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La Roche-Posay Cicaplast B5 Sheet Mask

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La Roche-Posay Cicaplast B5 Sheet Mask promotes intense hydration, to soothe and repair dry and dehydrated skin. Formulated with La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water, proven to help protect the skin. Cicaplast B5 Mask is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.


La Roche-Posay Cicaplast B5 Sheet Mask


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Does what it claims!

After one use I have already recommended this mask to a few people. Perfect for sensitive and dry skin. It is a must before all day makeup wearing for an event! Smells lovely, feels great and doesn't leave a gross, sticky serum behind afterwards.

Calming and Soothing

I would recommend this mask to anyone that is looking for softer skin or looking for a miracle to calm your skin. Makes my skin looks brighter because it's less red and just calmer. After removing the sheet, I like patting the remaining product into my skin to just soak up all that calming goodness. It makes me more confident about my skin and I like that I am more comfortable with wearing less makeup.
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I’m currently using roaccutane, I’m on a low dose but I still have to work hard to stay on top of my dry skin so I don’t end up sore and sorry for myself. We had planned to go out for my birthday and stayed at a hotel in the city for the night so I wanted my skin to look it’s best. I did this mask before I applied my makeup to see if it would help my skin not look so dry under my foundation. The difference it made was amazing! I have a photo on my Instagram (@katharinewearing) which I haven’t retouched or added any filters and I think my skin looked the best it has in a while. I’ve actually just ordered another one. It has heaps of serum included and overall I am obsessed. Definitely recommend if you’re dry and/or sensitive.
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A great soothing mask post treatment

This was a soothing and calming mask to use after dermarolling. I have hyper sensitive and rosacea prone skin so am always sceptical trying new things. This was a pleasant surprise, it didn’t sting and left my skin feeling hydrated and plump.
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A great mask

This mask was a refreshing 15 minutes in my rutine that left my skin feeling hydrated and soft. I would recommend for a pamper or even for a quick boost to your skin before applying your face. Easy to use and no mess.
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Refreshing and hydrating

Really liked this mask, it left my skin hydrated. It did not slip or move around while walking around in it. The formula was gentle on my skin and did not irritate my dry spots like some masks can. upon first application it did smell a bit clinical but overall it was a nice refreshing product.
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I would recommend this product

I love La Roche Posay and this product did not disappoint. Easy to use and apply. My irritated areas around my nose were less inflamed and my skin felt nourished. I would recommend this sheet mask to those that have dry irritated skin that is in need of hydration
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An incredibly hydrating mask!

I received this to trial and loved it! It packs a hydration punch and leaves your skin feeling so refreshed, hydrated and plump afterwards! Whilst applied it feels so cooling and soothing on the skin and I felt it was perfect for me to use in the morning to wake me up! I have sensitive dry skin and It worked with my skin so well! I would defiently purchase it!
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Great for sunburn!

I usually lean away from sheet masks as I find they don’t work for me as much as normal masks. However this mask was very soothing for my current sunburn and felt my face feeling soft. Will definitely use again
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Instant effect

I am one of the lucky members to receive this product as a trial member. I absolutely love this sheet mask! The sheet is easy to apply onto the skin and feels very comfortable without any scent or perfume. I felt a cooling and soothing effect once applied and I really felt that the serum product was absorbed into my skin instantly! What i like most are 1) the serum doesn't drip off the mask and it is very easy to continue doing other things wth the mask on; 2) the skin doesn't feel sticky after using the mask. I swear i see immediate effect of improved hydration and radiance after using this mask.
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Time to pamper my face

This is the perfect mask when you want to pamper yourself or have a special occasion. The mask is very easy to use with the sheet fitting nicely over my face. It has lots of extra serum in the packet so I wiped the excess on my neck and chest. After relaxing easily with the mask on I took it off and rubbed any left on my face into my typically dry skin. My skin felt refreshed and hydrated and I felt relaxed for treating myself. Overall its a nice luxury sheet mask with a price tag that would make it more of a special treat to myself.
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All skin types dreeeeeam!

I received this as part of a trial and wow this needs to be made into a serum bottle.. is it already?! Every part of my face is a different skin type and this worked on every part! This is so silky, it absorbed into my skin amazingly, my scaly patches were hydrated and soft, even my oily parts were hydrated afterwards with a soothing softness and no excess oil! I was a little concerned about it flaring up my eczema, it did have a small contact sting, but it calmed down and soothed my skin straight away.. by the time I took my mask off, my skin wasn't itchy/tight/flared up! Recommend 100%!!
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A fab sheet mask

I am a big fan of La Roche Posay skincare in general, so I was super excited to try this mask, and it was amazing! The sheet itself was a great size and very sturdy, and my skin felt so soothed and hydrated afterwards. I would definitely use this again!
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Worth it!

I am a self professed skincare fan and love a little bit of pampering to make me feel better so was very excited to use this mask for an extra hydration boost-especially with the ever changing weather we have been experiencing. It's super easy to use and hydrating. I found it a perfect addition to my pamper night and loved that it fit well on the face and didn't leave a sticky residue. Would repurchase and use again- it is a bit on the expensive side when it comes to sheet masks, however I can justify it for the effective results.
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Soft, hydrated and glow skin

Have you had a long week? Did you forget your normal skin routine? Were you out in the sun? Even if you haven't, I suggest you give this bad boy a go! It seriously is a 10/10 product. I was thoroughly impressed. After applying the mask, and stealing some me time, I found my skin feeling soft, rejuvenated, hydrated, glowing and beautiful!! I would recommend to everyone! Try it!!
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Easy to use and excellent results!

I loved using this mask - it was easy to apply and felt beautiful on my skin. Sometimes masks can feel a little uncomfortable but this one felt cool and calming on my skin. My skin feels incredibly smooth and soft after using it. I definitely plan to buy some for when my skin is feeling a little tired and in need of some TLC.
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Amazing! Hydrating and soothing luxury mask

I love a good sheet mask in spring when the hay fever makes my skin crazy, red, itchy and just annoying in general, so I need products that sooth my skin. The La Roche-Posay Cicaplast B5 Sheet Mask was an absolute treat my skin, adding so much hydration which was much needed. The mas is easy to apply, and the sheet has lots of serum on it, so you can spread onto your neck area. The mask recommends it be on for 15 minutes and removed, but I left mine on a little longer for all of the serums to really sink into my skin. After I removed the mask my skin felt soooo hydrated, nourish, smooth and glowing. I loved the results, and it will be something in the future that I treat my skin to. La Roche-Posay is also perfect for my skin even when its sensitive because its so calming and gentle on the skin.
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Instant gratification

Instant gratification. This mask felt amazing on my skin, and I had no breakouts afterward. My skin felt really soft and hydrated after use. When of the best masks I’ve tried.
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Really cooling and soothing on the skin

It was a nice instant cooling and soothing feeling on my skin. Such a nice pamper after a long tiring day, my skin needed this so much it absorbed in so quickly. There’s lots of serum in the sachet so I applied some on my neck and décolletage. Very easy mess-free mask! Plenty of hydration too!
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This a a really hydrating mask, my skin felt so soft afterwards. It very easy to use, it will be a go to mask for me