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John Frieda Detox & Repair Heat Protect Spray

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John Frieda® Detox & Repair Heat Protect Spray is a spray designed to provide hair with moisture, smoothness and to help de-tangle. This spray, which also doubles as a heat protectant, helps to strengthen and protect from further breakage and split ends. Formulated to remove impurities; this range works on clarifying the hair’s surface so that conditioning treatments can penetrate the hair more effectively.


John Frieda Detox & Repair Heat Protect Spray


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Heat Protection

This spray really is an all in 1 product. I spray it on my clean damp hair before I dry and straighten it. It leaves my hair soft and smooth and also makes brushing easier. What I love most about this spray is that it's a fantastic Heat Protectant. Since using this spray I have noticed I'm getting a lot less breakage and my ends aren't splitting as much as they did before. It also smells superb. I would highly recommend this spray to anyone who applies heat to their hair but also it will protect your hair from heat damage from the sun too.

Smooth, moisturised hair, no frizz

This is an amazing heat protectant spray. I love John freida products and have used so many with great results. This detox and repair heat protectant spray moisturises my hair and smooths it making styling so much easier. My hair detangles with ease when I spray this on and after styling I find my hair is so much smoother, no frizz or flyaways and it has a lot of extra shine. This is a great heat protectant spray which I love as I use hairdryers and also straighteners regularly, it also clarifies so I don’t get added product buildup which makes hair dull. It comes at a great price and delivers salon worthy results and a few spritzes is all I need so it’s great value. This is a great product for those with thick hair and hair that is prone to frizz. Love it