Garnier Hydra Bomb Ultra Hydrating Rejuvenating Tissue Mask

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Garnier Hydra Bomb Ultra Hydrating Rejuvenating Tissue Mask is a hydrating face mask for normal to dehydrated skin. The moisturising formula is enriched with pomegranate extract and hyaluronic acid to revive dry and dull skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and boost radiance.

Loaded with hyaluronic acid and pomegranate, this mask works to instantly hydrate and brighten, and is an absolute cinch to use.
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Garnier Hydra Bomb Ultra Hydrating Rejuvenating Tissue Mask


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I love a great mask there is nothing more effective than spending 15 minutes multi-tasking, I meditate, renew, refresh and rejuvenate.  When I need a boost particularly when there are weather extremes I reach for my stash of Garnier Hydra Bomb Ultra Hydrating Rejuvenating Tissue Masks. These masks are so easy to use and the results are instant I consider these masks essential especially before any special event. The mask fits easily on my face and it drenches my skin with loads of goodies that just sink into my parched skin courtesy of aircon, heating and the great outdoors! I have had no issue on my sensitive skin with redness or irritation from any of the ingredients  My skin feels smooth, my wrinkles are plumped and I dont look or feel so tired. Another beauty essential and I have popped them on my hubby's face and he was also super impressed with the result.
This is the first mask I had ever used. The instructions were pretty simple to apply the mask to the face. For a first time user it was a little overwhelming to figure out the holes to match it to the face. This mask is super hydrating, to the point where I thought there was too much liquid on the mask and I couldn't move at all in case the liquid dripped. The mask didn't cover the entire face in some sections but for the most part it was good. I had to keep adjusting it to smooth out the bumps. I was glad it only needed to be on my face for 15 minutes and I felt very refreshed afterwards.
I thought I would give this mask a try as I do quite like Garnier products. This mask was fantastic, as it says on the packaging it intensely rehydrates skin and it really did. My skin is quite dry but after using this it felt so much more supple. However I don't think it did anything for fine lines. I would definitely use this product again
I am a huge face mask fan, and I stumbled across this one at the supermarket. I decided to give it a go, as it seemed to be quite a reasonable price, and I have been impressed with other Garnier products in the past. This did not disappoint!! It left my skin feeling smooth, soft and hydrated, and left me looking radiant! Would definitely recommend this product!
I stumbled across the Garnier Hydra Bomb Tissue Mask when looking for something to refresh, brighten and hydrate my skin during winter! So easy to apply and the perfect excuse to lay back and relax for 15 minutes. My skin felt so soft and plump afterwards, and looked rejuvenated; love finding products like these. It gives me more confidence in my bare skin! Definitely recommend for people needing a hydration boost!
Another Garnier mask win for me. It's perfect for weekend pampering or your weekly session. The price point is perfect and you can often get it on sale. I like that the product does not have much of a scent, feels fresh and my skin was left feeling well hydrated (a definite concern in this winter weather). I have been using this one in conjunction with other Garnier sheet masks and definitely think you should try it if looking to up your moisture during this winter season. I rub in the leftover product after removal. A tip is to ensure you see that there is an additional sheet in the package (it's blue) that you have to remove while applying the mask, a few of my friends missed this step when we were masking together (whoops) and they had to remove it separately.
Hydrabomb is the bomb. This tissue mask is so great at giving your skin a big moisture hit at such a reasonable price. The mask is easy to apply and very generous with the serum, and best of all it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. I have purchased these so many times, they are a staple in my house.
Buy this mask if you have a small face. It didn't fit at all to my big round face, half of my eyes and mouth were covered and half of my forehead didn't fit under the mask. As for the mask itself, it is really moisturizing, after removing it on 15 minutes, I had a lot of product left on my face, which I then massaged in the skin. Unfortunately I didn't know that my face would be so sticky and I would have to remove the left over mask with water. Good that it is cheap, otherwise I would demand my money back.
So unless you're completely stranded on an isolated island you're probably aware of the sheet mask craze, I doubt you'd scroll through Instagram without someone posing for a selfie with one on and I for one can say that this is one trend I can 100% get behind! Although sheet masks are already amazing Garnier's hydra bomb has taken it to another level! It's available everywhere and for an amazingly affordable price and with the results it gives you there's no reason to not buy it and give it a try! Especially as Australia gets chillier it's perfect to keep your skin hydrated as it begins to dry out a bit in the cold weather. The smell of the mask isn't overly strong and is actually quite pleasant as it is rather refreshing so you don't have to worry if you have sensitive senses. My skin always feels refreshed, hydrated and smooth after using it! It lives up to its name and gives you everything it promises to! So don't be sceptical go ahead and get it because I assure you it'll make you feel so much better after a long day at work or school or even just an average day just because you feel like it! So put it on and relax!
This product overall for price vs result is quite good. The mask delivers on its promise and left my skin soft and hydrated immediately after, the fragrance wasn’t overpowering which I also like! Long term results however were not amazing. The next morning my skin felt similar to how it felt prior to application. Great for short term gain, but long term, not amazing.
Garnier Hydra Bomb Tissue Masks are a range of face masks made with 100 per cent natural cellulose fibre tissue infused with hydrating ingredients to improve the quality of skin. Garnier Hydra Bomb Ultra Hydrating Rejuvenating Tissue Mask is formulated with pomegranate extract and hyaluronic acid to hydrate normal to dehydrated skin, i would prefer this to people who have dehydrated, dry skin, its simple to use and cheap and the results are perfect with healthier looking radiant soft skin in results. i have been using garnier for quite a while now and i love it  worth a try!
I've been using Garnier products for a while and have loved them. But I wasn't too sure about the ultra hydrating rejuvenating tissue makes. If it would work as well as the clay masks. The results I got were amazing. Usually when I go to get a facial done they always say that my skins really dehydrated. Then I decided to add a tissue mask in my routine to use 1-2 times a week. Just this little change helped my skin a lot. It's so easy to use; not messy at all like a paste mask. When you open the packet there's already a tissue mask cut up according to the face features and soaked with all the good stuff for your skin. I usually put it on for about 15-20 mins with cucumbers on my eyes. Then once the times up I take the tissue off and just messaging it on. Then I throw the tissue away and just message the liquid into my face until it's nice and absorbed. After my skin feels so soft and looks so radiant.  I would recommend this to people who have dehydrated skin. Instead of spending so much money on a facial just to get rid of the dehydration from your face, your better off just buying a Garnier Hydra Bomb Ultra Hydrating Rejuvenating Tissue Mask that's only $4.95, $50 cheaper and it does the same thing. Love this!!
Garnier and i....a love match that has been well and truly ON for a while now,and that is because they deliver love like this repeatedly and never fail to please (mostly) So,unless you have been in exile somewhere remote lately,cloth masks are having a HUUUGE moment right now,and this Garnier offering is seriously the (hydrating) bomb. As it happily mentions on the single use pack,this moisturising formula is a saviour for all of us with winter dry,dehydrated,lackluster skin in need of a drenching in moisture... pomegranate extract and hyaluronic acid are included (hyaluronic acid is a must have for true skin nourishment and moisture retention) and the "serum like" texture helps to revive dry / dull skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and revive radiance.One of the most interesting claims Garnier makes is that this "diffuses the equivalent level of hydrating serum as per 1 week's use of day care" i don't know about THAT,but i can say that this is a serious dose of moisture that feels lovely on a parched.dry visage. Now,if you have used a Korean style sheet mask,this is very similar....take out from foil pouch,apply evenly to face (smoothing out creases over with your fingers) and leave for 15 - 20 mins.Slight difference...this one comes with a protective film.You apply the mask to your face while the film is on the outside,then position the mask on your face.Once this protective film is off, the mask is much easier to position (it is a little tricky with this film on,but persevere).After the allotted time, you can either wipe of the excess product, or massage it into your skin.....I massaged it in,BUT did notice a bit of a "filmy" residue post removal (and who wouldn't " All that hyalauronic going to waste.As for that filmy feel,i am used to products that feel a little "noticeable" after use,so this was of no worry for me.That may not be to everyones taste though).The mask feels wonderfully cool and soothing, and would feel lovely on at the end of a hot day,plus it DID seem to smooth out some lines and puffiness from my face (temporary,but skin looked plumped and smoother,definitely).Oh,and the scent ? There is a faint,fresh aroma,but nothing too "out there". This mask may not be for everyone (there are several different variants,try one that you feel may be of help),but for those of us over (ahem) 30,this could be a wonderful weekly treat to add to your skincare repertoire.One thing i did have to take as a negative was the price...$5 for one is a little steep,when a few Korean ones can be bought for not much more.All in all,this is a Garnier product that i can see being added to my weekly "must do" for my skin. TIP: HUGE TIP:If you are seriously into skincare,and have an LED light therapy mask at home (the ones that you place over the entire face and leave to work),apply this sheet mask first and THEN apply your LED on the red light setting.This will ensure a deeper than deep penetration,and an effect that can only be described as "special".
Did someone say moist? This is a seriously wet sheet mask and I absolutely loved it as all the lovely serum/skincare infused in the mask was able to be bought down my neck as well as on my face for some extra hydration! I really am a fan of the sheet mask trends, they are lovely and cooling and because they have to sit on your face it gives you a reason to stop everything you’re doing and chill out on the couch for a good ten minutes.  The shape was good and I found it worked well with the contours of my face. I found the mask was a good pick me up for my skin, my skin felt plump and radiant and it helped to erase some of the signs of dehydration on my face- fine lines and dullness. I felt and looked renewed after using this mask and would absolutely try it and others in the garnier range again. 
I absolutely love tissue masks and this one did not disappoint at all. It is so easy to apply and remove. Although I have extremely oily skin, after using this mask my face felt so hydrated and my skin looked smoother. I will definitely be telling my friends about this product.
The product promises 24 hour hydration and a radiant and rejuvenated complexion after 15 mins application time. The sheet mask itself is made of 100% natural cellulose fibre, however it is backed by what seems to be a thin blue plastic film. Disappointingly I also noticed that this sheet mask was made in China and not Korea. Upon opening the packet, what I noticed almost immediately was the overpowering strong artificial perfumed scent of the sheet mask and immediately triggered a minor headache. I am not usually so sensitive to smells but this was an immediate reaction and lasted for the full 15 mins I had the mask on. I am not sure why maybe I just had a bad batch as other reviewers didn't seem to find it too offensive. Once you unravel the sheet mask and place it carefully on your face and smooth it out over the contours of your face bearing in mind that the blue plastic film needs to be on the side not facing your skin. Once the sheet mask is in place, you then need to remove the plastic film which was very fiddly as it was quite difficult to find a corner to grasp to separate the two layers. Not many sheet masks have a protective film so I'm not sure why it is necessary, perhaps the cellulose fibre can be easily torn.  Overall, the shape of the sheet mask was OK, it was a bit short on the forehead but I do have a high forehead and I usually do have this problem across other sheet masks. The cut-out of the mask for the mouth was ridiculously small. Room for pursed lips only.  The serum was moisturising and did have a tacky feel but again I think this is common across all sheet masks so I wouldn't personally use these in the morning. Whilst the sheet mask was adequately covered in serum, I didn't think it was drenched in the serum and noticed there wasn't as much excess serum as other masks I've tried. Some brands have so much serum left in the packet that I usually save it for the following days. I think there's other better sheet masks on the market but I do like the fact that you can easily buy this at the supermarket etc so its easily available and makes a good alternative or back up if you don't have any on hand. However due to the overpowering scent and not being able to enjoy the masking experience, I won't be repurchasing this one.
I usually avoid sheet face masks as my skin is extremely sensitive,but as this stated it to be safe for sensitive skins,I purchased. The packaging is very appealing,and easy to open. The mask is drenched in goodness,so take your time unfurling so as not to rip it. As I applied the mask,some excess trickled down,so I applied excess to neck & décolletage,bear this in mind when dressing before applying mask. After 15 glorious minutes of the mask,in which my sensitive skin felt no discomfort at all,I removed & wiped excess off with face cloth. My skin looked like it had just had a lovely drink of water,was plump & moisturised. There was no after-sensitivity or dryness & the moisturisted feel lasted for a few days. Will definitely purchase again,as its reasonably priced & can be a regular treat for my dry,sensitive skin.
I received the face mask as a gift and after a long day with 2 kids I was more then ready to give it a go! It was easy to apply and felt quite cool on my face - very refreshing. The tissue had the perfect amount of liquid on it and stuck on to my face easily. After leaving on for the required amount of time it removed easily in one piece. My face felt smooth and clean after removal. I've taken away one star as the product looks a bit creepy when on your face. My husband said I looked like I was ready for Halloween! All jokes aside, great product and would be worth the price for a small pampering session.
I’ve bought these numerous times since I’ve tried them! I’ve got combination skin and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and hydrated! It also smells amazing!! If you’re looking for a quick easy face mask then get this one, I only need to leave it on for 15 minutes to see results
I bought this garnier rejuvenating tissue mask after reading about the reviews from beauty crew members and the price was so great so i was intrigued. i was so surprised with how lovely this feels and with the results. My skin was a bit dry from winter and needed rejuvenating and hydrating. Firstly I noticed the masks are soaked with serum, pomegranate and hyaluronic acid to brighten and hydrate skin, leaving it glowing, radiant and fresh. This is super easy to use, just unfold and place over face, it feels cooling and soothing, and smells nice really relaxing to use. I left this on for 15 minutes, pulled it off, and as my skin was a little sticky I rinsed with cool water, I was left with super soft, supple, hydrated skin, so smooth. My skin really did look brighter so I would buy this again