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Lancôme Advanced Génifique is an anti-ageing treatment that helps restore youthfulness to skin. It encapsulates biotechnology-derived ingredients to smooth fines lines and deep wrinkles, boost radiance, clarify and even skin tone, improve the skin’s texture, increase elasticity and tone, firm and hydrate skin.


Lancôme Advanced Génifique


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This gets 5 stars from me, as it does what it claims. It improves fine lines, texture, tone and the clarity of my skin. It makes it look more radiant too. The clear serum sinks into skin quickly after application but as far as hydration is concerned, I found I definitely needed a moisturiser on top. Once I put that on, my skin felt comfortable and immediately looked better. I apply it under a neutral moisturiser so that it’s ingredients won’t interact with anything, and I find this works well. I’m very pleased with the results of this serum. It was non irritating to my skin even though it got results and didn’t make me breakout, also it didn’t cause my skin to go shiny or oily. I would recommend it to anyone that’s looking for something to give their skin a boost. 
The Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate has been formulated to tone and refine skin causing it to look younger in 7 days! A huge claim. The serum comes in a beautiful tapered bottle that is black and fades to clear as it tapers down at the bottom, so that you can see the product. The serum is dispensed through a dropper. But, this is Lancome, so it's no ordinary dropper. As the screw-top lid is opened the dropper is filled with the required amount for application to face and neck. It just feels and looks so luxe, complete with the well known Lancome flower imprint at the top of the dropper. So now that I have raved and it's clear that I adore the packaging, you probably really want to know about the actual serum. It is quite liquid in consistency. Although the product is masked with a floral fragrance, the alcohol scent is still noticeable, not too strong, though. The light consistency of the serum means that it absorbs really quickly into my combination/dry skin. Although the serum disappears quickly into the skin, I have found that it gives my face and neck a hit of hydration. I can't say I saw mind blowing results in 1 week, but after using consistently morning and night for 3 weeks I have noticed a smoother skin texture. My fine lines appear to be reduced, thanks to the slight plumping and increased elasticity of my skin. The Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate is a luxe product that does deliver results. Although the price tag is on the higher end, only a small amount is needed and I have quite a lot of product left in the 30 ml bottle, so a little goes a long way!
This serum feels and looks and smells exactly the way I always imagined a serum should - watery gel like fluid, refreshing scent and gets absorbed instantly. I am not big on going through each part of ingredient list and understanding how it works but rely more on how it makes me feel - and this one felt wonderful. Even though it didn't show any dramatic improvement in my skin texture and the price is bit high end, I was happy to continue using it - until my skin started to protest. Tiny little bumps started to appear on my forehead and cheeks. There were no other major changes in my skincare routine but I still didn't want to believe it. I tried blaming it on weather and lack of exfoliation but none of that helped until I stopped using this serum. Once I stopped, the bumps and the feeling of congested pores went away in about a week's time.
I must admit that Lancôme is not a product I use regularly but after using a sample bottle of the Lancôme Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate I had to purchase a full size bottle.       The packaging of the concentrate is just so luxurious looking. First of all there is a shiny black box with white and silver writing and contained within the box is a beautifully shaped black glass bottle tapering to clear glass at the base.  The top of the bottle has a silver rim with a silver screw on dropper.  Once unscrewed from the bottle, the top of the dropper is pressed to release the correct amount of concentrate.  When screwing the dropper back onto the bottle, two clicks can be heard which is the filling mechanism working to refill the dropper.   The concentrate has a lightweight consistency and is a milky white colour.  There is a hint of fragrance which I think is rose.  The precision dose dropper allows me to give two squirts.  The first one is enough to cover my face, and then the second squirt for my neck.  The concentrate smooths on very easily and absorbs really well into my skin.   The concentrate hasn’t caused any irritation or redness to my skin, and it works well with my other skincare products and my makeup.  There is no balling or flakiness when my makeup is applied.  Lancôme claims that ‘from the first drops, skin looks smoother and more luminous.  In 7 days it looks younger, feels rejuvenated”.   I certainly didn’t look younger after seven days, but then I wouldn’t expect any product to achieve such results in only a week but I continued to use the Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate  to see what long term effect it would have on my skin.  After the first month my skin felt and looked softer, smoother and firmer and I started to see some improvement in the look and texture of my skin.   I’m happy to recommend the Lancôme Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate and I’m looking forward to seeing some real improvement in my skin by the time I have finished my current bottle.   
I love a good serum and probably own way too many half used bottles of different ones, but Genifique is one of my favourites. At first when I purchased this I was disappointed that it came with a dropper applicator as I generally find most serums are too thick to dispense with a dropper. However this one has a very clever self-loading dropper that dispenses just the right amount of serum every time I twist the top open. I find this also helps prevent spillage and keeps the serum stable and hygienic. I apply this serum to my face a few days during the week as I generally alternate between other serums. This product absorbs really well into the skin and doesn't feeling heavy or greasy, it has milky texture and doesn't feel sticky. It leaves my skin hydrated, smooth and feeling healthy, and it doesn't irritate my skin and has even helped with some redness. I have noticed an improvement in my skin tone and the fine lines on my forehead look less visible. I think this is a great anti-aging serum and I have sensitive skin, yet this helps calm and hydrate my skin well.  I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a hydrating, yet lightweight serum that does make the skin more radiant, smooth and plump. I am very pleased with this product and will continue to purchase it. 
I was very lucky to receive a bottle of this lovely Lancôme serum as a gift. It has a beautiful bottle and has a dropper applicator too, which helps dispense as much or as little serum as you need. The serum is quite concentrated so I generally find two to three drops is plenty for my face, neck and chest. The texture isn’t too runny or thick and more like a runny gel I guess. It can be a bit sticky when you first apply it, but this settles after a few minutes. I gently pat this serum into my face and it instantly leaves my skin feeling so much more hydrated, plumped up and refreshed. There is no noticeable fragrance and I find this serum cools and calms down my reactive skin. I don’t need to apply a huge amount of moisturiser after I use this serum as it does a really good job keeping my skin supple and smooth. It really provides great, instant hydration to my cheeks and during winter this serum is a must have in my skincare routine. I have even seen some improvement in my skin tone, with looks more even and clear. Although the dropper does make it easy to dispense the serum, it can get s bit difficult when you reach the end of the bottle. Maybe a pump dispenser would make this product even more fab for me! I find one bottle seems to last pretty well and I use this product twice a day. However you really don’t need to use too much as it can feel a bit heavy and sticky on your face if you do. Just a few drops really helps lock moisture into my skin and I’m really pleased with how healthy my skin looks thanks to this serum. I think this product would suit all skin types, although there is also a senstive version available as well. It’s a great product that helps my skin look younger and more radiant! I will definitely continue to use this fabulous serum!
The black bottle has a unique self filling dropper dispenser that when pressed distributes the appropriate amount of serum. The serum itself is a more watery consistency compared to other serums but it absorbs rapidly which is how I like it, perfect for layering especially when you’re time poor in the mornings.  Within a few days my skin was much softer and smoother to touch. After a week of use I had a lovely natural glow and after 4 weeks my skin tone is even, soft, smooth and radiant to the point where people have been commenting how nice it is.  I have an oily T-zone and very dry rest of face and after using for a while I have found my skin to be more balanced, my T-zone is less oily and my cheeks not as dry.
A top quality serum that truly gives the results it promised. The serum absorbs into the skin instantly and does not feel sticky at all. I have used a bottle and see visible difference where my fine lines have reduced and my skin is more plumped and my discolouration has improved greatly.
I've recently purchased my second bottle, which shows how much I love this product !! This really helped to brighten my dull complexion, which was what I bought it for but not only that, I found that it helped to slightly smooth some of the fine lines on my forehead and I've noticed that I don't get dry patches as often in the winter now. This serum has really nice packaging and is easy to use - you just need to press the button to dispense the appropriate amount. Although there is a slight tackiness after application, it quickly goes away and I can continue with my usual skincare and makeup regime.
The Lancôme Advanced Genifique is a wonderful serum. It’s also one of my cult products. Firstly the packaging is very luxe. The dropper is incredibly easy to use and it easily clicks back into the bottle. It means there is no leakage or accidents.  The bottle is beautiful. The colour choices of black and purple makes this serum very memorable and easily recognisable. The serum’s texture itself is light. I only need one single drop. I spread it with one hands across my face and it instantly soaks into my skin. It feels light and hydrating. Overtime, my skin looks youthful and hydrated. It’s part of my daily skin routine and I cannot live without it. I recommend it for any skin types and for any ages.
What a fantastic serum! I absolutely love Lancome products. They are not only gorgeous to look at, but are fantastic quality. The Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate is a powerful serum and has made quite a difference to the overall look and feel of my skin. Before using this product, my skin lacked brightness and smoothness and I had some redness on my cheeks and chin area. In the last few weeks that I have been using this serum, I am quite impressed with the results. My skin feels a lot smoother and the redness has reduced. My skin just has this constant glow that I haven't seen for a while. The packaging is just divine with it's beautiful glass casing. The dropper is excellent and very easy to use given all you need to do is press the top down to pick up the serum. Overall, this is a gorgeous serum which I have loved using and will continue to use. Despite the high price point, it is worth it for the amount of serum you get and the impressive results.
I love it. I just do. Lancome has done such an amazing job on their new products, and this totally ranks at the top of the list! It begins with the packaging looking beautifully luxe, particularly the dropper part of the bottle, and finishing with the stunning product itself. The serum is silky smooth, and a slightly cloudy white, which rubs out to clear. I love that this spreads easily on the skin and sinks in without any work. My skin feels smooth and beautiful, while exuding radiance, after using this serum! I just wish this also had the Lancome signature scent that I associate with my mother.
This is a staple in my beauty routine morning and night. It soaks in quickly, leaving the skin radiant and glowing. Results are visible after only a few days of using. Comes with a self loading applicator for the exact dose. I visited a Lancome counter recently for their Parisienne Glow treatment which also uses Genifique. It really showed the full benefits of Genifique.  This product is definitely worth the investment.
I am a huge Lancome fan so I was expecting big things from this serum and I wasn't disappointed. The packaging is luxe, a beautiful black glass bottle with a silver press button dropper lid. With a click of a button it can fill and release the perfect amount of serum so there is no wastage. I applied the serum both morning and night and to say that Lancome Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate has worked wonders on my face is an understatement. After four days I could see an improvement my skin. It was calmer, smoother and silky smooth! I have found the serum to be the perfect texture for summer nights and my skin doesn’t feel greasy at all. Pros: The results speak for themselves, silky smooth skin and a fresh faced glow to match! I would recommend this product in a heart beat! :)
It has been a week now since using Lancome Advanced Genifique and I will start by saying I am very impressed with this serum! After the success i experienced with the Lancome Hydrogel Melting Mask this serum has continued to nourish and hydrate my dry skin.   The bottle is small and made of glass giving it a weighty lux feel and I love the dropper as it gives the perfect amount of serum for each application.  I have been using this at night time after cleansing and then follow with a moisturiser before bed.  The serum sinks into the skin quite quickly as I pat it into my face and neck and has a light fresh fragrance that isn't too overwhelming. After my 7 days of use at night time only, I can see and feel a great change in my usually dull dry skin.  It has given me more of a glow and even skin tone that looks hydrated and actually feels softer!  I haven't seen a dramatic decrease in fine lines on my face although I will continue to use to see if a longer period of use will minimise these, although as a 38 year old female some lines are expected I guess! I would definitely recommend this product to those with dry skin and the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is for its price as it is an expensive product for daily use.
My skin has been through the ringer this summer holidays so to be able to trial a product such as Lancôme’s Advanced Genefique Serum has been a real treat. Firstly the packaging is beautiful and the easy to use pump genius. The product itself is light but luxurious. I have been adding a few drops morning and night to my moisturiser and my skin has been rescued! My skin was in desperate need of hydration and this product has definitely improved this as well as the overall appearance of my skin and fine  lines. Overall I have been extremely happy with the results of using this serum for the last 7 days and know over the next weeks and months this will continue.
It's been a pleasure trialling this Lancôme Advanced Génifique serum over the past week, applying it both morning and night. In general, I've noticed an overall brightening of my skin and evening of tone, with a softening of my very fine lines around my eyes (I'm nearly 30). A great result for a week's use! I'm still hoping to see my skin look a little more plump, radiant and hydrated as I continue to use it. Pros - Pump dropper, both for practicality in measuring the right amount of serum and for the hygiene  - Packaging, which is a little luxe and who doesn't love that - Easy absorption - Light-weight and requires minimal product for an even application  - Noticeable improvement in clarity, brightening and tone within first week of use Cons - Can be a little tacky and sticky on first application, but this does lift - Haven't seen the hydration it promises as a product (but this may be a reflection of my skin type needing more moisture than the product itself
This serum is a lightweight formula and is refreshing. It is easily absorbed into my skin and works great on dry patches. It left my skin with a smooth surface for moisturiser. It gives an instant boost of radiance and skin feels instantly firmer. After a week’s consecutive use (twice daily), I could tell my skin had improved and was more hydrated and no flakiness in the previously dry areas. The reason I purchased this was to hydrate my skin and improve my skin’s texture. I have enlarged pores, which are prone to getting oily throughout the day. I noticed that after using this serum religiously, my oily t-zone was not noticeable anymore. Hooray! This comes with a screw top lid, which reveals an attached dropper once it is unscrewed. This amazing little dropper automatically refills itself as you tighten the lid. This means there’s product ready to go for your next application. I have the 50mL size and find that only a little press of the dropper as required because the serum distributes easily. I usually dispense a drop onto my fingertips, rub it with both hands and then apply onto my face and neck. When the serum is nearing the end, I tip the bottle upside down with a clean travel container so the rest of the product drips out and I can use it. At this price point, I would really like to use every last drop! Pros -absorbs easily -lightweight formula -easily accessible at department stores and pharmacies -improved dry patches Cons -nothing This is suitable for all ages, I am in my mid-twenties and use it, and my mother-in-law is in her late fifties who uses it. Give it a go and you will not be disappointed. They often have this in their gift with purchase promotions and I can understand why. Once you use the sample, you'll want to buy the full size.
The applicator is so cool and refreshing. I found i was getting to much product on the applicator and wasting product, a wise women told me to twist the applicator as you pull it out of the bottle. (Just a little tip) I have used this product for about a month and I have noticed that the fime lines are softening and the eye is brighter.  Use twice a day for best results. Love this product.
I have been using this product for years. Your skin will soak this serum up quickly without feeling sticky like some serums. Only need the 1 measured dose and apply. My wrinkles around the eyes have subdued and my skin textured has softened. Fully recommend this serum for face and neck hydration.