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Karen Murrell Natural Lipstick is a hydrating natural lipstick with a creamy, long-lasting and richly-pigmented formula. The lipstick contains avocado oil to keep lips nourished, cinnamon to plump lips for a fuller pout, evening primrose oil – a rich, natural source of omega 6 – to soothe and moisturise, and carnauba wax to ensure the lipstick stays put.

Clean & natural credentials: Contains 100% natural ingredients, free from synthetic irritants, cruelty-free and sustainably produced and packaged.

Available in 26 shades.


Karen Murrell Natural Lipstick


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I am trying a lot of natural skincare and makeup and on my quest for a lovely nude/pink lipstick came across this range and instantly fell in love with Blushing Rose - just like my natural lip color only better. Sporting pretty packaging and a lovely embossed color bullet smelling spicy and feeling creamy. This lipstick felt like a nourishing treatment and stayed put with out running into my lip lines. I will certainly be trying more colors in this range.
I tried the Karen Murrell Natural Lipstick in Violet Mousse. I had expected that Violet Mousse would have some degree of violet in it, but it is a pale warm-toned nude pink. I had to apply several layers of Violet Mousse for it to show up on my lips. I have pale skin and dark brown hair, so maybe someone that has a different complexion would get better colour payoff from this shade. The lipstick has a smooth and creamy formula and a cinnamon scent. 
The Karen Murrell lipstick is natural and hydrating lipstick that smells like cinnamon! It's made with natural ingredients and it's cruelty free which is why I chose to purchase it.  The cinnamon definitely helps to plump up the lips, nothing really noticeable but just a slight tingle.  The colour itself is really nice but not as pigmented as what I had hoped.  It's a bit hard to actually swipe the lipstick as it doesn't glide easily.  One coat wasn't enough so I had to put two coats which made it more pigmented.  It keeps my lips hydrated and soft.  The staying power is not the best, you will have to reapply.
The first thing you notice when you apply this lovely natural lipstick is how intense the cinnamon scent is - it tingles just slightly and smells delicious.  The shade that I’ve been using is 05 Violet Mousse and it’s very neutral on me - almost like a slightly pinky brown version of my lips - so they’re defined but still very natural looking.  The lipstick goes on very softly and easily - no dragging, and stays on for hours.  I also like to use this one as a base for other shades - like a primer - since it makes everything I use over it long lasting.  I only ever use natural lipsticks now (because who wants to eat petroleum and lead?) and I love that this one contains avocado oil and candelilla to keep my lips soft and moist. I’m over 50 so moisture matters - especially with matte shades, and these really last a long time without caking up into lines or (the worse part about long-lasting lipsticks) migrating into an outline.  I love that it’s cruelty free, locally made (and designed in NZ), and have sustainable packaging.
I've tried a natural/vegan lipstick before and the lipstick consistency was hard and took like 20 swipes across my lips to get the desired colour. So, naturally I was a bit skeptical when I received a natural brand like Karen Murrell lipstick as a gift. But I worried for nothing because this lipstick is ahh-mazing.  The packaging art is gorgeous and the lipstick tube is your traditional twist-up style. The lipstick inside is the shade Poppy Passion which is this bright and peppy yellow based pink thats perfect to swipe on for warm spring and summer days. The lipstick has this spicy cinnamon scent that is kind of unusual for a lipstick but intriguing at the same time. The best part is unlike the other natural brand, this lipstick is creamy and glides on my lips like butter. Its pigmented and takes just 2-3 swipes to get the desired colour. The formula is matte which is long lasting and applying it on top of a lip primer makes it last for hours.  Most matte lipsticks are drying and settle into lip lines but because of its rich formulation, the KM lipstick doesn't feel drying on my lips and stays fresh for a few hours. I love that its natural and cruelty-free so no fluffy bunnies were hurt in order for me to look and feel pretty. I'm really looking forward to trying other products from the KM brand as their company values align well with mine. 
I love this lipstick. Glides on nicely and it gives my lips a lovely natural look. Absolutely a great buy. Currently using Cordovan Natural and would love to purchase the Red Shimmer.  My lips easily dries out but this lipsticks keeps my lips moist and soft. Totally recommended this to my friends and family. 
Karen Murrell Natural Lipstick does what it promises - hydrates and gives the lips a lovely shade.Long lasting and has a lovely formulation. The packaging is absolutely stunning. The best range of colours out there on the market today. This is worth every penny. Love them! This is my favourite lipstick.!
The Karen Murrell Natural lipsticks come beautifully presented in a gorgeous box that features a different artwork of a woman for each colour. Even before you open the lipstick, you feel inspired by the feminine design. Whether you want to or not, you can't avoid ingesting lipstick because it's right on your lips, so I love that the lipsticks are all natural. The lipsticks do not contain any parabens, mineral oils or other nasties.   I have the 17 Poppy Passion and 05 Violet Mousse. Poppy Passion is a bright pop of pink which is on the coral side, while Violet Mousse is a more neutral pink tone. The Poppy Passion I would use when I need a pick me up or want to make a statement with my lips and the Violet Mousse would be an everyday colour. I love the nude tone of Violet Mousse as it's not as obvious when you need to re-apply. The lipsticks glide on smoothly and feel quite nourishing on your lips. I do need to re-apply after eating and there is some transfer of lipstick when drinking. (I don't blot my lips after applying though).  Overall, I love the fact that the lipsticks are natural, while still providing gorgeous colour, pigmentation and hydration for your lips. 
Loved this lipstick.Long lasting colour and all day hydration.I love the fact its made with all natural ingredients and is cruelty free.Smooth and very creamy on.Got so many compliments on it.Love the slight cinnamon smell and sweet orange.Would totally recommend this top quality product.
The first thing I noticed about Karen Murrell lipsticks was the beautiful packaging – the collection of exotic designs, a different design for each shade, the luxe gold casing and raised flower relief on top. It’s unusual to find packaging that’s almost as pretty as the lipstick itself but it’s definitely a bonus. The other bonus is the amazing scent – a mild whiff of spice, which is the cinnamon added for a plumping effect, very unusual and very welcome as I love cinnamon. I fell in love with it as soon as I tried it and had to buy one. I eventually settled on Poppy Passion, a hibiscus-like pinky-coral.  Karen Murrell lipsticks are a relatively new brand from New Zealand, using completely natural and cruelty-free ingredients – plant-based wax for staying power and avocado and evening primrose oils to nourish and hydrate. The lipstick colours range from summery brights to simple nudes and dramatic darks. They have a really creamy texture, very pigmented with an almost matte appearance. The formula applies easily with a stand-out brightness and intensity that stays put for hours but is extremely comfortable to wear – no wrinkled dry lips here!   I really love the way they have used natural plants and flowers to create these lipsticks – from the ingredients to the lipstick shades right down to the exquisite packaging. A beautiful addition to my lipstick wardrobe.  
Ever since natural beauty and skincare products became more abundant on the market and readily available, I made a conscious effort to start purchasing them more rather than their non natural counterparts. Karen Murrell was a brand I had heard about and I saw at my local Priceline.  I came across the colour called Blushing Rose and felt like it was the perfect colour for me.  While I do have a huge range of lipsticks at home it's always hard to find a nice nude colour.  One that's like your own lip colour but better and without making you look washed out.  It's a flattering nude pink colour that's classic and can be worn for work in the morning to nights out in the evening.  I think it's a great colour for women of all ages and would work well on all skin tones.  It's one of those shades that every woman should have in her makeup kit.  What's great about the lipstick is that it contains 100% natural ingredients including castor seed oil, evening primrose oil, avocado oil and jojoba oil which hydrate the lips so you can comfortably wear lipstick without the product drying out your lips.  When I apply the lipstick it glides onto my lips and the slanted part helps to ensure that it coats my lips evenly.  It gives my lips shine and pigmented colour that lasts for several hours.  You can also gently dab the lipstick onto your lips and then use your fingers to blend it in for a more sheer look. Overall, I'm quite impressed with the lipstick; The pigmentation is on point and it just reaffirms my belief that natural products are just as good, if not better, than non-natural ones!
I have had the privilege of having this beautiful karen murrell lipstick in shade Violet Mousse and I am so in love it. It is the most beautiful pink nude shade that I have got for myself and I am obsessed with it. If I have to keep just one nude pink lipstick for the rest of my life, it would be this one. The formula is creamy and keeps the lips hydrating though I have to reapply it after a couple of hours. It has a different kind of fragrance that keeps fascinating me. I really like the rest of the shades too and cant wait to add some more Karen Murrell in my collection.
Karen Murrell sure does make some lovely lipsticks and at the moment I have two shades that I love using; Cordovan Natural and Blushing Rose. Cordovan Natural is a pigmented peachy-nude shade, and Blushing Rose is a beautiful everyday nude-pink shade and it's my favourite go-to lip colour. The Blushing Rose comes in a gorgeous pink chocolate coloured case with floral designs. My favourite thing about these lipsticks is that they contain no harsh chemicals or preservatives, but are mainly made with nourishing and moisturising plant oils such as jojoba, avocado and evening primrose oil. This is a must-have for my dry, chapped lips in winter as my lips still feel soft and smooth. There is a decent choice of shades to choose from, including bright reds, corals and pinks and I'd love to try out a few of the darker or brighter colours. The formula is quite pigmented and I don't need to layer or constantly reapply this lipstick to get the desired colour and coverage. I really enjoy using Karen Murrell lipsticks because I love the fresh uplifting citrus, cinnamon scent that always put me in a good mood! The lipsticks last surprisingly well; at least half of the day for me and then I need to reapply. I find the finish is satin, very smooth and  hydrating, but  never sticky. So you still get some staying power but beautiful pigmented colour and subtle shine. I highly recommend these lipsticks to anyone who wants natural, nourishing lip colour that's also cruelty-free.
I love this beautiful product. It lasts longer than other natural lipsticks I've used. I chose Coral Dawn and the colour is beautiful. It makes my face brighter and look better ~ I love the smooth and silky texture as well. I'm thinking to buy more for my dear friends. They'll love this pretty packaging even before trying it on.
I have this in the shade Cordovan Natural. It's a beautiful purple- nude. It glides on seemlessly and gives a satin finish. It looks natural and doesn't dry out my lips. The pigmentation isn't full-blast, but that's what I like as it doesn't look fake, but rather blends in with my natural lip colour. My favourite aspect of this lipstick is the scent! It smells like cinnamon and makes my want to eat it lol. Highly recommended these if you want a natural lipstick.
I really love the color quality of this product and how the product lasts when applied. I think it is good value for money and very smooth product when applied to your lips. I Am happy to recommend this product for anyone looking for quality lasting product in a lip stick.
Karen Murrell natural lipstick is the most nourishing lipstick I have used. It has a lovely, light scent and great staying power. Smooth and effortless application. The lipstick case is gorgeous. It's such a luxurious product without the hefty price tag. I am excited to try more shades. Highly recommended.
In the past year I have moved more towards natural beauty products and now own two Karen Murrell Natural Lipsticks- 01 Moisture Stick Lip Balm and 05 Violet Mousse.    The lip balm is pale yellow in colour and glides on very easily over my lips leaving my lips feeling instantly hydrated and soft.  When I rub my lips together they feel moist without being greasy or too slippery.    The Violet Mousse shade is my ultimate every day go-to shade because it compliments my complexion so well. The formula feels so nourishing on my lips.  One of the active ingredients is castor oil which has excellent emollient properties and is a high-acting pigment dispersant which ensures the pigment is long lasting and the application is creamy and smooth.    Karen Murrell lipsticks are made with the finest natural ingredients which provide a richly-pigmented formula which is creamy, long lasting and hydrating.  With 26 shades to choose from there is a shade for everyone.  As well as the product being cruelty-free, the packaging is sustainably produced which makes it an outright winner. 
I purchased  this lipstick as its 100% natural which I love as its going on my lips so I love a natural product. The packaging of this lipstick is really pretty and feminine, it feels like a treat. The lipstick itself is really high quality with a high quality pigment so it lasts for ages, staying put even after a coffee. The shades are really pretty with 26 to choose from its quite hard to choose. The formula is creamy and I love that it never dries my lips out, it hydrates and never bleeds of feathers. I love the addition of avocado oil to nourish my lips. With no nasties in the product and such a great price its great value and I would highly recommend it.
Lovely lipstick with an excellent price. The colours stay true to what you expect and don't change colour once on, even with someone who has difficulties with lipstick changing colour, as I do. They wear well, feel comfortable on and don't dry my lips. I wish there were more colours available.