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John Frieda® Detox & Repair Shampoo is a shampoo to free hair from impurities and product build-up to create the perfect foundation for immediate revitalisation. This shampoo forms a proprietary blend specifically designed to provide the detoxifying effect that delivers rich nutrients to re-invigorate and revive. Formulated to remove impurities; this range works on clarifying the hair’s surface so that conditioning treatments can penetrate the hair more effectively.

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John Frieda Detox & Repair Shampoo


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Removes build up of products, protects

I love this detox and repair shampoo for removing product buildup from my hair, it really works. I like to use a product buildup shampoo one a week as I style often and use frizz free sprays and shine enhancing products as well as colouring my hair. I love John freida products and this shampoo was a winner for me. After using this my hair felt super soft and silky, styling was easy and my hair definitely looked shinier and in better condition. It works to remove parable a and build ups from styling products so my hair is refreshed and healthier. It’s great for coloured hair and works well on my thick hair. Love this shampoo and will purchase it again
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The Simple clean and revitalising shampoo

The John Frieda is Simple clean and revitalising shampoo Its not exactly a luxurious shampoo as didn’t produce as much lather as others or isn’t particularly fragrant but it feels like what your putting on your hair is quality and healthy and building the condition back. I have quite dry and damaged hair from bleach and after a few weeks of using the product my hair did feel stronger. It feels a quality shampoo and conditioner, I was drawn to the ingredients and feel it the overall condition of my bleached dry hair improved to feel smoother all over.
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Not for Me

This shampoo product smells nice and looks pretty in my shower but I don't think it did much for my hair. As a girl with thick, naturally curly hair, I felt it left product in my hair making it go greasy a day later and weighing down my hair. Upon reading the ingredients, I noticed it has sulphates which honestly shouldn't be in any modern shampoo if you care about long term hair health, look and feel. I personally don't wash my hair very often (twice a week) so I don't think this product is right for my hair type and I won't continue to use it.
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Best smelling shampoo ever!

I love this product. I'm obsessed with the smell as it's not too strong like some other products. My hair has been coloured a lot and quite damaged but this product left it feeling clean and nourished. I will definitely be buying again.
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Super soft and shiny

I used this shampoo in conjunction with the conditioner and my hair was left feeling super soft and shiny, and very healthy looking! The scent was also very pleasant and long lasting, but not overpowering and after consistent use over several weeks my hair looks and feels better than ever. My only complaint is that I felt like I didn't get as long between shampoos with this product compared to others but a minor issue. Would definitely recommend and use again.
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Loved it!

I love a good shampoo for damaged and dry hair, because I get highlights so my hair needs a bit of nourishment. I love using the John Frieda Detox & Repair Shampoo because it did what it was supposed – detoxed and repaired my hair. Comes in a plastic green bottle with a lid, and has 250 ml of product. It’s a great size if you need to pack shampoo and conditioner for a short getaway. The shampoo has a very soft scent to it, it’s nice and fresh and light. The shampoo lathers easily into the hair, and feels very soft and gentle so you don’t need to yank at the hair to get it clean. After I rinsed the shampoo out my hair feels refreshing clean and nourished. It doesn’t strip any of the oils away either. I paired this with the matching conditioner and overall loved the results. Soft, clean and nourished hair. I had a lot less frizz and my air feels healthy when I use this shampoo.
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Gorgeous scent

First of all, the scent of this shampoo is absolutely gorgeous, without being overpowering. As I have damaged hair due to years of colouring, I felt using this in combination with the conditioner really restored the moisture needed to my hair. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who needs to resusitate their hair.
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Beautiful Shampoo

I am in love with this shampoo. I usually just use Tresemmé or Herbal Essences so I’m not used to higher hair care and since using this I’ve realised I’ve been doing a disservice to my hair!!! First off, the smell is amazing. I feel like I’m in a salon or spa receiving some luxurious treatment. It’s so refreshing and comforting and I can smell it in my hair all day. Secondly, it has smoothed my hair in ways no other shampoo I have experienced before has (again I’ve had limited haircare experience). My hair has been less frizzy and been silky and straight. Even in the shower I sometimes find other shampoos knot my hair as I lather, but this kept my hair detangled and smooth. I am actually dreading when I finish this bottle cause I love it so much.
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Leaves my hair light and clean

This shampoo is a great product , even after my first wash i noticed my hair was in better condition. I have dry brittle colored hair and this will be absolutely part of my routine
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My hair is damaged and really needs to be repaired and this shampoo really did help me, my hair is thriving thanks to this and it even smells delicious! I would highly recommend this product to anyone with damaged hair.
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Loved it

I highly recommend this product, it leaves hair silky smooth and smells great. I found that the scent was not over the top or over powering like some other hair products and that my hair looked so healthy and clean after using this product definitely worth a purchase and I’ll be re-buying
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I love it!

Love this shampoo. I have oily roots and always have to use a lot of product to get that clean scalp feeling, but not with this shampoo! It left my hair feeling so clean and has a lovely scent that isn’t too overpowering. After using it for 2 weeks I feel like my hair is looking and feeling a lot healthier. Will be purchasing again.
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Amazing shampoo

This product was amazing I found that it really made my hair look less damaged the sent was amazing and it felt amazing . it seemed to make my hair a lot more curly I didn’t mind it just telling you what happened I mean my hair felt refreshed.
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Hydrating and repairing

When opening a new product I always like to smell the scent. This was no exception! Upon opening I was pleased with the fresh scent and could not wait to try this shampoo. First wash was nice, it was not too soapy and made my scalp and hair feel nicely hydrated and clean with a nice suttle scent. I find that I am able to use it as an everyday shampoo or every second without it getting too dry or oily. Loved that my fly always seemed to have reduced over the couple of weeks. Packaging is good and like how it is travel friendly. I recommend using with the conditioner as well.
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Nice shampoo with a great scent!

This shampoo was pretty good! I generally love John Frieda Haircare in general, so I was super excited to try this shampoo. Firstly, this smells AMAZING without being too overpowering. The shampoo lathered nicely, but still felt creamy and hydrating. I normally shampoo twice every time, but I felt that this shampoo cleansed my hair well enough after the shampoo that I didn’t need to go in with it agin. It also did not cause any knots when I was rubbing it through my hair, which is always a plus! However, my hair did seem to get oily on the roots slightly quicker than normal, but I don’t mind because my hair still felt hydrated and looked nice. Overall, it is pretty good!
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Love the smell!

I really enjoyed trying this shampoo as a variation to my usual hair care routine. I found when paired with its complimenting conditioner, I found my hair overall felt softer and looked shinier and healthier. I also found it didn't become dirty and oily as quickly as it used to. I use a lot of heat styling tools on my hair and I really think this helped to repair some of that damage. The shampoo itself doesn't seem as thick as other shampoos I've used and I found that I used a little more than I usually would as I have quite thick hair and I didn't feel like my normal dollop of shampoo felt like my hair was really lathered but that could also be a personal choice! Overall I really like this product!
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Love...but not WOW

Have you ever come across a product that you liked a lot , but feel like you could live without? This is it. My hair felt clean, smelt amazing and essentially detoxified my hair without drying. Regardless of all the benefits, it felt like just another shampoo to me. I would buy it again because it’s a product I know would work for me, but I wouldn’t put it in as a holy grail. I love John Frieda products, and they continue to produce quality products, but it just doesn’t get the WOW factor from me.
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An impressive reasonably priced shampoo!

This is a lovely shampoo. After just one wash my hair felt soft, clean and healthier. The scent is nice and it is surprisingly reasonably priced too. Very happy to keep using this product to see if it continues to improve the condition of my hair.
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Would probably buy again

The shampoo smelled pleasant and not too overpowering. I found I needed quite a bit of product for the first wash. I then repeated shampooing as I normally do, even though the directions didn’t suggest shampooing twice. And then followed with the conditioner. After letting my hair dry naturally I found my hair didn’t get as oily as quickly as it usually does and I got an extra few days out of my wash/style.
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Love this line!

I really enjoyed this shampoo! The smell is lovely, the texture is creamy and you don't need a lot of product to obtain a nice lather. The shampoo was easy to dispense and didn't make a mess. It's easy to rinse and leaves your hair feeling very soft. I have wavy and frizzy hair and this shampoo helped tame the volume and gave me some nice big curls and little frizz. My hair looked healthy and combined with the conditioner, I didn't feel the need to add extra product to get it to look right. I have had shampoo and conditioner leaving my hair dry but not this one. Even my husband commented on my hair once dry!