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Giorgio Armani Beauty Maestro Glow

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Giorgio Armani Beauty Maestro Glow is a liquid foundation that gives a sheer, glowy finish. The nourishing bi-phase formula is made from a blend of pigments and oils for a light, silky foundation that is easy to apply. It’s ideal for drier skin types.

Available in nine shades.


Giorgio Armani Beauty Maestro Glow


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This is my favourite foundation of all time for times when my skin is super dry. My skin is usually normal-dry, but in winter, my skin is so dry that most foundations crack as soon as I apply them, even with extensive skin prep. This is the only foundation that sits on my dry skin! It is sheer coverage, but it makes the skin look SO glossy and healthy. I get compliments every time I wear this and am always asked what I use for my skin. It looks like your skin, just a way better, enhanced version of it. I couldn’t recommend this product more!
I like this liquid foundation, but I don't love it. This liquid foundation  has a mixture of nutritional face oil blend in it, and it needs to be mixed well before use. The texture is very, very runny, and gives you a dewy finished with very sheer coverage. The build up effect is not that great. It does give you skin a very glowy look after application, but some may find it too shiny. I have very dry skin so this product works well for me in winter. However, i cannot use it during any other seasons as it will be too oily. The makeup effect also doesn't last very long because of the "runniness" of the foundation.
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