Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Daily Serum

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Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Daily Serum is an anti-ageing and hydrating facial serum that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is formulated with hyaluronic acid for intense hydration; vitamin C to brighten and improve skin texture and tightness; vitamin A to increase the efficacy of other active ingredients and encourage skin cell turnover and skin elasticity; and vitamin E to protect skin against environmental aggressors.


Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Daily Serum


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This is one of the few Intraceuticals skincare products I have tried and I am pretty impressed I must say! I purchased this from an Australian online beauty retailer during a sale, otherwise it’s a bit expensive for a daily skincare product. The serum itself comes in a gorgeous blue 30ml pump bottle packaging. I use no more than two pumps of this and spread it across my face and neck, concentrating on my dry, dehydrated cheeks. It’s not irritating and absorbs really well into my skin, to leave my skin feeling super hydrated and soft. I have recently had some dermapen skin needling and that has left my skin extra dry and needing more moisture than usual. I was advised to use a hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid to help lock in moisture. I really liked this serum as it contains a good cocktail of other vitamins and anti-aging ingredients too. I have only been using this serum for less than 2 weeks, both morning and night. But I can already see improvements in my skin’s tone and texture, plus I wake up with less redness and fine lines in the mornings! So far so good and I’m definitely going to be trying a few more products from this brand. Overall rating is 4 stars as I think it’s just a bit expensive. 
Morning and night, this milky serum is an easy way to boost my skincare routine.  It only takes a minute to add a hit of hydration and beneficial anti ageing ingredients to my basic (all I have time for at the moment) lineup.  Imagine heading to work knowing you just have the plain sandwich for lunch that you hurriedly made yourself as you ran out the door so you stop by Boost juice on the way into your office and picked up a green juice to top up your 5 and 2 intake for the day.  This serum is your green juice top up - quick, easy, convenient but full of the good stuff your face needs.
The serum comes in a sleek pump packaging. Unlike the other products, the bottle is not entirely blue colored; it has a silver–blue gradient. The bottle is smaller in size when compared to the Cleansing gel and Hydration gel. Its compact size makes it travel-friendly. The twist up pump prevents spillage of the product. The amount dispensed in one pump is enough for the entire face. The product comes out as a white cream. The serum has a lotion like consistency once broken down. It does not have a very strong and significant fragrance. As this serum is a part of the rejuvenate collection, it has to be used after the Cleansing Gel and before using the Hydration Gel. This serum is meant to revive dry and damaged skin, which I found appropriate for winters and for the harsh weather in Delhi. It delivers active anti–ageing ingredients into the skin. On application, this serum sinks into the skin instantly. The skin feels plump and hydrated. It does not feel heavy or sticky on the skin. It leaves no greasy residue either. It goes well with the other products of this line. A little amount of this serum goes a long way. I have been using this serum for a few months now, and I have noticed a difference in my skin in the mornings. It seems less tired and puffy. The fine lines on my forehead have reduced significantly. I use this daily at night, and sometimes in the morning as a light moisturiser. Perfect... I would totally recomend this product for anyone that wants to incorporate Anti-aging products into their routine
This facial serum is my favourite out of all the intraceuticals products! It's the first step in my routine so it goes on underneath all of the other products, making the texture of it crucial for me. Thankfully, it absorbs quickly, is easy to apply and feels light and silky on my skin. Even if I just apply this serum by itself, it makes my skin feel hydrated and clean. I've noticed an improvement in my skin's elasticity over time and my skin tone looks brighter and more evened out. I love how firm it makes my skin feel immediately after I apply it. In Winter when my skin is quite dry and flakey, I always apply this serum as it will instantly moisturise my face and eliminate the dry, paper-like feel on my skin. Pros -  - Moisturises and hydrates - Eliminates dryness and flakey patches - Helps skin's elasticity and makes it feel tighter and firmer - Feels cool and rejuvenating on the skin - Lightweight and easy to apply - Evens out skin tone/reduces discolouration Cons -  - None