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Estée Lauder Volumizing Brow Gel

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Estée Lauder Volumizing Brow Gel is a brow gel that instantly tames, sets and styles brows with a clear brush-on gel that won’t flake. The mini mascara brush grooms and shapes with precision for perfect arches. Use it alone or to invisibly set your brow product.


Estée Lauder Volumizing Brow Gel


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I LOVE THISSSS!!!! It actually is amazing. I'm used to buying gels that start flaking couple minutes after wearing it and it annoys me so much but with this brow gel I can go hours in windy storms and my brows will come out winners. I really like how it's clear so if I'm in a rush I can just apply it and pop it in my bag without worrying if I will get too much tint on my eyebrows. Super easy to use and I recommend using this by itself or to set your brow makeup eg. after filling in your brows. Thank goodness for this quick solution to brow madness.