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La Roche-Posay Effaclar K (+) is an anti-blackhead moisturiser for combination to oily skin types that works to reduce the visibility of blackheads and improve skin texture and shine. The moisturiser contains LHA and salicylic acid, which exfoliate skin and unclog pores for smoother-looking skin. Carnosine helps to interrupt the oxidation process that gives blackheads their dark colour, while Airlicium™, a new molecule that is able to absorb 150 times its volume in sebum, works to mattify skin for a lasting anti-shine finish.

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La Roche-Posay Effaclar K (+)


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Effaclar K, then Effaclar K+ and Effaclar Duo+ used to be the staple in my skincare routine. They have been with me since 2010, good nine years. I always have them in my stash and once/twice a year, depending on my needs will undergo an effaclar treatment. What I love about Effaclar K+ is that it is a great day/ night cream after a retinoid treatment as it prolongs the results. Also, for those with clogged pores and blackheads, it does diminish the numer of these blemishes overtime. It makes the skin less textured, more even. It helps to maintain satin/ matte look, but do not expect too much though. The skin will shine at some point. Effaclar K+ is a great make up base, works well with the foundations, it does not dry out the skin, quite the opposite, it will help maintain the healthy hydration levels. The packaging is very handy, the formula of a lightweight lotion spreads and absorbs in seconds. I am fond of the Effaclar range fragrance too. One of my favourite skincare products.
This moisturizer is what got me interested in La Roche Posay as it is perfect for acne prone, combo/oily and sensitive skin. The cream isn't heavy or oily and feel wonderful under makeup with  light matte texture. It didn't break me out or cause any harm to my skin. I do wish the tube was an airless pump though.
I have sensitive skin that dry in winter but I sometimes get pesky whiteheads around my chin and nose. I was recommended this by a friend. I use this only at night around my problem areas and it helps to keep the pore unclogged.  The applicator tip makes it easy to control the amount of product you're using. The product doesn't have a strong smell which I like as other spot-treating creams I've tried often have a very strong smell. 
I tend to have an oily t-zone so thought I would try this product to reduce shine, pores and blackheads. It works. I loved this gel texture in the moisturiser, it spreads easily, gliding over skin and sinking straight in. Its cost effective as a little goes a long way and its super hydrating. After using this moisturiser for a while I noticed an improvement in my skin, my pores were visibly reduced, I saw no blackheads and it controlled my shine. This makes a nice base for my makeup, really smooth and even, its a really high quality product and I am happy with the results it delivers. The squeezable bottle makes it easy to use and there is no waste. I loved this product and would absolutley highly recommend it.
This moisturiser was amazing both in its results and it’s application! I used it twice daily, once in the morning as a priming layer before makeup and again at night before bed. I found my skin to feel brighter and softer instantly, with the effects only getting better with further use! Usually I find moisturisers to lack any distinct smell and if they do it’s typically one that smells very artificial and chemical but with this I found the smell to be one of my favourite things about the product as it was very refreshing! The product itself was very smooth and silky and applied easily to my skin. I would definitely recommend this for combination skin like my own as it worked to balance my t-zone without drying out the rest of my face! Whilst I didn’t find the product to overly reduce the appearance of blackheads, the moisturising qualities and versatility of the product as a day and night cream definitely makes it a stand out for me and I will 100% be continuing to use this as part of my normal routine!
This moisturiser was a lovely gel texture that sank into my skin quickly and wore well under makeup. It wasn’t the most hydrating-feeling moisturiser I’ve ever tried but I prefer that for during the day, as it didn’t exacerbate my oiliness and seemed to help my makeup wear longer. I loved the fact that it came in a hygienic tube which helped me control how much I used at a time. Whilst I prefer a richer and more hydrating texture for night time, this was wonderful for daytime wear. My skin didn’t experience any severe breakouts during use, but I did still get my usual hormonal pimples and blackheads which probably couldn’t be prevented by a moisturiser alone. Overall, a great daily moisturiser for anyone with oily or problematic skin that doesn’t irritate.
Definitely loved this product! It was very effective; I have pretty oily skin and over use, I was able to notice that my skin had become less oily as well as my pores becoming more tight and less breakouts occurring. The product is very compact and convenient as it can fit anywhere in your bag, which I was very happy with and it also worked very well as a primer or a make up base, as it didn't result in any shiny-ness or flaky-ness that I found in other primers. It also had a very sweet and fruity grapefruit smell, which I was beyond obsessed with every time I was to apply the moisturiser! Really loved this product and definitely would recommend!
IVe been using this product for a few weeks now and really do love the moisturiser effect it has on my skin. It has a lovely feel and soaks in well and leaves my skin feeling soft. Honestly I haven’t noticed a huge change in the amount of blackheads I have but that may come with continued use.
This product is amazing, my sister started using it before her wedding and it did wonders for her skin, she is now using to this brand as her go to brand and tell everyone who has skin problems to give it a try, I’ve used it and helped my skin so much.. would 100% recommend this product and also the brand.
I’ve been using this moisturiser for a few weeks now and have noticed a significant improvement in my skin. It’s a great moisturiser, not too heavy but soaks in deep and keeps your skin looking fresh and feeling great.  I didn’t think it made much of a difference to my blackheads unfortunately but the effectiveness of the moisturiser component of the product made up for this.  I love La Roche-Posay products. I think they are a great quality brand with great quality products.  I love the design and packaging and the nozzle that stops too much product being dispensed.  I would buy this product purely for the moisturising benefits. 
I have been using this product for 3 weeks now and have noticed a visible reduction in the shiny skin look. I have been using morning and night after removing all make up, I have sensitive skin and my skin did not react at all nor break out. Further i have noticed my blackheads are a little more refined, I have had blackheads all my life and don't see them going away overnight but a serum that will make them a little less visible is always welcomed for me. overall I would rate this product a good addition to my daily skin care routine, and would recommend for others who experience oily and blackhead prone skin.
This is a great moisturiser! I tend to have sensitive skin with a few blackheads, I didn't notice a reduction in the blackheads, but I didn't have any problems with this moisturiser and I really like this product. It wasn't too heavy and absorbs quickly. I liked the packaging, while it is small you really don't need much and I didn't even really make a dent in the product while trialling it which I think makes it worth the cost of the product. The only downside was the smell but I didn't find it totally unpleasant.
I have been trying this moisturiser for a few weeks now and overall I do like it but I have not noticed a huge difference in my skin.  It is quick to apply and the packaging is easy to use. It also works well as a base for makeup. I liked that it is is lightweight and absorbs well into the skin.  However, I have not noticed a reduction in the amount of blackheads I have. 
I didn't love it - I didn't notice my skin getting less blackheads. In fact, I think I broke out more. There was a slight medicinal fragrance, similar to the original Effaclar Duo. I used it after cleansing my skin in the morning and night time. It's a very light moisturiser and my skin still felt dry and I had to apply another moisturiser on top. I wouldn't use it again.
The formula of this moisturiser sits really nice on my face as it absorbs well and doesn’t leave my face shiny or congested yet my face still feels hydrated! What is impressive about this product that it works well as part of my nighttime routine too! The smell doesn’t phase me so much as I’ve used strong products in the past. I did notice less breakouts but since I stopped the routine they slowly came back so I gotta get back into the routine of things with this product!
I love this product so much! Something that actually work ! As I love contour I found I can feel more blackheads under my skin under cheekbones as I am using powder over there and it always feel disgusting and my skin has been feeling so rough too. But after using this product for nearly three weeks now I can see the skin texture improving and visibility of blackheads and reduced significantly! I will continue using this product as it works for me and will recommend to my family and friends.
This cream was light on the skin and had a pleasant scent, it moisturized the skin as it said it would. However, I did find that it did break me out around the lip area only small bumps though. The experience was pleasant but for me personally I will stick to the forehead areas when using.
Ive reallyenjoyed using this product. I have super oily skin and have always found any moisturiserhas always been too oily on my skin and it cannot breathe.  LaRoche-Posay Effaclar K (+) has become my go to moisturiser and I now even wear this alone on the weekend, even without makeup!!
I have combination skin with an oily T-zone and dry forehead and cheeks. I had to warm up to the initial scent of this product. But now I don't mind it at all. I do think I noticed a difference in the blackheads on my nose. I enjoyed the texture of the product, it's a thick, matifying texture that absorbs into my skin easily. I will be purchasing again to continue to see the difference on my nose
I have very stubborn blackheads around my chin area and have found after using the product for a week, these blackheads broke out into pimples and haven’t returned. I have noticed a major reduction in blackheads in this area. I did find the product to have a different texture more sticky than your usual moisturiser however, fantastic product for anyone looking to minimise appearance of pores and combat those annoying black heads. I did also use additional La Roche Posay skin care with this and absolutely love their products and highly recommend for anyone who experiences oily, congested or sensitive skin. Thanks beauty crew and La Roche Posay.