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IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Flat Top Buffing Foundation #6

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IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Flat Top Buffing Foundation #6 is a foundation brush that can be used with liquid or powder foundations to achieve an airbrushed finish. The brush is made of 88,400 synthetic hairs, and is pro-hygienic and cruelty-free.


IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Flat Top Buffing Foundation #6


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My favourite brush ever!!

This IT Cosmetics brush is honestly is the best brush you'll ever try for applying foundation. It's so soft and it blends my foundation in so well and seamlessly leaving no need to use a sponge afterwards to push my foundation into my skin and pores. This brush does it all very very beautifully. It's so easy to wash and quick to dry and the hairs of the brush don't shed either. My brush still looks brand new and I've had it for a few years now. I highly recommend this brush to everyone. It won't disappoint.
I purchased the IT Cosmetics Flat Top Foundation brush in a 5 piece set of full-sized makeup brushes in the brands Heavenly Luxe collection. The foundation brush is a flat-top buffing brush, custom-cut in a dome shape, perfect for buffing and blending in powder, cream and liquid foundations. I exclusively use this IT brush for buffing in liquid foundation.     The foundation brush looks pretty basic and not as luxurious as the Heavenly Luxe name suggests. However, betraying its basic looks is the fact that the brush has 88,400 synthetic hairs densely packed into a black, matte surface handle. The synthetic hair feels silky soft but doesn't give/flex too much because of how densely packed the brush is. The short handle is comfortable to hold and the matte surface gives a no-slip grip. Short handles, with its close distance to the face, provides precise control, making it possible to complete the makeup application in a short time.  I like to dot my liquid foundation onto the different areas of my face and start gently buffing the foundation in a circular motion with my IT foundation brush. The brush hairs feel velvety soft and non-scratchy on my skin and the brush is small enough to get into the small areas of my face, such as the sides of my nose. The foundation buffs in without looking cakey or streaky, with a smooth, even, buildable coverage. The result is a flawless application, blurring out any imperfections, with a poreless, natural finish. I've been using this brush for about a year now and the brush hairs have never shed which is further testament to its quality.  I'm really floored by how quickly the brush helps buff and blend my foundation in which is due to its short handle. It takes about 30 seconds for me, which is life-changing and crazy, in a good way. Prior to using this brush, my foundation routine took around 2 minutes. I do have to clean brush frequently, which is why I've been tempted to purchase a second, back up brush to use when I've been a bit naughty and not cleaned my brush on time. I truly believe that makeup and skincare get all the credit for achieving beautiful skin, but makeup brushes are our unsung heroes!  Pros   Vegan, cruelty-free   Densely packed, non-scratchy, soft hairs with zero shedding  Short handle provides precise application, speeds up application   Non-cakey, streak-free, even coverage, blurs imperfections, poreless natural finish   Affordable when bought in a set     Con  So good, I want a back-up but it'll hurt my wallet  
For the longest time I had been using the plain flat foundation brush but what I realised was that I needed something that would thoroughly blend my foundation making it look like my skin but better.  I have the IT cosmetics brush set and this is one of the brushes that it came with.  I had never used a flat top buffing brush before but once I started using it I realised it was such a game changer! My foundation looked flawless and it helped buff it into my skin making it look natural and not caked on in the slightest.  The bristles were super soft (cruelty free!), dense and it didn't shed at all.  I liked that the bristles held onto the foundation but it didn't absorb it, meaning that the majority of my foundation would end up on my face and not wasted on the brush.  The great thing about this brush was that it applied the foundation on so well and it didn't create any streaks.  I've been using it for almost a year now and it's still in perfection condition! I highly recommend it to everyone who wants their foundation to look airbrushed and flawless!