Kérastase® Reflection Bain Chromatique

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Kérastase® Reflection Bain Chromatique is a shampoo that protects coloured and highlighted hair from colour fade. The colour-protecting shampoo helps nourish hair, leaving it feeling smooth and supple while preserving shine for up to 40 days.


Kérastase® Reflection Bain Chromatique


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I love a little luxe sometimes (who doesn't right ? ),and when i want just that for my hair (after spending a weeks worth of grocery coin for a salon colour),i turn to Kérastase for it. This shampoo is fantastic,in that it protects that precious coloured and highlighted hair from colour fade,whilst helping to nourish hair, leaving it feeling smooth and supple,and supposedly.preserving shine for up to 40 days. The Reflection Bain Chromatique range is all about caring for colour,by gently,yet effectively cleansing hair (it even managed my "sunscreen as a styling product" test.I will use a sunscreen to smooth my hair after styling in summer...both to actually keep my hair sleek AND to protect it from the sun,but it can mean a couple of lathers to remove...this managed with just one),whilst also leaving your hair shinier and with less colour fade than other products (as a "helped along" blonde,getting both is nearly impossible...this kept my blonde white and bright for a good couple of weeks before having to break out the toning shampoo).Now i know this is an exxy product (over $40 for a 250ml bottle),but when i say you only need a small amount (i have long,fine...but lots of it,hair) i mean it,so to say this will last you a good few months (with 3 times a week use),may make it easier to justify (along with that beautiful shine,less trips to the salon for touchups AND really lovely fragrance). To finish off,i know this is a "sometimes"product,but to help save that delicate colour you paid for,to possibly need less shine serums (i found i really did use one less) AND add a touch of French luxe to an otherwise mundane chore,give this product a try. TIP:I am honest when i say i don't always do it,but try the application technique that Kérastase suggest for using this on Youtube....it somehow does make a difference.