation hoping it will do that. It is better if you are looking for a natural make up look that will brighten up your skin without making it obvious you are wearing make up. Sometimes I did find it difficult to blend in when using a foundation brush.
I am a 3W2 Cashew and I am nuts about this foundation. It is lightweight in feel and high-impact in looks. For a 'nude' water fresh makeup, you can build some serious coverage with this foundation, and I am in love. I never thought I would find the right shade for me in Estee Lauder but I am so happy I found my Cashew! Dreamy coverage without the weight, I can shake and tip a tiny amount into my hands and pat it on my face (OMG yes, I actually do) then blend with a sponge for the most amazingly smooth and even finish. Ecstatic beyond words.
Best foundation I have ever used! I am fairskinned (but tan easily) and I got the shade 'Buff' (a neutral shade), this shade is matches my skin perfectly, I find that a lot of foundations I've used before are too yellowly.  The foundation is lightweight, but still offers, great and buidable coverage. You need to shake the bottle first before you apply. It's super smooth and glides on like silk - I've applied it using fingers, beauty blender, foundation brush and a kabuki brush - my favourite look was with the kabuki because it gave a smooth and glossy, not 'overdone' look.  The foundation doesn't have much of a scent, and it doesn't irritate my senstivie skin. It feels like moisturiser when on, I can use it everyday and I don't breakout. It gives a really dewy just went for a run on the beach look, and even though I set it with poweder, it still looks dewy. I've also worn this while in a spa/pool and it doesn't run when sweating or splashed by water. My new fave and must have!
Great foundation but not my favourite. I found the coverage to be light to medium but semi-buildable. By that I mean you will never have full coverage with this foundation without it breaking up during the day or separating around oily zones on your face. That being said its a lovely natural finish that has a great shade range & added bonus of SPF. Definitely think the bottle should come with a pump as this foundation is very liquid.
This ESTÉE LAUDER Double Wear Stay in Place definitely does stay in place for about 10 hours and I think that is quite good for a foundation. The cons of this foundation is that it is a bit cakey, so you really have to watch out not to over-do it.  I use the 1N1 Ivory Nude shade and the foundation feels so light and my skin can easily breathe. I have purchased it for the price of $58.00 but at least I don’t have to think about whether my foundation is still on my face. However, that also means that the foundation leaves marks on my clothes and my phone, which I always find very annoying. However, I have found that not all ingredients in the product are great for your skin so I am not the biggest fan. Check out this article if you want to see full list of harmful ingredients! 
I had stayed away from Estee Lauder Double Wear for a while, having previously tried a sample of an earlier version (perhaps Stay-In-Place?) and being disappointed that it settled into my pores, even over a primer, and really did not suit me. Back at the Estee Lauder counter more recently I was given a sample of their newest foundation Double Wear Nude Water Fresh to try. The helpful saleslady matched me with a different shade this time - Fresco, actually a bit darker than the one I had in mind, and slightly more pink than the sandy shades I usually wear. It has turned out to be a surprisingly good choice and I have been really happy with the colour result. It blends really well into my skin, no sign of any pores, and I'm thinking that the earlier colour I tried may have been too light. Those department store lights can play havoc with colour choice I guess!  Double Wear Nude is a light-weight fluid formula, so fluid in fact that you need to be quite careful when using it. I forgo buying the pump as I’m used to tipping foundation (carefully!) onto my brush. After a good shake as they recommend, I then pour a little on my brush and make several swipes across the cheeks and forehead on one side before blending in. I replenish my brush for the other side – same process. I find that this gives a brilliant coverage and the finish is smooth and velvety. A bonus of having such a fluid formula is that it can be built up easily with no caking and no pores in sight. My skin was flawless, without that mask-like appearance you can find with heavy layers. Best of all, its staying power is pretty good. I can wear it for about 7 hours and it may have faded a little, but my skin still feels velvety and colour-enhanced. I’m glad I gave this Double Wear another try – I definitely recommend it.
When I had my skin colour matched to the Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup SPF 25 foundation I was given the shade Pale Almond (2C2) which turned out to be a pretty good match.  At first I thought the shade was too pink but as soon as I applied it to my skin I could see that the colour was perfect.    I usually wear a BB cream because I don’t particularly like the feel of foundation.  I had tried the Double Wear Stay in Place and the Double Wear Light but unfortunately my skin reacted to both those foundations, however I was prepared to try the new formula.    The Double Wear Nude Water Fresh makeup is packaged in a glass bottle with a screw top lid.  There is no pump for dispensing the product which is a little frustrating because the foundation is very runny.  I have to carefully tip a small amount into the palm of my hand and work from there.    I love the feel of this foundation on my skin because the consistency is so light it feels more like a BB cream rather than a foundation.  The coverage is light to medium so I can adjust the coverage depending on what flaws I want to cover.  The foundation spreads evenly and doesn’t leave streaky or cakey patches.   I have dry skin and I like a dewy finish. I find that this foundation leaves a nice flattering sheen without being too dewy.  My makeup lasts all day without any touch ups but best of all my skin doesn’t feel at all clogged.  I love that this foundation gives a natural ‘no makeup’ look but at the same time evens out my skin tone.    After a lot of trial and error, I think I have found the perfect foundation for me in the Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup SPF 25.  
I love how this offers a high, Broad Spectrum SPF of 25.  I also love how it has a great colour match for me.  It's colour range does not correlate to the other colour names of the other Estee Lauder foundation ranges.  For instance I am 'Cashew' in this foundation whereas in another Estee Lauder foundation range I am Ivory Beige.  So you would be best going into store to get colour matched if you were wanting to buy this foundation.     It's great how I cannot feel the SPF in this formula.  It's quite a sheer to medium formula on my skin and that is with one coat.  It can be re-applied and therefore built up to get a bit more coverage though the whole thing about this foundation that I like is that it is a lightweight foundation and doesn't look cakey at all - it gives a natural finish to the skin and I love how it doesn't make me look like I am wearing make-up.  So it's great for everyday or just weekend wear and all with the added bonus of an excellent SPF.  It virtually has no scent and it suits the name that it has been given - it doesn't look like I'm wearing a face of foundation when I wear this - even my closest friend could not detect it though it does give me a beautiful even tone and glow to my skin plus an added feel of hydration. I can recommend this to those searching for a light-feel natural-look foundation that shows a few freckles but still feels like you are groomed for the day.  I find this foundation stays put all day long.
After all the hype about Estée Lauder Double wear foundation I was intrigued, when the nude water fresh hit the market I knew I needed to try. I hit Myer Estée Lauder and was matched with 2C2 pale almond which was a surprise as I’m as pale as pale can be and certainly not almond. Amazingly it is the *exact* shade as my skin. The foundation comes in a frosted glass bottle with a fold screw top lid, which I’m not a fan of, I hate pouring out my foundation I’d much rather pump it out. I applied with a damp beauty blender and a little goes a long way. The formula almost absorbed into my skin it’s that light, it didn’t settle into any fine lines or my pores and after hours of use it was still as fresh as when I applied, no touch ups were needed.  The overall look on me was like I wasn’t wearing foundation, I just had nicer skin. If I was going for a night out or event I’d have to apply a second coat or use another foundation for a more finished look but for an everyday look this is ideal. My sensitive skin was not irritated in any way, it did not slide or need touching up on my oily t-zone and there was no fragrance, perfect.
My skin is oily/combination so finding the right foundation that does not slide can be an issue no matter how cheap or expensive I purchase the product. I took a sample of the double wear enough for the week and I was highly impressed by the given results. I noticed that a little goes a long way and the yellow tones finally fit my skin tone which made it look natural and flawless. It's high coverage also blurred my pores and kept my oily skin at bay especially around my T-Zone area. I only powdered my skin once during the day and it was a toasty warm sunny day, usually my skin gets oily pretty quick in the sun. Can't wait to go purchase the bottle!
I really like this foundation as my dewy foundation. The glow it gives me is just beautiful! I have fair skin and usually struggle to find a shade and tone that perfectly matches my skin but this range is excellent and I found my match! Pretty good staying power as well (especially for a dewy foundation). Lost one star only because it's not cruelty free.
I adore Estée Lauder. I have for years and years. I live for their Gift with Purchase events. So I say this with love: Why, oh why, do they insist on charging customers an extra 10 dollars for a foundation pump? You know who charges extra for basic amenities? Budget airlines. Not premium beauty brands. This leaves such a bad taste in my mouth, that thus far, I have absolutely refused to buy their foundations, including the much-loved Double Wear. I received a sample of the Nude Water Fresh foundation, much to my joy, and I wondered if this would be the end of my self-imposed Estée-Lauder-Foundation-Boycott. Short answer, no. Long answer, no, but colour me impressed; this foundation definitely lives up to its name. My favourite thing about this foundation is without a doubt its finish on my skin: Glossy and dewy without looking oily. This is not an easy look to achieve, certainly not with just one product, so I was really pleased. The coverage is light and doesn't hide blemishes or pigmentation, so unless you have good skin or don't mind some natural colour and issues peeking through, a concealer is necessary for a more polished look. I really like the fresh look, though, and for most days, it's perfect. It lasts a whole working day with no need to touch up, although my forehead gets oily at the end of the day, but that's all. The SPF 25 consists of a combo of physical and chemical filters, which I like. There is some transfer of product, because when I lean my face on my hand for too long, that side of my face ends up looking less done, although to be fair, I rarely use primer or setting powder. Another issue I find is that powder blush don't go on easily over this foundation. Cream blushes look spectacular, though. I imagine tints or gels would, too. I also find the product gathers on the creases of my eyelids. The biggest dealbreaker, though, is that my skin does not seem to like this foundation; I wake up with spots the morning after I wear this. This is a beautiful looking foundation that feels light as a feather, but it's not for everyone. The lack of pump is a joke, too, even worse when I consider how runny this foundation is.
I currently use the original Double Wear as one of my current foundations so when this product was released I was very intrigued. I picked up a sample from Estee Lauder in 2N1 which is the same shade I wear in the OG formula. I found this applies very smoothly and when it dries it feels like skin, unlike the OG one which definitely feels like you have foundation on your face. Unfortunately due to how light this is it also doesn't have a lot of coverage if you have a lot of pigmentation on your face. I found that for my face my best option was not to build up coverage with this foundation but to spot conceal instead.  This doesn't oxidise on me nor have I noticed it fading or exacerbating and dry spots in my skin. I will probably purchase the full sized bottle once I finish off my Lancome foundation which is currently giving me issues due to fragrance and use the Nude Water Fresh foundation on days I don't want to wear full coverage makeup. Like the OG Double Wear the $10 pump is a bit frustrating to have to pay for, especially if you're concerned about hygiene etc.
I love this foundation! I have been using Estée Lauder double wear for years and find this to be a great alternative to wear on the weekends or when you are after a more natural look. The make up blends beautifully and lasts all day. Thanks Estée Lauder for creating a lighter alternative!