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Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio EDT

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Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio EDT is a fresh and masculine fragrance inspired by the island of Pantelleria. The scent combines notes of Calabrian bergamot, neroli, green tangerine, jasmine petal, crisp rock rose, rosemary, persimmon and patchouli.

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Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio EDT


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I've purchased this cologne for my husband for years and years and neither of us get sick of it.  My husband has a huge collection of fragrances and this is one of his staple scents that he wears all the time and I love it.  It's such a masculine yet fresh scent that I find so incredibly captivating.  When he sprays it on in the morning before work the scent just lingers in the whole room and I cant help but find myself staying in the room just for the scent.  It's woody, green and clean without being too overpowering.
Armani:He of the best suits EVER,He of the best foundation EVER,He who pretty much captures what Italian style is all about ALWAYS,does some pretty amazing scents too (if you hadn't noticed) foe both us girls AND our guys. Armani'S Acqua Di Gio has had valuable real estate ownership on my hubby's dresser for a while now,and it remains there for one is,quite simply,a rare blend of Italian suave and Bohemian carefree.It is an oldie now (Circa 1996),but the reason we still talk about it (and wear it) now,is because it is really one of those timeless scents. The scent combines notes of Calabrian bergamot,neroli, green tangerine, jasmine petal, crisp rock rose, rosemary, persimmon and patchouli to create a fragrance that has I would say, reminds me of the beach under the hot Mediterranean sun. I getwafts of salt water,slight melon-y notes and an aquatic feel that is a cut above all other "wannabe's).This is what suave Italian men wearing loafers without socks,a crisp white linen shirt (nonchalantly undone a few buttons down and untucked) and stone chinos smell like to me (yes,of course i'd know THAT right ? HAHAHA),but that fantasy,that vision,is why i love this on hubby...that,plus the fact that he took this on a trip we took to the Italian Riviera once,and it reminds me of those beautiful days by the water (he just loves the fresh,oceanic feel,the long wear...about 4 hours he has said,and the fact that our puppy..who just happens to be this designers namesake,bought it for him on Father's Day a few years it reminds him of our baby boy) But what about the bottle ? Does it last ? Do i have to be a world renowned designer to afford it ? 1:The bottle:It is a frosted,clean cut looking (like the suits),not heavy class tat is adorned with a silvery / gunmetal hued lid.A similar shade spells out Giorgio's name,along with the Acqua Di Gio moniker.Very classic,elegant and not OTT Italian style. 2:Wear:As an EDT,this won't see you from beach to bar,BUT it does have a good few hours of classic gentleman appeal to it (even if hubby is wearing his work uniform or a pair of jeans,thongs and a T-shirt). 3:The Fiscal damage:Very little for a piece of Armani can often get a 50ml bottle for under $50 at a certain pharmaceutical warehouse.Shop around. To say the least,this may be a scent that "every man and his mate" may have,but that stands to is Italy in the summertime classy,and  what a man smells like when he is at least trying to forgo that "masculine musk" (or worse...Grandpa Brut). TIP:As this is an EDT,get your other half to try mixing a little of this with a neutral scented after shave balm / moisturiser or even into any hair product he may use to get the fragrance layering effect..Capri reminiscent days for hours.Oh,and girls,this Armani offering also works on us as a twist on your regular fragrance...not too "blokey",but not "little girl pretty" either.
Aqua di Gio is my absolute favourite fragrance of all time and I have been wearing it for years. It has a really lovely, fresh citrus smell which lasts all day.  The fragrance is sold as a men's fragrance but the scent is also suitable for women as well.
I bought this fragrance as an anniversary gift for my husband along with the matching after shave lotion. What a hit, he absolutely loves both products. This fragrance is fresh, masculine, spicey and with citrus notes, so classic and sexy. I love the scent when he wears this and the bottle is so classy. This fragrance makes a gorgeous gift as it is luxe and delicious, it smells like a holiday somewhere exotic, I would highly recommend this as a special gift for a fussy man
A fresh modern classic that men (and women - no reason the fairer sex can't enjoy this gem of a scent either) of all ages can wear. Crisp citrus notes blend seamlessly with rosemary, patchouli and floral hints to leave the wearer the impression of being on a Mediterranean island!