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Estée Lauder Pure Color Love Lipstick is a collection of high impact lipsticks available in a range of shades and finishes. The formula is richly pigmented for buildable coverage and glides effortlessly onto the lips.

Available in 30 shades.


Estée Lauder Pure Color Love Lipstick


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The Estée Lauder Pure Color Love Lipstick is my all time favourite because it has a super creamy and smooth formula which is perfect for people with dry lips like me. Normally I need to prime my lips before applying lipstick but I don't need with this lipstick. I can apply alone and it doesn't exaggerate on the fine lines or flake throughout the day. It does transfer after food/ drink but it does come off evenly without patches. Highly recommend!
I purchased the Estee Lauder Pure Colour Love Lipstick in Love Object a while back and I can't sing it enough praises. Maybe I'm making a controversial comment, but I think this is the most flattering dark purple lipstick ever. The pigmentation is strong, and the colour itself, a orchid purple shade, seems to brighten up my complexion. The formula is matte, but it doesn't dry out my lips, and in fact, it has a creamy consistency that glides smoothly as well. The packaging is luxe as well and while $36 may seem a lot for some, comparing this to some other high-end lipsticks currently out in the market, this is a bargain in comparison. I'll be repurchasing these in the future. 
I'm a little addicted to these new Estee Lauder Pure Color Love Lipsticks and have already purchased four from the matte range/collection! These lipsticks come in a stylish clear plastic and gold case, the lipstick itself has sharp angled sides, and I wouldn't say there is an overpowering, unpleasant scent either. I find this product is quite affordable for a high-end brand like Estee Lauder, as most department store lipsticks are over $50. There is a large selection of shades, textures and finishes to suit your mood and needs; matte, metallic and crème!...I decided to purchase from the matte range and I have to say the lipsticks look and stay beautifully matte for hours without drying out my lips. I have the nude and pale pink shades in the matte range;  Blasé Buff, Raw Sugar and Proven Innocent as well as a beautiful berry red shade called Juiced Up. The two palest or "most nude" shades; Blasé Buff and Raw Sugar do look very similar, but I would say Raw Sugar is slightly more brown nude, whereas Blasé Buff is more of a peachy nude shade. The lipsticks are all very pigmented and you get great coverage with one quick sweep and application, the texture is smooth and creamy, and feels quite lightweight too. The finish is a soft, powdery matte that doesn't form into my lip lines or creases and actually makes my lips look even fuller, which is a bonus! The shape of the lipstick can make it a bit tricky to apply especially if you have thin lips like myself, so it does take some getting used to. I haven't tried the other lipstick finishes in the range, but I would have to say the matte lipsticks do tend to last quite well for a good couple of hours, even after drinking my many cups of coffee. It's definitely not a long-wearing formula so you do need to reapply this lipstick after several hours. Overall I would say this is great value, as the lipsticks are quite pigmented so you don't need to apply a lot to achieve bold coloured lips. I would recommend these lipsticks to anyone who wants a great quality, pigmented high-end lipstick with sleek packaging at a fraction of the cost. There is also a large selection of shades and finishes available to suit all needs and looks, so I think these lipsticks are pretty unique and worth the price tag. I will definitely be purchasing more shades in the near future!
Estée Lauder Pure Color Love Lipstick gives you an even application of true to colour and long lasting matte lipstick coverage. I have the colour Blasé Buff and I use this lipstick every day to add a bit of colour to my lips and the lipstick itself is moisturising. It is a pigmented lipstick that glides on smoothly with a creamy texture. As another reviewer has stated, the tip of the lipstick isn't shaped like normal and this made it a bit difficult to apply and I usually end up using a lip brush to apply it. These lipsticks come in an array of colours and are great for any occasion. 
I have this lipstick in the colour 'Hot Streak' in the matte formula. First of all the colour is gorgeous - bright orangey red. It is very pigmented. Even though it's a matte formula but the lipstick glides smoothly on my lips, very creamy, comfortable and not drying at all. I found that it would last 6-7 hours on me without eating. The packaging is also pretty and quite stand out among my lipsticks - modern, playful & chic. I feel like with this quality, the price is very affordable compare to other high-end brands. Totally worth your money. If you want to treat yourself but don't want to break the bank, I definitely recommend this product.
I recently purchased one of Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Love Lipsticks in the shade "Love Object". I love the fresh reinvention of the brand, as this new range includes a range of modern finishes including mattes, cremes, shimmers and metallics which can be worn alone or mixed, matched and layered to create a unique custom finish. What I loved - the packaging is undeniably luxe, with a gold and clear casing and the lipstick clicks securely into the case. - the formulation of the lipstick is high quality, with the shade "Love Object” having a true matte finish. That being said I still found it comfortable to wear and it wasn’t drying on the lips as most mattes tend to be. It applied smoothly without tugging on the lips and had an almost velvet consistency.  - the pigmentation is intense and it provides rich, full coverage colour in just one swipe. It is also long wearing (almost all day!) and lasts extremely well even through eating/drinking What could be improved - Although the lipstick bullet shape is unique (it is straightly tapered on the edge) I found this was less practical in terms of application and it was harder to achieve precise clean lines. I had to use a lip brush to get a precise finish.  - The texture was a bit heavier than other lipsticks I have tried, however the lasting power and colour payoff more than made up for it! 
thie lipstick is divine, gorgeous colour and great pigmentation. The formula is rich and creamy and feels moisturising and smooth. I love the gorgeous colours you can choose from and the packaging is so luxe and beautiful, it feels like a real treat. While this is not a budget lipstick I feel its worth the investment as the colour really lasts, I had coffee and didn.t need to reapply until lunch so it delivers great results. Its decadent and gorgeous so I feel well worth the extra outlay and I will splurge on a few colours,  a great lipstick