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Lancôme Teint Visionnaire is an anti-ageing foundation and concealer in one. The concealer corrects spots, dark circles, redness and imperfections and contains vitamin CG. The sheer perfecting foundation is enriched with the miracle molecule of Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector to smooth wrinkles and refine pores while providing a natural, luminous coverage. 

Available in 10 shades.


Lancôme Teint Visionnaire


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Lancome is a brand that always delivers innovative & beautiful quality foundations,and Teint Visionnaire is no exception. This product comprises 2 separate parts - there's a high coverage concealer/corrector in the lid with 30mls of a pump foundation in a heavyweight glass bottle underneath. It's very well designed and quite an elegant bottle. The concealer size isn't specified on the box or product, but sizing is quite generous.  I estimate there's at least 10mls of concealer.  Also,inside the concealer compartment is a handy mirror. The concealer is a thick paste type of formula, exactly how I like my concealers. It reminds me a lot of Benefit's masterpiece concealer Bo-ing. I can dab a little amount on my finger or use a brush and it works beautifully at concealing dark under-eye circles, blemishes & imperfections. It also matches the foundation shade 100% - with this duo there is no chance of a concealer / foundation clash in colour matching! The foundation has SPF20 protection, is oil-free, suitable for sensitive skin & won't clog pores. Tick,tick, tick, tick! I notice it also has a pending patent. This would be for the skincare benefit exclusive to this formula - 2% of LR2412, a Lancome ingredient that's found in their very popular Visionnaire skincare range. I like how the concealer & foundation are neatly in the same single unit. Removing the concealer top, there's a well-designed pump nozzle for the foundation. The foundation has a lovely, lightweight formula, and I also find I don't need to use much to get the coverage I want. So my bottle has happily lasted me ages. Shade 010 Beige Porcelaine suits my skintone beautifully, and is neither yellow or pink toned, instead it gives me a natural, yet polished look. It covers redness & imperfections easily & lasts all day, even without a primer underneath. It also holds up well in the heat. Combined, the concealer & foundation deliver exactly what I want from both products, & I think it's well worth the $80 price tag.
The foundation comes in a glass jar that fits in the fist of your hand. It come with a large glossy silver lid. The lid has two parts, a flip top which has the concealer inside it and then underneath the lid itself, there is a clear pump where the foundation dispenses from. The first time I tried this was through a sample on a piece of cardboard with a peel off sheet. I fell in love with the concealer straight away. It covers everything! I used some on a pimple that was going away and under my eyes. It was a real pick me up, I'd actually just wear the concealer for days I didn't feel like doing a full face of make up. To give yourself a flawless finish, of course use the foundation along with it. Prior to applying the concealer and foundation, I would prep my skin with my skincare and then apply a primer and allowing that to dry before applying the concealer with my fingers and blending it with my damp beauty blender. I then pump some foundation on my beauty blender, dot it on my cheeks, forehead and chin and then blend by dabbing the beauty blender fast and outwards. I genuinely feel like this is a luxury foundation and it's really worth the price. You can build up the coverage by applying more but I find a single application and blending already gives you a medium coverage. I have tried applying the foundation first then applying the concealer and it works great too. There isn't a right or wrong order to use these products together because it just works! I have an oily t-zone and usually get oily by the afternoon and need to use blotting paper but I find I don't need to with this combination, On top of the foundation, I always apply a pressed powder and sometimes a translucent setting powder (when i can be bothered or remember). If nothing is applied on top of the foundation, you will achieve a dewy finish but I tend to look oily so that's why I use the powder to matte it out a little bit. Whenever I go to the Lancome counter, I am wishing that they have come out with just the concealer alone because I go through that faster than the foundation and I would purchase it on its own to use with the remaining foundation. Although it gives you a medium to full coverage, it doesn't feel cakey because the formula blends so well and you're not left with any streaks or harsh lines. I'd recommend this for those with normal, oily and/or combination skin. I wouldn't recommend it for dry skin types because it isn't very hydrating and may become flakey. But I can't vouch for that because I don't have dry skin. I'd definitely try a sample before purchasing as it is on the higher price point than other foundations. I generally repurchase this when Myer or David Jones have a gift with purchase.
This foundation is wonderful. It comes in a solid glass bottle with a large silver lid. Inside the lid is a generous amount of concealer that matches to the foundation perfectly and removes the guesswork of having to choose the right concealer colour as well as choose a foundation shade. The large lids lifts off to reveal a silver top with a clear pump piece. It dispenses the perfect amount for a full face of foundation or you can apply more for a bit of a fuller coverage. I was matched properly by the lovely lady at the Lancome counter. One of the first times ever I've had someone colour match me but it was well worth taking the time. It's not a cheap foundation so you want to make sure you choose the perfect one for you. I was a bit unsure at first so I took a sample of it away to try it in different lights before making the final purchase. This foundation is great. I really like that the concealer is already there and matches in colour so hard work is done. It has a smooth application and is very build able coverage. It is a medium to full coverage but can be layered for a fuller cover or with a damp sponge for a sheer, perfected look. It looks lovely on its own with a slight dewy finish and works well with a light dusting of powder too for those that prefer a more matte look. My skin is normal and sometimes dry but it doesn't show or cling to any patches. Before application I cleanse, tone and moisturise my skin letting it settle for a few minutes. I then apply a primer and sunscreen. Again leaving it for a few minutes before applying foundation.  found that if I don't let my skin dry a little the foundation can catch and slide over certain sections leaving it look really patchy.When I do it properly It applies really easily and is s a smooth, creamy consistency. It covers all my acne spots and pigmentation. It doesn't appear cakey or look like a heavy makeup. It looks like me but a slightly more luminous, glowey version. It is really long lasting for all day or all night wear. I have been in situations where rooms have been quite warm and humid but it still didn't budge but I did need to lightly powder for a little shine. I have tried applying it with both my hands and a brush and both applications work fine. I found it was easier to spread and smooth with my hands. Using a brush gave a heavier coverage which was great for special occasions where I want to look a bit more perfected. I guess it's up to the individual as to the method of application and the kind of finish they like. It is a great foundation and one that I regularly go to for special occasions for it's coverage and staying power. I'm not sure if it would suit all skin types but it works great for mine and I recommend it to those that want an airbrush, luminous, natural looking finish.
I enjoy using this foundation as the texture is light and dewy. The coverage is great even for my faint acne scars and broken capillaries veins. I use the concealer for under eyes though I find it can get a little dry after a couple of months. The in-built mirror is another bonus and it's got SPF20. So I think it is worth the money.
This is one of my absolute favourite all-time products. The coverage is medium and long lasting, and it leaves a smooth dewey finish that I've never achieved with any other foundation. I have pale, dry, sensitive skin and the colour match is pretty great, it never shows up dry or patchy, and I've never had a reaction. The concealer is great too! I find it all goes on better if applying with fingers (plus you use less!). Using a brush I find it seems to set in my fine lines more but does provide more coverage. This is an everyday luxury that I can't do without!
This is one of the most luxurious foundation behind my Chanel Vitalumiere foundation. The colour match was really good with both the foundation and the concealer. I love how it comes wiht the matching concealer. The coverage was medium but I think it can be layered to achieve a more fuller coverage. It lasts all day long and doesn't make my skin dry. However beware if you do have really dry skin make sure you moisturise well because it can show a bit of patchiness over dry areas. The concealer is good but it's quite heavy and full coverage so can be a bit drying. It's best for concealing imperfections rather than for brightening under eye. The price is a hindrance because it's so expensive so I probably wouldn't buy it again only because of this reason.
This is the one of the most expensive, luxurious and best foundation I've ever used. The colour was perfectly matched to my fair, pale bordering on translucent skin tone, the applicator is genius giving the perfect amount each time with no waste, it applies and blends super easily, lasts all day and the clever concealer pot goes perfectly with the foundation, ensuring even better coverage that is dewy and still your natural skin showing, just better.