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Estée Lauder Micro Essence Infusion Mask 6 Sheets

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Estée Lauder Micro Essence Infusion Mask 6 Sheets is a sheet mask treatment that deeply nourishes while providing intense hydration that lasts for hours. The  silky, hydro-spun cotton sheets are infused with micro-nutrient bio-ferment and an intensive blend of bio-mimetic restorative actives that leave the skin dewy, fresh, translucent and with a youthful radiance.


Estée Lauder Micro Essence Infusion Mask 6 Sheets


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These sheets are seriously amazing!   They come in a pack of six in nice gold packaging. The fragrance is quite faint and the product has a rather slimy feel which is fine as I lay down whilst it did it's work.   It feels beautifully cool on the skin.  After 10 minutes I removed the sheet and massaged the residual product (there was plenty) into my face for a minute or so.  I thoroughly rinsed, pat dried and let my skin breathe.  I didn't feel the need to apply any moisturiser.  My skin felt soft, dewy, hydrated and had a luminous glow.    Although somewhat pricey, these masks are worth every cent.  Not only do they make my skin look and feel fabulous, I believe with regular use I will achieve long term results. These are also great to use in the morning before a special occasion evening.   Pros:  Fabulous looking skin, easy to use, luxe pampering.  Cons:  A little but not too pricey.  I recommend these to anyone that loves a good sheet mask and wants a dewy, luminous look.