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Estée Lauder Sculpting Shadow Brush

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Estée Lauder Sculpting Shadow Brush is a makeup brush designed to perfectly sweep over the natural contours of the eye area. Use the curved side of the brush for all-over base application, or use the pointed tip for easy contouring, lining and defining. The brush is designed with direction from top makeup artists around the globe, and features a short and lightweight wooden handle for even, effortless application.


Estée Lauder Sculpting Shadow Brush


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This is a brilliant brush for applying eyeshadow, highlighting, defining and lining eyes. I love Estée Lauder and this brush was a gift. It does a really professional job. I use the pointed end for liner and when I want a precise result and it makes application quick and easy. The soft curved side I use for applying shadow. The bristles are super soft and high quality and pick up and deposit just enough shadow and it blends perfectly for a truly professional looking finish. This brush really does make eyeshadow application really easy. This brush follows the contours of eyes naturally and won't shed, it will last me for ages and looks gorgeous, a stunning brush I highly recommend. Pros High quality brush that is really soft Easy to use for a professional result The hairs don't shed Looks beautiful Has a more pointed tip for lining eyes and softer side for shadow application Gives a professional sculpting contouring finish Cons Is a bit expensive but is really with the outlay