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La Roche-Posay Toleriane Caring Face Wash is a gentle cleanser and makeup remover for normal to dry sensitive skin types. It contains coco betaine, which is a gentle cleansing surfactant, and niacinamide to minimise the appearance of pores and even out skin tone.

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La Roche-Posay Toleriane Caring Face Wash


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La Roche Possay’s Toleriane Caring Face is an excellent face wash especially if you have dry or sensitive skin. I have been using this face wash for almost a year now and started when I was pregnant - it is wonderful for sensitive skin! Now that I’ve had my baby, my skin is also terribly dry thanks to my hormonal imbalance and sleepless nights and has also become extra sensitive and sometimes red typically after exfoliating.  This face wash is amazing as it provides the most gentle yet effective cleanse. I also double cleanse with it if i have any make up on. Its scent is neutral and leaves my skin feeling extra clean, soft, supple, well balanced and hydrated with no tight feeling.  Anyone of any age can use this amazing face wash although I definitely highly recommend it if you have sensitive, dry or red skin and if you are pregnant or postpartum. 
I love La Roche Posay products however was not quite as excited by this cleanser. While the cleansing milk cream did not dry out or irritate my sensitive skin it didn't clean as well as I would have hoped and it takes a lot of product to remove makeup ( and I don't wear alot). I like the fact that is is fragrance free ( plus while pregnant as a lot of scents are overpowering). Would recommend this as a second step to a double cleans.
Hands down, just the best cleanser that will not dry out the skin, and cares for it and calms it down when you are experiencing eczema flares. It's gentle and your face just feels very clean afterwards! A bottle will also last you quite a while, so very good value for money.
I believe proper cleansing of the skin is the most important step in my skincare routine so I’m always excited to try a different face cleanser.  I purchased the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Caring Wash because it is for dry skin, is soap-free and preservative-free.  It is also fragrance-free but I actually like a fragrance in my skincare products.    The cleanser is packaged in a large, white tube which holds 200ml of product. Information about the product and directions for use are printed on the back of the tube.    The cleanser is enriched with the caring benefits of four active ingredients, niacinamide, glycerin and panthenol to soothe, repair and protect dry to very dry skin, and is formulated to remove impurities and make-up without over drying or irritating the skin.    To cleanse my skin I slightly dampen my face and then gently massage the cleanser, which is light in consistency, all over my face to dissolve my makeup.  I then use warm water and a makeup removal towel to complete the cleansing process.  The creamy cleanser leaves my face feeling soft and smooth, and not at all dry.  Just comfortable, hydrated skin without that tight, squeaky clean feeling.    I can totally recommend the La Roche-PosayToleriane Caring Wash to anyone who has mature, normal to dry skin like mine. 
This face wash is amazing! Not only do I use it but my two teenagers use it for their sensitive skin and it's the only face wash that they can use that doesn't irritate their skin, it is a must have in our household.  I repurchase this quite often and totally recommend if you are sensitive and want a clean face
The La Roche-Posay Toleriane Caring Face Wash is a must-try facial cleanser because it is super gentle on skin but removes impurities without drying out my skin. The cleanser doesn't irritate my face and my skin doesn't feel tight or dry after rinse off, instead my skin feels very clean, smooth with natural glow. The cleanser is fragrance free and didn't cause breakouts on my skin. Highly recommend to people with dry or sensitive skin.
I have sensitive skin so am careful what products I use on my face. This face was is super gentle and very effective, it’s a slippery creamy gel like consistency and it glides over skin with gentle foam easily removing all makeup and grime without stripping precious oils and drying my skin. This feels lovely on my skin and after cleansing my skin feels so soft and smooth, I love that there’s no irritation involved with this product so great for anyone with sensitive skin. It’s great value as it lasts for ages as the tube is quite large and I don’t use a lot. There is not a lot of foam so stubborn waterproof mascara may need something stronger. Overall though I loved this cleanser and I would buy it again
I have been using the La Roche Posay Toleriane Caring Face Wash for quite a few weeks. It’s in a large container and great value for money given its going to last a while. I love that it is fragrance free. The cleanser is gentle on my skin and did leave my face feeling hydrated and clean although I do have to use it twice if I am wearing makeup. I didn’t really notice that made any difference to my redness but would recommend it as a good gentle cleanser.  
I was sent this product to review and the tube is so large I think it will last me six months.  I found that I used it as a second cleanse after first cleaning my lashes properly.  It is soft and silky, not a huge lather but I personally prefer that.  Definitely gentle to my skin, love that it's not gritty or detergenty and I will continue using it - five stars!
I liked this product as it was definitely true to what is says for sensitive skin however if you are wanting a product to give you more of a deeper clean, this won’t be it. It’s gentle and leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh and a little does go a long way so for an everyday cleanser it would work just fine. You would need something else though if you were wanting to take off heavy duty make up. Great that it doesn’t leave your skin feeling stripped though which is why it would be great for sensitive skin.
I really enjoyed using this cleanser. It has a lovely milky consistency and I didn't find it drying on my skin at all. After a few days I found my skin was feeling really lovely and soft. As some others have mentioned, I also found it removed my make up perfectly
This product was sent to me for review. First of all, this was a very generously sized container. I imagine it would last a long time! The packaging was easy to use and store, and did not leak.  I found this to be an enjoyable product to use each night as it was very moisturising and did not dry out my normal/dry skin or leave a filmy residue behind. Unfortunately it wasn't able to remove all of my makeup and I needed to finish off washing my face with a miceller water afterwards. It had a lovely rich lather and also had no scent. Very gentle for those with sensitive and/or dry skin. I will continue to use the product and may consider purchasing once I'm finished. 
La Roche-Posay Toleriane Caring Face Wash comes in a tube packing which is so easy to use. The face wash is fragrance free and has lotion like consistency. I need a coin size amount for each use. As this is a cream cleanser, it does not leather at all. It applied easily and rinsed well with few splashes of water.  The formula is really very good, it is non sticky and hydrating. It instantly cleans my face, removes all dirt and impurities. It is a very gentle cleanser and does not strip my skin. After each use my skin feels fresh and hydrated. This cleanser removes BB cream, blush or light makeup but it does not remove heavy foundation, waterproof eyeliners or mascara. For those who wear heavy makeup, they should use a strong makeup remover before using this cleanser.   I am using this cleanser for few weeks and I can see the difference. My skin feels silky soft and hydrated while redness is also reduced. It also helps to keep my skin hydrated.   Overall, I really like this cleanser, the only dislike is its price as it is too expensive. It is better to buy this during Priceline sale. I highly recommend it for dry, normal or/and sensitive skin beauties.
I have been trying different products and was very happy to try this cleanser. It is fragrance free and very gentle on my skin- there was no redness or that tight feeling afterwards. It has a light milky texture and left my face feeling clean after a day at work. I don’t wear foundation or heavy makeup so not sure how it would be used as a remover. You really only need a pea size, so I can see the tube lasting a while. The lid is about the only thing I would change, just found it hard to close and doesn’t dispense sparingly. However, if you are looking for a cleanser that is sensitive skin friendly I would highly recommend.
I really enjoyed using this face wash. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. I try using my normal cleanser every now and then because this can feel a bit heavy and feels like it leaves a coating. I like cleansers that clean my skin without stripping and while I alternate this with my normal one I still feel like I benefit from this. If you have dry sensitive skin I highly recommend this.
I found this cleanser a little to gentle on my skin.  It was a nice cleanser as a “second cleanse”, but if I used it just by itself my face didn’t feel as clean as I like. I did like the size of the tube and it was a nice texture I do think compared to other cleansers I’ve tried it’s good value for money
On receiving this product I loved the clean look of the packaging and was a great size for value.  I trialled the caring wash for around 3 weeks washing my face both morning and night with it.  There is no fragrance to the product and feels very creamy when massaging into my face. Of a morning with a clean face the product felt great and my skin felt fresh afterwards with no irritation.  Whilst using of a night after wearing makeup for the day I did find that I had to do a double cleanse in order to get all the makeup off.  Overall it was not drying and I think good value for money for those with sensitive skin.
A great cleanser that I will add into my evening routine as my first cleanse. It melted makeup away well and was a good consistency. Although it was a little more drying then the cleanser I usually use I think for the price and the product size this is a great addition to any skin care routine.
I used this primarily as a body wash as well as for my face. I prefer a facial scrub. It made my skin feel very soft and smooth. I do prefer a body wash with a nice fragrance, so I would not purchase this again based on this fact alone.
This is a wonderful simple and gentle cleanser for everyday use morning or night. I love the milky light weight gel type consistency it feels so so soothing on the skin and doesn't irritate or sting. There's a lot of product in the tube which is definitely value for money however the packaging does make it quite hard to control how much product can be squeezed out as the tube can squirt out a lot in one go if you're not careful. I find this removes all dirt, everyday makeup and cleanses the face so well without stripping it of my skins natural oils and leaves the skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated. I love this cleanser and will definitely restock after I run out.