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Garbo & Kelly Brows On Point Pencil

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Garbo & Kelly Brows On Point Pencil is a water-resistant brow pencil. The dual-ended pencil has a retractable angled tip for filling gaps in the brows, disguising scars and creating hair-like strokes, while the spoolie end helps spread the pigment through the brows evenly. The formula is buildable and is suitable for creating both natural or more defined looks. 

Available in three shades.


Garbo & Kelly Brows On Point Pencil


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I have been using this brow product for the last month and I have to say, I have been converted! I typically use the Benefit Goof Proof, which is actually very similar to this product but I prefer this one. I like that the pencil is pigmented and is in a narrow angled shape so you can create defined hair strokes super easily! I also like the tone of the brow products, I use the shade 'Cool Brown' and I always find that brow products can look too warm or reddish on me, but this is the perfect tone. I also like the hardness of the pencil, it is quite hard but still a little creamy. I find my benefit one a little too dry but this product is the perfect medium- it is hard enough so that you get defined lines that don't smudge but soft enough so that it glides on to the skin without too much effort. Weirdly, I also love the spoolie brush that comes on the end of the brush, I find it nice and soft and it does a great job of combing out my brows, before and after I put product into them. Lastly, I have to mention that it has great wear time, I have worn it in hotter weather and it has lasted all day with no smudging!
Brows on Point in Cool Brown is truly the best! For years I have struggled to find a brow product which glides on with ease, takes no time to apply and lasts through the day... then Garbo & Kelly Brows on Point came along. Best of all, this pigmented pencil looks natural. In fact, my sparse brows have never looked so good! Cool Brown is the best shade for my features and blends in with the colour of my browns (I am blonde with darker brows). The spoolie / brow wand at the end of this product helps blend and distribute the product through the brow hairline and completes my makeup look every darn time. I highly recommend Brows on Point... once you have tried it you will never go back.
First and foremost, I LOVE LOVE that this eyebrow pencil is angled. It makes it so much easier to apply and get nice, natural brows! If you have any sparse areas, the angled tip will make it so easy to fill them in without looking fake. You can create some nice, simple strokes to mimic real brow hairs to fill in those parts. This product is very creamy so glides onto the brows smoothly and you can easily build it up without it starting to get heavy or caky.  I also love that it's waterproof so my brows don't disappear in Summer when I sweat. They last all day, although do start to fade a little by the end of the day. There is also a spoolie end which I think it absolutely necessary for all brow pencils. The spoolie is gentle and distributes the product evenly throughout my brows without messing them up. 100% recommend!