Garnier Pure Active Charcoal Anti-Blackhead Peel Off Mask

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Garnier Pure Active Charcoal Anti-Blackhead Peel Off Mask is a charcoal face mask for blackhead-prone skin. The peel-off mask contains natural origin charcoal to draw out and remove dirt and impurities from pores, and salicylic acid to purify skin and soak up excess sebum. The mask helps to improve skin texture and minimise the appearance of pores, especially around the T-zone.

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Garnier Pure Active Charcoal Anti-Blackhead Peel Off Mask


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Would Not Recommend :)

Was easy to put on. Instructions need a bit of work. It took longer than 30 minutes to dry, which was quite unpleasant. I took the peel off and I didn't notice any changes to my face. My blackheads were not gone and hair was still evident. On the bright side, it had a nice smell.
I've tried this product a few times now, but am still yet to master it. The packaging is easy to use, which I love, but it order to be able to peel the mask off, you need to use a considerable amount of product at a time, which feels a little wasteful. And as some others have stated, the smell isn't exactly pleasant. I notice the mask does remove a small amount of gunk, I think it's mainly just dry skin, but have never had the satisfying blackhead bumps as every one on the ads seem to. I wouldn't repurchase as I don't notice any real difference in my skin after use.
This is a really easy to use mask, just apply and peel off, super easy. It comes at a budget friendly price so its great value for money. I did notice a difference in my skin after using this mask, it effectively removed dead skin and grime to reveal brighter smoother skin, however I dont feel it was that great at removing blackheads, which is its claim. The charcoal is great for a deep cleanse if you use a thick layer, however this does take a while to dry. One plus is it doesnt leave my face feeling tight and dry like some masks, I felt it was quite hydrating. The handy tube is easy to use and for applying the product and the scent is quite pleasant, its a little hard to remove though. It does minimise the appearance of pores and helps control an oily tzone, on the bright side. I really liked this mask and would recommend it for brighter skin.
The consistency of the mask is very smooth and allows for easy application and removal. It also have a cooling effect when applied and doesn't tug at the skin when it dried and when removed. Whilst this mask is pleasant to use I was disappointed with the results, my skin felt soft and refreshed however I feel like it didn't do much to reduce the appearance of pores or leave them unclogged. While pore strip are unenjoyable in comparison they are more effective.
The peel felt nice on my skin and I had no reaction, however it did take a while to dry. You could definitely see some results once the peel was removed however I have had more success with other peels. The squeeze tube is very convenient for product use and definitely try for yourself if you have large pores and blackheads are a serious issue.
This product is really good but doesn’t really remove blackheads just dead skin. would use it again because it does make my skin smooth only problem that I had was with is when you try to wipe it off your hands after your done apply it’s so hard to get if off and it goes everywhere, but still a good product. 
This product didn't really do much for me in terms of removing blackheads. I found that it applied evenly and it was easy to get a thin layer as suggested on the instructions. I patch-tested it first and had no reaction, and found that this mask removed quite easily and without much irritation/pain. After removal, I couldn't see anything on the strip, but my nose did feel smoother and softer.
This was the first peel off mask I have tried and I was not a big fan. The texture was very thick and it took much longer than the indicated 30 minutes to dry. Once dry, it did peel off easily and the skin underneath was very soft. However, I noticed no difference to my blackheads or pores immediately after use or after repeated uses. I would not re purchase this product.
I wasn't a big fan of this product, I don't know if it was just me but it seemed to take a long time to dry down, and it was very difficult to peel off it just came off in little pieces. It also didn't help with my black heads after use my skin was just dryed out and crap.
I’ve been using this mask for over 2 weeks now. It comes in a good size squeeze tube for easy use and has a fair amount of product for multiple applications. The formula had a slight thick side to it, so applying a small amount is necessary, it does spread out well onto the skin. I felt as though it helped remove some blackheads, leaving my skin feeling smooth and soft. The peel isn’t but harsh on the skin and doesn’t have any pain whatsoever. I personally enjoyed using it and did get some great results
Overall, I enjoyed this product. The smell was pleasant and not too perfumed, the product was easy to apply and left my sensitive skin surprisingly not irritated. However, I did find it challenging to peel off and remove & had to use a lot of product to actually use it. It didn't pull out as many impurities as I wouldn't have liked and I found that my pores were still quite congested even after the peel.
This is a good product. It has a pleasant smell. It doesn’t take too long to dry which is very handy. It is a nice product but i didnt see a change in my face at all. Since I do have sensitive skin and it didn’t help my skin, I probably wouldn’t buy this.
From the majority of previous reviews it’s clear to see that the product sits somewhere in the middle ground of performance. You need to apply a thick layer to be able to peel it off, and it is rather messy. The results are nothing great, but then again I’ve never been impressed with any ‘blackhead peel’ that I’ve used. One positive I can give it is that it did not irritate my sensitive skin. But other than that, the product only gets a so-so from me. I’ll use the remainder of this tube, but would not repurchase.
This is a good product. It has a lovely smell and doesnt take to long to dry. It peels off the skin quite easily. It is a nice product but i didnt see a major change in my skin. It is a good product for the price but im not sure if i would repurchase this product.
Received this mask to trial out. First impressions, the packaging of the mask is good that you are able to control how much product you want to squeeze out. Application of the mask itself, I had to use a fair bit of product to cover my whole face as I usual like to apply these peel off mask across my whole face. I did have difficulty pulling the mask likes others as I applied a thin layer. But in say that, I was able to get off some blackheads and dead skin.  End result, my skin felt a little softer than before, 3/5 
I used this product a few times over the trial period, I did notice that you have to use a lot of product to apply enough to be able to peel the mask off. I did see that the mask did clean pull out some 'gunk' from my skin not sure if it was blackheads or just excess skin. My skin did feel smoother after use, however I did fine that my skin was definitely red and a bit sore after removing the mask which I was surprised about as I have oily skin and I've never experience sensitivity to skin products before. I think I'll just be sticking to using an exfoliator which gives me the same clean and smooth feeling skin.
Wasn’t a huge fan of this one. As a couple of the reviews have stated, in order for the product to adhere properly and to ensure you can rip it off easily you need to be liberal in your application. This isn’t a huge issue in and of itself, however personally I’m not a huge fan of the smell of this product and more product means more smell.  In terms of packaging, the squeeze bottle is a great dispenser for this kind of liquid. It doesn’t leak out and seals well.  After ripping off the mask, I did notice that the skin on my nose felt softer however I wasn’t sure how much it had done for my blackheads. 
I found that you had to put quite a lot on to make it thick enough . I didn’t see a noticeable difference in the amount of blackheads being removed any more than a normal pore strip . In the future I’d just stick to using pore strips instead of this
I’ve used this product a handful of times over the weeks that I’ve had it and unfortunately for me I haven’t seen any reduction in my blackheads. I found that after use my skin felt smooth and soft but otherwise really unchanged. I did have to use a lot of product in order to be able to peel it off successfully. I don’t think I’d keep this in my beauty routine but it is fun to use every now and then.
I initially tried this product with a thinner layer, and it was not as effective, and difficult to peel off, however once I applied a thicker layer, across my t-zone focusing on nose and chin, I noticed a quite a bit of ‘gunk’ being pulled off my nkse, including blackheads. I would say this product was similar to a nose strip, however it felt smoother across my skin, and also not as aggressive to pull off. I would recommend this product, but also to be used in conjunction with an exfoliant.