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Garbo & Kelly Brow Gel is a long-lasting, waterproof brow gel that helps lift, widen and neaten the appearance of brows. It comes in a clear or variety of tinted formulas and can be used to set the brows after applying other brow products.

Available in four shades.


Garbo & Kelly Brow Gel


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I recently purchased this tinted brow gel in Brunette; which perfectly matches my very dark eyebrows, but still looks natural too. I have only ever tried Garbo & Kelly eyebrow products and so far I am impressed with the quality and sleek packaging. I decided to purchase this brow gel as I unfortunately have noticed a few white strands of hair in my eyebrows and this gel definitely helps conceal these strands pretty well. I use this gel on top of the Garbo & Kelly Pomade or Brow Perfection pencil to add extra volume, definition and colour to my brows. I do also have slightly wavey or curly strands throughout my brows and this gel really helps keep these stubborn strands in place, to give me a more polished look.  The gel comes in a handy tube with a mascara wand applicator. Although it’s a bit tricky to get the gel onto the brush, a little does go a long way. I find you really need to jiggle the brush in the tube to pick up the gel on the brush. I then just brush this gel through my brows, focussing on the white strands and patchy areas and brushing the strands up. Once you apply the gel it starts to set pretty quickly, almost like a hair gel but it doesn’t look or feel heavy or sticky.  The product lasts really well throughout the day and doesn’t smudge, even when I sweat after a workout as the formula is waterproof. It’s a great find as I don’t like to tint my eyebrows too often, so this is a pretty good alternative to conceal grey/white strands. There is also a good choice of natural looking shades and a clear version to suit most hair tones. I really like that this gel helps keep my brows in place and helps add more volume. Although it’s a bit pricey, I will continue using this gel because it looks so natural and lasts really well. It has definitely become one of my must-have makeup products, as I find well-defined brows make a huge difference to my face.
This review is specific to the clear gel, as I have not tried the tinted versions. When I was a teenager, clear mascara was all the rage. Every girl had one - it was the perfect way to sidestep the no-makeup rule imposed by parents and/or schools. I was enamoured! Until, of course, I discovered (and was permitted to wear) REAL mascara! And then I never gave clear mascara a second thought. For the past year, though, I've been making an effort to always look polished when I'm out and about, without necessarily putting on a full face of makeup. When I mentioned this to a friend, she reminded me of those clear mascaras of yore and after some searching, we were horrified to find that clear mascaras are no longer a thing. We were met with confused reactions, such as, "But why would you want a clear mascara?" Having been blessed with a good set of lashes, sometimes all I need is to define it. Vaseline works if I'm not concerned about removing whatever makeup I have around my eyes, so it's not ideal. And then I came across this gem. The minimal ingredients - six(!!!), from what I can tell - that include squalane, Vitamin E, and synthetic beeswax, is what led me to purchase this clear gel. The super nourishing ingredients belie an incredible formulation that's water-resistant and sets like a dream. With this clear gel, I can achieve the look I want - defined lashes that make my eyes stand out without going overboard. My lashes feel comfortable and not stiff, and still look soft. This lasts all day. After loving the way this makes my eyes look, how can I not use this on my brows, too? I can just comb sideways in the direction my lashes grow for the perfect neat lashes, or comb them upwards for a thicker, bushier look that's perfect for Sunday brunch. My brows don't budge unless I rub them or, more likely, pull my beanie down over them. Even then, my eyebrows look more polished than they would if I went without this gel. It's great when the weather is warmer, too. Pros: - Vegan and cruelty-free - which explains the synthetic beeswax - Great Longevity - Safe for lashes, too - Does a great job of defining, separating, and setting without making my lashes and brows look stiff or crusty - Clean, nourishing ingredients - Water-resistant Con: - Pricey I'm really happy with this find. I was not familiar with Garbo & Kelly prior to this discovery, but I'm really keen on trying on more of their products. If they were to produce a cream lipstick or a lip balm that uses the synthetic beeswax used in this product, I'd jump on it, simply based on how much I love the texture and formulation of this.
My sister recommended this brow gel to me a few months ago and I seriously cannot rave about it enough! I've always been a brow pencil kind of gal, but this brow gel has completely converted me and my makeup routine is now a lot quicker because of it. I use the colour 'brunette' which is the darkest shade, and it makes my eyebrows look naturally full. There is no weird discolouration because the gel clings to my actual eyebrows and applies evenly. I usually tap any excess product off the brush before applying it to my eyebrows and so have never experienced any heaviness or discomfort. Instead, after it dries, I honestly can't feel it on my face at all.  The colour is really a perfect match for my hair colour and skin tone, and this product is so convenient to stash in your purse and take with you on the go. It's handy when travelling, and easy for touch ups during the day. I would highly recommend that women who haven't used brow gels before try this one first. Such a handy and impressive product!
This Garbo & Kelly eyebrow gel is perfect for me! It allows me to quickly touch up my brows when I'm on the go and is great when I want a quick, natural look! I use the bronze colour which is a perfect blend between blonde and brown. When I want more defined brows I pair this product with the Garbo & Kelly eyebrow pencil which is also amazing! Make sure to only use a small amount of gel on the brush and build up as it can make your brows feel quite stiff if too much is on them. I would highly recommend this eyebrow gel to people who want a quick way to control their brows without the fuss!!