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Lancôme Visionnaire Serum is an anti-ageing serum designed to help perfect the look of skin every day. The formula contains LR 2412, a molecule used to penetrate throughout all the layers of the skin’s epidermis. The serum leaves skin feeling smoother and more supple whilst reducing the appearance of pores and wrinkles. 


Lancôme Visionnaire Serum


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I purchased the 50mL bottle of the Lancome Visionnaire serum as a bit of a splurge when there was a GWP offer on. Admittedly I was attracted to the LR 2412, a unique molecule born out of 12 years of research with the ability to 'self-propel' through the layers of the skin, recognising skin damage and triggering the skin's repair process. I am almost at the end of the bottle and have not really noticed any significant difference to the texture of my skin or reduction in wrinkles. It is a white milky serum (my preferred compared to oils) and absorbed very easily into the skin. It feels very nice on the skin and doesn't leave any tacky after-feel. However, I don't feel that it moisturises my dry skin much so it may be better suited to combination oily skin. Unless it's humid summer weather, I have to follow up with a moisturiser.  The packaging is very luxe, in a sleek plastic blue ombre bottle with metallic silver accents. The fragrance is quite strong and heavily perfumed so sensitive noses should avoid. Due to the price, I wouldn't repurchase and think there are better products on the market.
I've tried this a few times through several samples gained from other Lancome purchases and for me the entire line is an utter disappointment considering how much they're selling these products. Firstly the ingredients list is full of alcohols, pigments, silicones and fragrance and I've noticed that the Lancome Australia website provides shortened list of the ingredients in this product which is very misleading. INCI lists in Australia, USA etc are required to list the ingredients in order of the amount of largest to smallest. The third ingredient of this product is Alcohol Denat while the first one is Water. Sodium Hyaluronate, an ingredient that would actually be quite beneficial in a serum is listed as the 17th ingredient which is really low. This Serum also lists 6 different ingredients that are fragrances. Silicones aren't necessarily a bad thing but this is a serum and not an occlusive cream so this product doesn't really need it if a person uses a good occlusive cream afterwards. In terms of how this felt on my face it was very cosmetically elegant and easy to spread onto my skin. However the smell of it, and the other products in this line weren't pleasant at all. Despite the amount of fragrance in this line I couldn't really determine what exactly it smelt like and if I used it at night I found myself gagging on the smell because I sleep under my blankets. I gave one of the samples to my mother who is within the target age range and she wasn't particularly impressed with this either.
Lancome Visionnaire Serum was my first experience not only with serums but was also my introduction to the brand Lancome. I'd seen a few products from the brand in the past but never tried it for myself. The serum comes in a pretty blue bottle with silver design and writing on it. It has a plastic lid which reveals a silver pump underneath. One pump dispenses enough for your whole face as a little goes a long way. The serum to me seems more like a light cream.( I expected it to be more of a light gel type consistency. Not sure why) It appears to me to be lightly scented which I'm not 100 percent sure I like. It's not unpleasant but when layered with other skincare products that also have scents if can be a bit much. The serum itself feels very silky and smooth on application and almost appears to absorb instantly leaving skin feeling silky, smooth and incredibly touchable. I know it's not good to be touching your face but my skin doesn't normally feel so soft. Before I apply the serum I cleanse and tone my face. I then add a small amount of serum and massage it into my face. I use it both in the morning and night. In the morning I will moisturise and use a sunscreen after. In the evening I will use an additional serum or night moisturiser depending on the time of year and how my skin feels. If it's behaving I'll stop at the Visionnaire. My skin is fairly normal but at times can be dry in patches. It can also sometimes be temperamental when using new products. I didn't have any problems integrating this into my daily routine though. My skin showed no signs of reaction or irritation which was great. When using it before applying makeup it does make application nice and smooth, almost acting like a primer. It's also great for just using without anything as it gives your skin a glowing appearance. Lancome claim that this product will smooth wrinkles and pores, and reduces uneven skin texture, to give you softer, suppler looking skin. While I'm not 100 percent sold that it has done for me everything it claims. My pores do appear slightly smaller and my skin definitely feels softer and looks more even and youthful. I did feel that my skin was more fresh looking and didn't look quite so tired. I may have been imagining things but I'm pretty sure the pigmentation under my eyes, on my temples and above my top lip was lightly faded.  I'm not in the main age group this product is designed for so the results may have been more dramatic depending on the symptoms I was trying to fix. I'm not totally sold on this product and for the price I was hoping I'd see a bit more in the way of results.
This is a creamy white serum which I use as my first step in my nightly skincare routine. It is light to touch, and quickly absorbs into my skin and provides an even and smooth base upon which I apply the rest of my skincare products. It smells pleasant with a hint of cucumber freshness and mild perfume.  What I love about this serum is how ultra lightweight it is, yet it makes my skin feel soft and supple. I apply only 1-2 drops of this serum to my face, neck and décolletage.  I also use this serum sometimes in the mornings, as the first step and then apply my day moisturiser.  This serum works well for all day use and it leaves me skin feeling touchable soft. My lines and wrinkles are still there, but now they don't look so obvious and my skin looks and feels healthier.  I recommend this serum for anyone who wants to add a product which smooths and helps blend away blemishes and wrinkles and makes skin look soft and radiant. 
I first tried this product after reading in a fashion magazine somewhere that Kate Middleton is a huge fan. This was around the time I first started to use serums in my late 20's (Prior to that, never actually needed it). I love the texture and how smoothly it goes on my skin and basically get absorbed immediately. What I particularly love about this product is that I can use it at night as my only face moisturising routine. Just the serum, no need for moisturiser - reduces a step and I wake up with soft, supple skin.  I suppose the next question is whether or not wrinkles, lines have disappeared. To be honest, I don't know - it certainly hasn't gotten worse and perhaps that is a sign that this product is working. What I can say is that, after awhile of using the product (a few months), even my boyfriend commented about how smooth and soft my skin had become - so definitely worth splurging and trying it out!
I love this serum. You only need a litle bit to do your whole face. My skin feels so smooth,  wrinkle free and rejuvenated. Definite product i will use always.