Garnier SkinActive Pure Charcoal Tissue Mask with Black Tea

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Garnier SkinActive Pure Charcoal Tissue Mask with Black Tea is an ultra-hydrating tissue mask formulated with black tea extract and hyaluronic acid to mattify and rebalance oil levels in the skin, while still leaving it hydrated and soft.

Suitable for all skin types.


Garnier SkinActive Pure Charcoal Tissue Mask with Black Tea


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It’s no secret I love a sheet mask, they’re a regular feature of my Sunday. I love these masks for a few reasons 1) the price, cheap as chips. 2) the quality, I love all of the garnier masks and these ones in particular for their mattifying and hydrating results. They live up to the hype. My top tip is to pop them in the fridge in summer and use before bed or going out for an extra refreshing experience
Love love sheet masks and this one is a winner for me. In this winter time of dryness, my skin is seeking hydration at every turn. This has been my weekly saviour, I have been alternating between this and other garner masks and my skin is smooth, silky and well hydrated. I definitely leave it on for at least 15 minutes and then remove and rub it in. For reviewing purposes my skin is usually combination but right now it's definitely on the drier side instead and this really does the trick. I like that it's not overly scented, doesn't sting and the price point is right!
I am definitely a fan of this mask, the first thing I noticed was the pleasant smell of the mask it was unlike any of the other sheet masks I have tried in the past it smelt nice and not too strong especially for those worried about skin sensitivity. I noticed that the mask fit my face quite well and stuck on without sliding around whilst waiting for it to soak in, afterwards my pores looked amazing and my skin felt clean and refreshed, I will definitely be purchasing more from this range.
I have never been a fan of the tissue mask they never fit my face properly and leave me feeling frankly claustrophobic but this one was better, it seemed to fit better and had adjustment slits around the edges to contour to your face well. Afterwards my skin overall was really hydrated but not, my pores were visibly reduced and had a nice mate finish kind of like after using a primer. Good value really but i think it should come in a re-sealable bag/packaging because there was so much serum left over would have been nice to use it as just a moisturiser the following couple of days. Would i buy it again? Probably, but i wouldn't exactly be introducing it to my regular routine
I received this mask as a part of a trial. Generally I don't like sheet masks too much as they tend to irritate my skin. The mask fit my face well, and felt refreshing. After the mask my skin did feel soft and hydrated and remained that for a while. $5 for an easy sheet mask is pretty good, and they're easy to carry for convenience, however I stand on the fence on this. I don't hate the mask, however there was nothing really that stood out to say this product is AMAZING and you need to buy it.
I really liked this face mask! I have trouble with my skin either being too oily at times and this face mask has left my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. It has a lovely scent and there was a bit of serum left at the end so I could rub it in more after I took it off. The mask didn’t tear or rip and it was easy to apply. I’ll definitely be buying more of this product!
All i have to say about Garnier SKIN ACTIVE Sheet Masks is tick tick tick  the trialed the Ultra Hydrating Mattifying Mask Enriched with Black Tea for oily to combination skin and it was brilliant the serum on the actual mask itself was not tacky and left my skin feeling pump and hydrated for a price tag of $4.99 i absolutley would recommend the Garnier Skin Active Sheet Mask range to everyone. A++++++++
Love this mask my face felt amazing after using and the process was really enjoyable and comfortable unlike other masks I've used in the past. The smell and texture was unique and lovely and I would definitely recommend this mask over any other brand's mask I've used before.
I recieved the Garnier SkinActive Pure Charcoal Tissue Mask with Black Tea as part of a trial and I finally got the chance to use it this afternoon. I must say I loved it. My skin feels soft, hydrated and refreshed. The product itself is fairly priced and of excellent quality, being thick and fairly soaked with the amazing serum so it doesn’t rip or dry out as similar products have in the past. It also has a really pleasant smell.  There’s also a lot of the serum left over when the mask t removed to be able rub all over my face and neck. Will definitely be recommending to everyone and will be adding to my beauty regime.
I found this mask to be perfect for my combination / oily skin. Usually I find that face masks targeting oily skin end up completely drying me out so I was pleasantly surprised when this one didn't! I used it in the morning before a long day of wearing makeup and it created such a nice base that ensured my makeup stayed put for 10+ hours. When I washed my face later that night, it was smooth and hydrated. The smell is lovely which is a nice plus too!
Really enjoyed this mask. After applying my skin felt smooth, firm and clear. Really felt refreshed. Very reasonably priced. The smell was fine, lots of extra product, very generous size. The quality seemed quite good as it didn't rip. I did not experience any redness or irritation to my skin.
I was lucky to be able to trial the Garnier skin active pure charcoal tissue mask.  It is a bit slippery to apply but sticks to your face when on.  Has a pleasant tea scent which I enjoy.  After the 15 mins, the remaining serum was easily massaged into the skin and quickly absorbed.  It left my skin feeling hydrated, not fully mattified but not dewy or oily either.  It is also super affordable.
I use face masks fairly often, so I am always trying to find one that helps me and is easy to use. It was definitely the case for this one! It was easy to apply and had a pleasant smell to it. Once I removed the sheet, I rubbed the left over serum into my face and neck and my skin felt really soft and hydrated for a week or so after, as well as my skin looking absolutely radiant. I will definitely be continuing to use this in the future, as well as recommend this to my friends and family :)
I use sheetmasks regularly and I have to say I was impressed with this one. The mask had lots of essence on it but was not over saturated like some where they drip constantly. The essence was very hydrating and I noticed good effects both immediately and the following day. There was a noticeable decrease in oil production in the days following use which was pleasantly surprising as most masks for oily skin don’t achieve this. I also really appreciated that there was no covering sheet on the mask which made it easy to apply and reduced packaging waste. This mask is targeted at oily and combo skin and I would strongly recommend it for people with those skin type who are seeking intense hydration.
I really enjoyed using this sheet mask, so much so it’s now in my top 3 go to masks. The smell was quite subtle and wasn’t offensive and came packed with a generous amount of the serum. The end results were great for myself, my skin felt hydrated but looked mattified as claimed. I will be using this mask again in future, especially during hot summers.
Once I had opened the packet I immediately noticed how much product was on the mask. Despite this, I still found it quite easy to apply to my face. Upon application, the mask gave a somewhat cooling effect but also a slightly tingling sensation which I was not sure I liked. The smell was very pleasant, which is a big deal when you wear it for 15 minutes. The mask stuck well to my face which made it easy to walk around instead of having to stay still. Once I removed the mask there was quite an excess amount of product left on my face but this massaged well into my face and neck. Initially my skin did feel a little sticky but after about 5 minutes that disappeared and my skin felt pleasantly soft and smooth. The whole experience felt like a little bit of luxury but this product does not have a huge price tag which is great. I would definitely use this product again and would recommend it to anyone looking for a skin hydration boost.
Getting the mask out of the packet and unfolded was fairly easy. It was saturated in the solution inside, one of the wetter sheet masks I’ve used but not so much that it dropped off my face.  I liked that there was a slit on each side of the mask so you can adjust it to fit your face snuggly. The scent was a little unpleasant, but not strong enough to bother me too much.  I removed after 15 minutes and patted the left over serum into my skin. I noticed my skin was much less red and more matte, though hydrated at the same time.  Even the next day the redness was still reduced and my skin less oily. I will definitely be purchasing this mask in the future. Nice to have an  option for a sheet mask that is easy to find and affordable. If you have oily skin or redness I’d recommend giving this sheet mask a go.
One thing that is unappealing about this product is that the mask itself is hard to remove from the packet and unfold to put on the face - there was a lot of serum making it slippery and messy. However once on, the mask felt comfortable and fit my face well. My face could move comfortably during wear. The smell was pleasant and not overpowering. After use, there was a noticeable reduction in the redness on my face, which pleasantly surprised me. I didn't notice much difference in oil reduction or mattifying properties. Overall I enjoyed this mask and would use it again.
I think the mask is great was a bit tricky to open up lots of product made it stick together I was a bit worried I’d tear it but once it was open it went on quick and easy with great coverage. Was refreshing when on and when it was time to take it off there was lots of product left so I was able to massage it into my face. Once finished the mask left my face feeling soft and smooth. I have very sensitive skin so I was so happy I didn’t have any skin irritation using this mask.
Easy to apply and loved the fact that it wasn't a dripping mess as some of them can be. Was a mixed result with my skin though as it felt great on my cheeks but my forehead broke out and the texture wasn't great. I think if your skin doesn't react then this is a great, affordable mask to try!
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