Kerastase® Nutritive Nectar Thermique

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Kerastase® Nutritive Nectar Thermique is a resurfacing and nourishing heat protecting cream for dry and sensitised hair. Formulated with siccative linseed oil to create shine and smoothness, the cream also contains irisome complex to add antioxidant health to strands and is activated with heat.


Kerastase® Nutritive Nectar Thermique


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As someone with fine & flat hair I usually avoid cream & hydrating products like this kerastase thermal protecting cream. The kerastase NECTAR THERMIQUE is a heat activated leave in conditioner that moisturisers & prevents heat damage. White in lotion it is a medium texture & smells like fresh flowers. However, this product is amazing on my hair. I apply a small amount - only a five cent piece size to start with and smooth it through my hair, focusing on the ends. I brush my hair & it smooths through. It feels quite lightweight & soft. If you apply too much it ends up sticky. The product protects hair from hot tools & when using it with my hair dryer or straightener it also helps to prevent fly always and frizz. It feels extremely hydrating as well but never leaves my hair flat or oily - important for me with fine hair. My hair also doesn't get oilier quicker than normal either. The product contains Royal jelly (a natural extract, protects hair); gluco-sleek (proprietary complex with xylose, UV filters, and guar gum, also protects hair) -all great ingredients for the hair. I am always left with shinny, soft and protected hair with this product. I love it. Long term I think this product helps to prevent continual damage from heat styling. It's also great as a leave in conditioner as it tames & smooths flyaways. As I only need a small amount a container lasts me over two years. Incredible product. Repurchase? Yes very much so. This product is amazing. It delivers amazing results.
If you follow my reviews, you will notice that i have tried a lot of Kerastase products as i am a strong believer and supporter. Even the price is a little higher, the product is worthwhile. This leave-in hair conditioner is one that i will recommend amongst all Kerastase leave-in hair conditioner. While all Kerastase leave-in hair conditioner has heat protecting benefits, i feel that this has the strongest effect. It is quite rich as well and definitely nourished while protecting your hair from heat. This is my go to leave-in hair conditioner and heat protector when i am doing direct heat-styling.