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Giorgio Armani Beauty Maestro Fusion Makeup

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Giorgio Armani Beauty Maestro Fusion Makeup is a liquid foundation. Its unique texture features the patented Fusion Technology, which provides the skin with a thin colour film that blends perfectly and corrects skin imperfections without build-up. The ultra-fine oil-pigments within the formula work to enhance the skin’s natural luminosity for a radiant, healthy-looking complexion. It contains SPF 15 protection and is water- and powder-free.

Available in nine shades.


Giorgio Armani Beauty Maestro Fusion Makeup


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I’m clearly a beauty obsessed girl, and proud as anything about it, as beauty and makeup are part of my identity and something I can’t live without. It would almost be like being deprived of oxygen for me. Finding new products from different brands, especially brands I haven’t tried before, is like a hobby or a guilty pleasure. I had the real delight of winning a bunch of Giorgio Armani makeup recently from the lovely girls here at beautycrew and it was like my birthday, the best, most exciting feeling ever when I opened up that parcel. This foundation was one of the beautiful products wrapped up so beautifully in this parcel of goodies and I was so excited to try it, as I’d heard many wonderful things about it from celebrities and beauty experts world wide and now it would be me who got to try it and see if they were all right for myself. I double cleansed, applied serum, moisturiser and primer as per usual to prepare my skin to the best condition possible for the foundation. I used the handy dropper applicator straight onto my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin , it dispensed the most perfect amount each time, and buffed and blended it into my skin with the warmth of my fingers and added extra to any areas of blemishes and redness and blended, blended, blended until it sank seamlessly and virtually invisible into my skin, then proceeded to apply the rest of my makeup. Straight away and for the rest of the day until my evening cleanse, my skin remained soft, smooth, even, shine free and professional makeup artist flawless in a way that no foundation I’ve used before has given me. It glowed in a way that said yes, it looks like I’ve had eight hours sleep, a juice cleanse and a series of professional treatments but in reality, it’s just my fabulous new foundation. It’s been a couple of months now and I’m still just as in love with it as when I first used it. I’ve barely made a dent in how much I’ve used up, as only a small amount is needed and I really feel like it’s improving my skin tone, texture and radiance, even on days when I dare to go makeup free. Did I say that I love it, that it’s my one true (foundation) love? I don’t even care that it costs $99, for what you get in quality, quantity and efficiency, it’s so worth every one of those pennies. I’m barely half way through this bottle but I just know I will be buying it again and again and yet again. When you find the foundation love of your life, all you want to do is talk about it to anyone, anywhere possible all day and night long. Beauty is powerful, confidence boosting and magical precisely because of products and brands like this.
THIS IS A 5 STAR PRODUCT. The drop application, although many people don't prefer it, is actually great for hygiene as it only drops out what is needed without taking any excess back into the bottle. love the packaging, looks very classy. This provides a second skin effect, which is very my-skin like. This I think is great for everyone, no matter what skin type as I feel like it is hydrating enough and also oil controls pretty well. It lasts quite a while, so I do recommend it for parties or big events. It is a bit pricey but I honestly think its worth it and can say with no doubt that I would repurchase. Its one of those things where there are people haven't tried it at all, but there is hardly anyone who has only used it once, as they will go back for more. Love it.