Lonvitalité 24K Gold & Collagen Eye Mask

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Lonvitalité 24K Gold & Collagen Eye Mask is an eye mask made from pure natural extract, 24K gold, and collagen composition. The gold is renown for its anti-inflammatory qualities and helps prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin. The rejuvenating mask leaves eyes visibly brighter and moisturised.

Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, plus free from common synthetic irritants


Lonvitalité 24K Gold & Collagen Eye Mask


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These things are gold! So great for puffy eyes and eyes with dark circles. I originally purchased these when I had dark circles and instantly noticed my under eyes area look lighter than prior to using. There are not lasting results unless used quite regularly but would highly recommend for a pick me up.
I love these eye masks. They really help to reduce puffiness and increase hydration and are perfect for use before special event makeup or to restore some glow after a big night/weekend/flight and give the illusion of being rested. I always leave these on for longer than the instruction until my skin has absorbed every last drop of the special serum.
These are amazing eyes masks. They are simple and easy to use, and I find the process very relaxing! The serum leaves the skin under my eyes soft, hydrated and plump. I look so much more awake and brighter after using these eye masks, I would definitely recommend trying it out for yourself!!
These are my favourite eye masks! I have gifted these to friends and family who love them just as much as I do! Firstly the packaging is great as it's really simple and compact, and the masks are sealed tightly with plenty of serum! I love that the eye masks are gold as it makes them look even more luxurious. They are shaped perfectly for the under eye area (i've tried other brands which have been an odd shape) and they are really soft with a gel-like consistency so they feel like an absolute dream once they touch your skin!  I usually apply them laying down and leave them on for about 20 minutes and you instantly feel a cooling sensation that is both relaxing and hydrating. They are really gentle on the skin and once removed it is amazing to see the effect they have - my skin is plumper, eyes brighter (bye bye dark circles), and skin feels really soft and smooth. They also help with reducing the appearance of fine lines.  These eye masks are great quality particularly for the price you pay as they are really affordable - I have used many eye masks from different brands and Lonvitalites are by far my favourite! I highly recommend trying these if you have puffy eyes or dark circles... or even if you just want to treat yourself as they are super relaxing :)
Ever looked in the mirror only to see your reflection with dark bags around your eyes? If sounds familiar, then I recommend you try this product. It's simple to use,  place under your eyes and after 10 minutes remove. I guarantee you will instantly feel fresh and hydrated. So sit throw on your most comfy bath robe, lay back and relax.
LonVitalite are one of the few companies that make masks specifically for the eye area, making this a must-have product for me. Like their related face mask, the mask for the eye comes in 2 pieces, and is designed to be used once & discarded. The mask pieces come sealed tightly in a foil packet that's chock full of the serum forumla (24mls of it!). Once the pack is peeled open, inside are 2 x 'gelish' pieces that are shaped to fit underneath the eye & up to the laughter line area. They fit really well in the area, and I can tell immediately from first application that my eye area is soothed, & starting to relax under their intense serum weight. I'll often use these when I'm wearing a similar face mask, but sometimes I just use these when my eyes feel & look tired & need a pick me up.  They stay on for around 20 minutes, or longer if you like, and you then can rinse the formula away, or do what I like to do - keep the serum on so it can continue to work it's magic overnight. I find applying 1/2 an hour pre bed is ideal as I literally get my beauty sleep while the serum continues to work its magic. There are 6 x masks per box, which works out around $5 per use.  For the quality of the product, it really is great value for money. I also love that this is an Australian brand who do one thing & do one thing very well - make incredible cloth formula masks! Very highly recommended.
I was so excited to try these eye masks as I'd heard nothing but good things about Lonvitalité and I wasn't disappointed! The 24K Gold & Collagen Eye Mask pads are soft with a jelly-like consistency and they sit very nicely underneath your eyes. The serum is quite thick and feels great on your skin, I took the opportunity to relax and kept my eyes closed for the experience. I occasionally have bags under my eyes, and always have dark circles; after using this product I noticed a visible difference. My under eyes were much brighter and less puffy, plus my skin felt so soft and cool to the touch. The Lonvitalité 24K Gold & Collagen Eye Mask is a touch of luxury, and I definitely recommend this product for people who want to treat themselves, or people who want to make a difference to the appearance of their under eyes!
Loved this eye mask. Very easy to use and really felt hydrated around my eyes after using it. reduced the puffiness and felt tighter.....must buy some more :)
I love using these eye masks as they are super hydrating to my delicate eye area. They come in individual packets and are covered in a thick serum. This serum leaves my skin so soft and plump and when I use this product regularly, I notice a real difference in the skin around my eye area. It's really nice and cooling on my skin and totally relaxing for half an hour. One massive bonus is that it really helps with my dark circles and they are genetic so it's no easy feat!