Kerastase® Bain Divalent

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Kerastase® Bain Divalent is a shampoo to treat oily roots while cleansing and purifying the scalp. The formula contains glycine for its moisturising and strengthening properties and vitamin B6 to slow the overproduction of sebum.


Kerastase® Bain Divalent


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My hairdresser got my onto Kerastase and recommended the 'Specifique Bain Divalent' for my oily scalp, I love love love it. I found the shampoo has made my hair super shine, soft and less tangled with only the smallest amount of shampoo needed per wash.  The only negative I can think of with this product is the price, especially having to purchase a separate conditioner to the product, and I normally only tend to get it post an expensive trip to the hairdressers -(