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IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe No-Tug Dual Eyeshadow #5

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IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe No-Tug Dual Eyeshadow #5 is a dual-ended eyeshadow brush that is designed to reduce tugging of the delicate eye area. The brush has a fluffy end for all-over lid and shadow application, and the tighter end can be used for smudging and eyeliner application. The brush contains soft, synthetic hair bristles.


IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe No-Tug Dual Eyeshadow #5


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I love that this IT cosmetics brush is a two in one! On one end of the brush it is a larger, fluffy brush that applies eyeshadow across your eye lid and the other end is a smaller, shorter and more compact brush which is great for smudging eyeliner or even eyeshadow when you want to go for that smokey eye look.  I normally use the bigger side for applying my eyeshadow and the smudging brush for applying it on my lower lash line but I also like to use it for smudging my kohl eyeliner on my upper lash line.  The bristles are incredibly soft and durable and really easy to use.  I've had this for over a year now and there's barely any shedding.  They are easy to clean and I love the look of it as well with the black and silver combination.  It's high quality and the price is affordable as well.
Recently I bought this dual end brush to try because it is super affordable compare to other dual end brushes. The brush was surprisingly soft on skin and it blends out eyeshadows so well. I use the bigger brush to apply eyeshadow all over the eye lids and the smaller side for smudging out any hard lines.