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Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk Tinted is a dry shampoo formulated for brown to dark hair. It extends the life of blow-dries and helps decrease the frequency of washing hair. It also restores freshness and lightness thanks to the combination of highly absorbent micronised powders and oat milk, which is traditionally used for its soothing and protective properties. Hair regains texture in two minutes. The formula is paraben-, silicone- and sulphate-free.

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lovely product ! not best for dark hair

i’ve got quite curly/oily hair and i only wash my hair once a week. After a few days of my wash i started using this spray until my next wash which i was genuinely surprised with the outcome. I think the addition of oat and ceramide definitely made it softer and smoother than other dry shampoos i’ve used. Other dry shampoos i’ve tried leaves a ‘crispy’ kinds of texture/ feeling ? but even hours after using it still held up quite nicely. I will say however i do use the dark/oily klorane dry shampoo which does much better with residue as i’ve got darker hair. With this one i definitely still get the white residue but a little bit of a hair buff and it’s fixable but that’s generally my only downside. I feel like i’d probably recommended this to my family and friends with a different hair type to me such as straight hair. I feel like it would work a bit better because when i had my hair straightened for some reason the texture and smoothness held up better with straight hair compared to my natural curly hair. Overall i would recommended this product but maybe more so to hair type that is not curly or darker hair.

Nice, but not for dark hair..

I have been dealing with super oily roots the last few months and have been trying many different dry shampoos to find the one that works best for me. Generally I think this is a nice dry shampoo, it absorbs oil well and smells rather pleasant. However, I have dark brown hair and there is a noticeable white tinge to my hair even after working it through the hair as much as possible. If you have light hair, this is probably a really effective and affordable product, but I don't think it's suitable for any darker hair colours unfortunately.

Extends blow drys beautifully

I have darkest brown hair and always worried a dry shampoo would leave noticeable powder residue. There is no such problem with this Koran’s dry shampoo with oat milk, it’s amazing. This product extends the length of my blow dry so I get quite a few more days without oil, a huge plus if I’ve paid for an expensive blow dry. It’s so easy to use and comes at a great price so it’s excellent value for money. I love that it gives volume and lift so hair feels swingy and professionally done. I love this product and will be buying it again for sure
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Natural ingredients to fight oily hair

I trialed the Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk Tinted and found it does help prolong the freshness of my hair in between washes. I really liked the clean ingredients they use to power the formula unlike a lot of other products in the market. With brown hair, I did not feel the tint blended in well enough and I still had a lighter color left after application. It can be challenging with dark brown to not leave residue and in comparison to other tinted dry shampoos, this is the best one I have tried. The smell was a bit strong for me but faded after a few minutes which then was not overbearing.
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Favourite dry shampoo

This dry shampoo does a great job of removing excess oil from my hair and making my hair look great on those days that I don't want to shampoo my hair. I loved the original Klorane oat milk dry shampoo, but I didn't like the bit of whiteness that it left in my hair. This dry shampoo is not brown.but more of an auburn color. Once I have brushed it out of my hair, it leaves a bit of reddish-tan color behind, but it is much less noticeable than the white. Klorane is one of the few brands of dry shampoo that doesn't irritate my sensitive scalp, and this version of the Klorane is an improvement over the original oat milk dry shampoo for my medium-brown hair
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A fantastic product!

I was lucky enough to try the Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk in the tinted variant (for Dark Hair) and I have to say I was very impressed. The Oat Milk variant says that it is Ultra-Gentle and I have to agree, It feels really light on the hair and doesn't clump together so it brushes through the hair beautifully. The Fragrance is light and smells... clean! I am normally very careful when selecting dry shampoos aimed at dark hair as they can often be too light, or way to dark, but this dry shampoo is so light and a mid colour when sprayed on so it is just right. As someone who is usually time poor it is a great option for those days when you haven't got time to wash and blow dry your hair to get rid of oily roots.
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So many good things to say

For me, this is has been the best dry shampoo I have used... maybe ever? Unlike most others I have tried, this one blends almost perfectly with my hair colour and didn't have an overpowering or lingering smell. It felt really easy to cheat a few extra days out of my wash & condition without a dull or powdery look. This is especially helpful with a new baby, so anything that can buy me any extra time while making me feel good about how I look is a must have. Will definitely be adding this to the permanent rotation!
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The holy grail of dry shampoo

There's a reason why Klorane was hailed as one of the first and holy grail of the dry shampoo world. It works so well and now that this formula is specifically for brown hair, i think it just got even better. It comes in a good sized bottle that will last a very long time. I found it very easy to use, as other dry shampoos with a very good shake before removing the cap and giving your hair a good spray all over from an arm's length away. I liked that i didnt find the cap flimsy or loose like I have noticed with some other brands. It just leaves your hair feeling light and weightless unlike some others that cause sticky residue and feels like youve got some build up on your hair. a fantastic product!
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Best haircare step for busy women

I was so impressed with this dry shampoo after having bad experiences with other brands in the past. After using the Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk, my hair went from oily and limp to dry, clean and full. This product is quick and easy to use. It has a pleasant, clean smell without being heavily perfumed like other dry shampoos. Once applied , you do not notice that the product is there unlike other products which left me scratching my head and getting powder under my nails. I was surprised by the light brown colour of the spray but after waiting 2 minutes and brushing it out, it blended well into my dark brown/black hair. This is such a handy haircare product for anyone without much time. I am a mum to a toddler and have long hair which gets oily easily. I will be using this dry shampoo regularly from now on. Highly recommend for everyone!
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My go-to hair product

I can't say one bad thing about this dry shampoo. It's the perfect shade for brunettes and helps me extend the life of my hair between washes for up to a week. I am a mum of two, under three and this has quickly become my go-to hair product. I also find it gentle on my scalp and it doesn't cause my scalp to flake or ich. The colour blends in seamlessly and keeps my hair feeling and smelling clean. This is absolutely a product I will be purchasing as soon as run out. Thanks, Beauty Crew for introducing this time-poor mum to such a standout product!
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Love the scent

This has to be one of the best dry shampoos I have tried in a long time. First of all the scent is so refreshing. I can't put my finger on the scent, but it smells clean. Second of all the result has blown me away. I often find some dry shampoos leave my hair looking and feeling flat, dry and with a residue, however this one was the complete opposite - my hair felt clean, hydrated and no residue in my hair. I could run my fingers through my hair and it didn't leave a residue on my fingers which often marks up on my clothing.
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Lifesaver for time poor

As the mum of a 6 week old time to wash my hair is almost nonexistent. The Klorane Dry Shampoo has been a lifesaver in making my look presentable and helping me feel a bit more human rather than a zombie! The shampoo doesn’t leave a white residue on my hair as it has a slight tint which is great for my dark brown locks. It is really easy to work with and brush out and gives effective results. A quick spray and brush and it was like I’d washed my hair in the shower! I really enjoyed this product and would purchase again.