Lancôme Rouge in Love

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Lancôme Rouge in Love is a lipstick with a feather-light texture that delivers up to six hours of wear. The lipstick features fresh, wearable and vibrant colours that can be worn between day and night plus rich shades for a full impact.  

Available in 24 shades.


Lancôme Rouge in Love


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Creamy quality that lasts a long time

This is a great quality lipstick in a quality tube which is worth the spurge. The cap is made of brushed finished aluminium with a lovely rose pattern embossed in the top, a ribbon pattern down the back and a smooth metal panel on the front which has the words 'rouge in love' written within in in red paint. When you remove the smooth and secure fitting cap, the main tube is exposed which is made of polished aluminium. I have carried this lipstick around with me for the whole life of the lipstick (just about to finish it) and the packaging is in perfect condition and looks like it is still new. This lipstick is made in France and I had the colour called Coral in Love. The colour is pretty, the lipstick creamy, smooth upon application, it feels moisturising and you don't need to layer it on. It is long lasting and does not bleed. I am ready to get another one.
I was delighted to receive this product as I am a lipstick junkie and just can not get enough of lipsticks. The packaging is sweet, it comes in a silver beautiful case with red writing and beautiful design of red inscription “Rouge in Love”. The case is smooth and divine making it easy to wide up or down however much you need. The lipstick itself is just superb, if not one of the best quality lipsticks I have ever tried! The formula of the lipstick is light, creamy and smooth. It applies gently and smoothly onto my lips and it feels instantly smooth and soft. Straight away my lips feel moisturised and I can definitely feel a difference in the product on my lips. The color is perfect for me, a light creamy orange based red, and highlights my features on my face including my lips! I have found that the lipstick lasts for such a good time too, through drinking and eating the lipstick manages to stay put! And seems to continue to deliver moisture! Although the finish is mainly matte looking, it seems to deliver moisture and leave my lips looking smooth and high-lighted. The major benefit about this product apart from the color, texture and moisture would be that it does not sink into those dreaded lines one has on your lips. Smooth, gorgeous lips, definitely a superb great quality lipstick that lasts for hours, making you look glam and gorgeous! One to try for the devoted lipstick junkie, you'll never look back!
This time of the year I go a little bit crazy over bright lipstick and I just have to have a new lippy!  Lancôme Rouge in Love comes in 24 shades which left me a little starry eyed starring at the lipstick section of the Lancôme counter.   I admit to spending a few more minutes deciding which colour to choose because they are all so delicious. I finally walked away with 174B, Crazy Tangerine. I had to make the right decision because I might be in a bit strife if I bought them all! I did however write down a wish list to save me time on my next visit. 146B, 232M, 345B, 343B, 340B and322M! Yes they are that good!   The lipstick is 6cm tall and is cased in a weighted, brushed, matte silver tube. It has shiny square label with rouge (red) coloured “ROUGE IN LOVE” written on it. On the opposite side there is a red and silver seam that runs up the top section of the pull off lid. The signature Lancôme silver rose is etched into the top of the lid for a finishing touch.   My Crazy Tangerine Lipstick is a long wearing formula that lasts up to 6 hours but is not at all drying.  The texture is beautifully nourishing, smells fruity and glides on with no pulling like some other long lasting formulas. I apply, blot with a tissue to create a stain and then apply again to ensure staying power.   The colour is vibrant,fresh and gives me the colour pop that I am after for the summer party season. Crazy Tangerine rates 5 stars on the “I love/like your lip colour scale”. 5 strangers in a 2-hour shopping season commented on liking my lip colour! It’s very popular.   Pros:  Smells delicious and fruity. Very moisturising. Lightweight and silky smooth. Great staying power. Large colour range. Vibrant   Cons: I little expensive but I think it is worth it. Addictive. I would recommend Lancôme Rouge in Love because I am in love with it!              
I treated myself to this lipstick when I went on exchange to France so I have really fond memories when I wear this lipstick. It's super comfortable and makes your lips look nice and glossy. The formula is quite thin, like a lip balm, but quite pigmented. There's a great range of colours too! I particularly love the packaging. It makes for a really nice statement piece on your vanity!
The packaging of the Lancome Rouge in Love looks expensive and stylish. It's a silver tube with the brand’s signature rose embossed on top. Quite heavy for a lipstick, but still very nice to look at. It has a subtle scent, slightly waxy and it reminded me of the lipsticks my mom used to use when I was a kid. It is not overwhelming though and you can't really smell it on application. The texture of the lipstick is creamy and easy to glide on the lips. I was using it straight from the tube, without a lip liner and it looked great (but you can also apply it with a lip brush). It is quite pigmented, so the shade you see in the packaging is what you get on your lips. I love the satiny finish and the fact that it doesn't dry my lips. Instead, it is moisturising and doesn’t feel uncomfortable even after few hours of wear. It is an interesting formula - at first it feels and looks like typical lipstick but after about two hours it turns into a lip stain. You can see the colour is still there but it looks more natural and a lot softer. The wear time is about 5 and the product stays perfectly in place, doesn't bleed or slide off your lips. Overall It is a very easy to wear lipstick - lightweight, moisturising and long lasting. 
I treated myself to this lipstick on my last trip to Singapore. I have shade 353B which is a kind of a warm pinkish rose. It has a smooth, glossy, kind of luminous finish. I really like it. It's everything you'd expect from a $40+ lipstick. I don't find it particularly long wearing but it is decent. I adore the silver metal tube. It's very cute. If you fancy a splurge on a lippie, I'd recommend this one! The hard part is choosing a shade.
This is the colour of sweet kisses but it won't leave any marks on the collar!  Perfect colour for daytime, just a slick of gloss over the top can add instant glamour for the evening.