Garnier Nutri-Bomb Milky Tissue Mask Coconut Milk

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Garnier Nutri Bomb Milky Tissue Mask Coconut Milk is a mask for nutrition and an intense glow to the skin. It is infused with coconut milk and hyaluronic acid for intense hydration. The vegetal-origin, triple-layer tissue masks gently envelope the skin providing intense nutrition to take away the dryness.

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Garnier Nutri-Bomb Milky Tissue Mask Coconut Milk


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Soothing mask

I purchased this mask as it was on sale so I thought I'd give it a go. It is now one of my favourite masks. The sheet mask is soaked in serum and the mask fits my face well. I leave it on for 15 minutes and there is no need to rinse this mask off. I gently massage the excess serum that is left over on my face into my skin and let my skin drink it up. My skin is left hydrated and glowing. The mask smells summery like coconuts and doesn't irritate my skin. Absolutely love this mask and highly recommended.

Quick and easy!

I applied Garnier Nutri-Bomb Milky Tissue Mask Coconut Milk after cleansing my face and left it on for 15 minutes. When it's hot or my skin needs an extra boost I place the sheet mask into the fridge for the cooling sensation. This mask smells nice and coconutty, is easy to apply, loaded with product and is budget friendly. The next morning my skin looked smooth and radiant.

Super hydrating

This is a gorgeous super hydrating mask. It’s really high quality, infused with loads of product, enough to also use in the back of my hands. The coconut smell is lovely and the mask is easy to use, fits easily on my face and is really relaxing. After rinsing my skin glows, it’s super smooth, soft and hydrated and looks Dewey and fresher. At under $6.00 it’s great value for money. I would purchase this mask again
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Holy grail sheet mask!

The Garnier Milky Tissue Masks are absolutely the most PERFECT masks for dry and sensitive skin. Ever since I received them for review, I've been on the hunt for them in shops to stock up - so yes I would purchase them myself! The coconut milk and hyaluronic acid is so calming and gentle on the skin while providing it with a hit of hydration and nutrients to leave your skin feeling soothed and soft. It smells really nice too, a very subtle milky-coconut scent that isn't offensive or unbearable. The difference between the coconut milky mask and the almond milky mask I would say is that this coconut one is a little richer (like almond milk vs coconut milk), but overall they're both equally amazing. I have sensitive/reactive, break-out prone skin and didn't have an issue with these. So good! Has become my holy grail sheet mask after trying dozens and dozens.
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Hey Glow Getter!

Being well into a cold and dry winter, I think it has been reflected on my face. I have been focusing a lot on the hydration of my skin, in particular on my face. This mask was super easy to use and mess free! I love the accessibility of it, (as it's garnier I think it's safe to assume it could be purchased from chemists, woolworths and kmart), as it's the perfect mask for a last minute buy for a girls night in or a planned relaxed sunday. This mask was the perfect addition to my Sunday session and I found the results to be quite good! The smell was good, the drenched cotton mask was effective and sat well on my face. Definitely will repurchase for the glow!
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A nice 15 minutes to yourself!

This mask was nice! I would recommend it again - maybe to use the night before a big day out where you have to wear make up for a long time. The smell of the coconut was lovely and not fake smelling. It really did hydrate my skin and caused no irritation at all. Only missing one star as it was a bit messy to apply! Lots of liquid.
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Hydrating and perfect base for makeup

This mask was incredibly hydrating and made my skin super dewy after using it. The smell of the serum was very pleasant and not overpowering at all. It was a lovely tropical coconut vibe to it and very a cool, soothing feeling once I had it on. There was an ample amount of the milky serum and after 15 minutes there was still plenty left to massage into my face. I noticed for hours after use, that my skin was smooth and hydrated. Also I applied makeup within an hour of using and it almost acted as the ultimate primer! My makeup was glowing and dewy on-top of the remaining serum. Also I noticed my skin was visibly more hydrated in the week following. Would buy again.
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Soft skin

This product was beautiful and smelt divine. The mask was slightly too small for my face. It worked well and my face was soft after using it as well. I would purchase again.
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Plumping face mask

Firstly this mask smells lovely. If you love coconut, you'll love this mask. It feels super hydrating and left my skin feeling and looking amazing in the morning. There's a lot of serum in the packet so you can also apply it on your chest. I like that these are affordable and I can pick them up from a lot of places. My only complaint was the mask is too large and I found it difficult to apply, it creases up a lot and I struggled to keep it on unless I was lying down.
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For once, I didn't need to wash off the excess product after the mask. It had a residue but i found it very smooth. I used this mask at night time and left the excess on as an overnight masque and it left my skin feeling silky and bright the next day. Definitely felt nourished and plump.
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Gentle and nourishing mask!

I really enjoyed using this mask. There was plenty of serum, enough to use over your neck and chest. My skin felt very nourished and soft afterwards. I applied my face oil on top and woke up with super soft skin. The smell was gentle and relaxing - not too overwhelming at all. Would highly recommend this mask!
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Garnier Nutri-Bomb Milky Tissue Mask Coconut Milk

I have reasonably dry and sentitive skin, so I was quite looking forward to tearing open this sheet mask. When you open the packet the aroma of coconut is fairly strong, the sheet is neatly folded, so you need to unfold it and place it on your face. There is enough left over serum for you to use on your neck. After 15 minutes the magic is done! I found this sheet mask quite relaxing, the scent was on the stronger side buy delicious. The serum was reasonably thick and rubbed in well across my face and neck. It left my skin feeling moisturised and looking refreshed.
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Hydration Bomb!

I prefer this Coconut Milk version over the Almond as I feel its slightly more hydrating. I also love that there is hyaluronic acid in this formula that it is highly recommended to allow your skin to take in more hydration. The mask itself has a lovely texture, hydrating formula and great to add to your weekly skincare routine. It's moisturising and doesn't leave that sticky feeling on your skin. Easy to absorb or to pat the excess into your skin when you take the mask off. Good excuse to kick up your feet, lie down and spend 15mins to yourself relaxing!
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I liked this facemask, I found it nourishing and a noticeable difference after use. I didn’t really find that my skin was noticeably more glowing, but definitely softer and more hydrated. I liked how calming this mask was and enjoyed the serum after usage too. I found the scent quite nice, not too over powering and I liked the active ingredients. I would purchase this again, especially for the price point and the extra product (serum) that is great for after use.
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Ohhh Coconut. How I love you. I can eat you, smell you and now wear you too. I loved this mask so much. It was super hydrating. I tried the Almond one too but this was my preference. I will definitely be buying this again.
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Hydrating goodness

love this mask! It really did give my skin an immediate hydration boost that lasted a few days. No irritation, easy to use and no drips! No complaints here! Will definitely be a regular purchase from now on!
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Super Hydrating

This mask is such great value for money! I used it one night after a long day at work and it is perfect as it was relaxing and refreshing on my face. I left it on for a little longer than the recommended time as I was relaxing. There was plenty of excess serum which I massaged into my face and neck afterwards. The smell is nice but not too overpowering. I have quite sensitive skin, yet this did not irritate the skin at all, simply left it feeling soft and moisturised.
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Perfect mask for winter

My skin is usually on the drier side, particularly in winter. The serum is quite thicker than your usual sheet mask, and there is heaps of serum/ milk in the packet which I love moisturising my decolletage and hands with the extra serum. After using this tissue mask my skin feels well hydrated, glowing and super smooth. I love using sheet mask in my pamper routine - I will definitely be repurchasing this mask to add to my skincare routine. The coconut scent is quite strong, so be weary if you are sensitive to scents.
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I have skin that tends to get dehydrated very easily, which makes it look a little dull sometimes, so I was super excited for this mask! It did not disappoint! A great mask for instant hydration, a perfect pick-me-up for dry, dehydrated skin and perfect to do before a special event, when you want your skin to look super hydrated and glowy!
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Winter must have!

This mask is an absolute must have for anyone who suffers from dry skin! It is so hydrating and smells amazing!