Lonvitalite C4 Coconut Milk Hydrating and Nourishing Sheet Mask

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Lonvitalite C4 Coconut Milk Hydrating and Nourishing Sheet Mask is a sheet face mask that moisturises skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The mask is enriched with coconut oil to support the natural chemical balance of the skin, protecting it against dryness, flaking and sagging.

Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, plus free from common synthetic irritants

Size: five sheet masks


Lonvitalite C4 Coconut Milk Hydrating and Nourishing Sheet Mask


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I love a sheet mask. And I love the range from lonvitalite. The masks leave my skin feeling fresh and plump and delicious. The mask Fits the contours of my face well without as much overhang as other sheet masks. Once I’m done with it on my face I pop it onto my chest to soak in as much of the remaining serum as possible. If my skin is feeling particularly tight or puffy or red I will put the sheet into the fridge beforehand. The mask also says you can pop it into warm water before hand too, I haven’t done this yet but I’m interested to try and see how it works with the next mask I buy!
Oh, how I love a good sheet mask! This is my go to sheet mask when I just need a bit of a pick me up and my skin is needing a little extra love. Like most sheet masks, it is a little effort to remove from the packaging and apply, but as long as you put your feet up and relax afterwards it seems to stay put rather well. The serum that the mask is saturated in feels quite lovely on, just ultimately hydrating and no stickiness with a light, pleasant, coconut scent. After around 20 minutes,  I remove the face mask and lightly massage any excess serum into my face, neck and decolletage, and am left with soft, supple, hydrated skin. This face mask is well priced, and is a lovely treat for skin. I am a regular customer after sampling this on a beauty subscription box quite some time ago.
This was my first time with a sheet mask at home and I thoroughly enjoyed it - such an easy way to pamper yourself in your home without too much mess or hassle. These masks are easy to apply and have a generous amount of serum attached. There is a mild coconut fragrance which it would be hard to find offensive (even if you don't like coconut). I found that my skin felt tacky and uncomfortable after removing the sheet and I needed to wash my face immediately, which I then followed with my usual night cream. As a result, it was difficult to establish if my skin felt moisturised because of the mask or because of my face cream! Overall, it was a pleasant introduction to the brand and I look forward to trying some other versions targeted at different areas. I certainly had nothing to complain about but I also wouldn't be running out to repurchase, so a three star rating.
Lonvitalite sheet masks have become a vital part of my Sunday night pampering ritual - so much so that I even take them on holidays! As someone who grew up being taught the importance of looking after my skin, using facial masks was not something that I started to do until I hit my forties. I thought that using great skincare in my everyday routine would be enough, however once I started to get into the habit of incorporating sheet masks into my Sunday pampering session I was hooked. I was introduced to Lonvitalite sheet masks through their inclusion in a few of my Lust Have It! boxes and since then I have repurchased many of the different varieties. My skin tends to be on the drier side so the Lonvitalite coconut milk hydrating sheet masks are the perfect antidote to my dry skin. Once I have cleansed my face thoroughly I gently pull the sheet mask out of the packet and smooth it on my face. In the Winter the mask feels extremely cold when you first apply it so I have started to place the sealed mask into a basin of warm water for 15 minutes prior to application. This enables the mask to warm up and stops that shock when you first apply it. During the warmer months I crave the cool soothing mask to help bring my core body temperature down and have even been known to put it in the fridge for a short time! Like all Lonvitalite sheet masks the coconut milk one is densely loaded with serum and you are left with quite a bit in the packet. I don't let this go to waste - I apply the excess on my neck and decolletage. As I wear glasses I find it difficult to do anything other than lie on the couch and relax once I have applied the mask - it is hard life!  You can now see why I make this a weekly ritual. Over the last few years we have started to enjoy more international travel and when packing I have had to be very judicious in what skincare products I pack. I can do without lots of my lotions and potions for a few weeks, but I cannot forgo my sheet masks. After my long haul flights I will always apply a sheet mask on the first night to help rehydrate my skin and will repeat the following day to give my skin that extra strong moisture boost. I will also ensure I use a mask the night before the long flight home so my skin is well hydrated before boarding the moisture sucking aircraft. If you are new to the sheet mask phenomenon I would highly recommend you invest in a 5 pack of Lonvitalite masks as I am sure you will soon be as hooked as me.
I wouldn't recommend this mask as it left my skin inflamed and red, so much so that I needed to apply ice packs for an hour afterward.
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Replying to From Lonvitalite: Thank you for your feedback which is vitally important to us. I am sorry you have had a reaction with our C4 Mask which is unusual with this particular mask. Please can you contact Lonvitalite directly at enquiries@lonvitalite.com so as we can address this issue asap.
I've never quite got the hang of face sheet masks.  There's always bits of excess mask and I can never get it to sit properly on my face, trying to get it to sit around my eyes, nose and mouth properly.  So I lie down whenever I put one on, and angle it on as best I can.  That said, this is a really good mask.  It has a lot of product on it, so you can smooth the remainder on your skin after you have removed the mask.  The scent isn't too strong, which is good as sometimes it can be tricky to get the nostrils clear of the mask!  They're great in summer as it can be quite cooling on the face.  Definitely leaves my skin feeling hydrated and moisturised, even though I take it off before the recommended 20 minutes.  Worth a try.
I love sheet masks, and as far as Aussie brands go, Lonvitalite certainly is one of my favourite masks to reach for. Designed to hydrate the skin, it's supposed to, and I quote,"penetrate into the deep layers of the skin to strengthen the underlying layers". This harnesses coconut oil to keep the balance of the skin.  Upon opening this packet, I could see that it was reasonably moist, like all the Lonvitalite masks. There was also a bit of a light fragrance, but certainly nothing offensive (I'm not a big fan of coconuts in general). Like all Lonvitalite masks, I found this to be quite large and wide. It had a lovely nose flap, however, and quite a bit of material between the nose and the lips. All the extra bits around the chin I could just tuck in to hydrate the skin just above the neck.  The verdict? Really good! My skin felt softer and plump after the 20 minutes that I left it on (then washed off), and it was, overall, an excellent mask. I would definitely recommend this one!
I first tried this as part of the Marie Claire Parcel Box and have found these to be a great addition to my skincare routine when my skin needs a little bit extra of a pick me up! A korean beauty trend, these sheet masks provide intense hydration on the skin.  A pampering treat that also delivers, I pop these on for about half an hour and I do notice a difference particularly during the cold winter months. Skin feels hydrated, smooth and intensely moisturised!
I love this mask! My skin feels refreshed, brighter and luxuriously hydrated. Currently warming it up before use in hot water for a nice winter beauty kick.
These are phenomenal!  I received this particular variation not long ago in a marie clair Parcel box and even after one use, skin feels so smooth to touch and we'll hydrated.  It's a sort of slimy feeling white mask that applies easily and is adjustable to fit your face shape.  Smells heavenly, creamy and coconuty but not over powering.  You may want to make sure you have no surprise visitors In the twenty minutes of allowing the mask to absorb into skin though as you will be bearing a striking resemblance to Jason Voorhees during this time!  It's well worth the results though I assure you! Will be repurchasing more soon as my winter skin is in serious need of hydrating and these masks do that better than anything else I've come across :) 
You might look like a character in a horror movie while wearing this but this is honestly the best face mask I have ever used! I received my first one in the Marie Clare beauty box and I have been hooked ever since. During summer you can use it as a cool facial treatment by refrigerating it before use, or during Winter use it as as a warm treatment by sitting it in warm water for a few minutes before applying it - both feel amazing. An application of 20 minutes leaves my skin feeling SO hydrated, moisturised and smooth! And the smell is heavenly, I love coconut scents but for those who aren't a fan, don't worry because it's not over bearing at all. When I find a product that I love and work really well, I always like to research the ingredients so I know what to look out for in other products. Obviously this is infused with coconut oil which is amazing for moisturising and helping improve acne scars and pigmentation, but it also uses Niacinamide which is notorious for treating uneven skin tone/ fading pigmentation, breakouts, and wrinkles!  After taking the mask off my skin automatically feels plumper, smoother and more hydrated. And it leaves behind a serum which I massage into my face and neck instead of washing off so it's like two treatments in one.  Pros - Leaves skin looking and feeling hydrated, smooth and nourished - Helps treat uneven skin tone, pigmentation and breakouts - Great anti-ageing serum if you're wanting to reduce fine lines and wrinkles - Has a really nice coconut milk scent that's not too strong - Easy to apply and have the additional option of applying it warm or cold (both are great!) - Affordable - way cheaper than getting a facial treatment at a salon and this provides just as great results in my opinion Cons - NONE I definitely recommend this to everyone who wants to treat themselves to a facial without having to go to a salon - it is nourishing and refreshing and has helped me with treating my uneven skin tone, pigmentation and breakouts! I'm so happy with this product!
I used this mask at home and just loved the coconut scent! it made my skin feel fresh, hydrated and soft. I did feel funny wearing it but the end product was great!!
I received this product as part of Marie Claire beauty box. I really enjoyed using it.  My skin was left feeling soft and smooth after 20 minutes relaxing with this mask. The coconut scent was just right, enjoyable but not overpowering. I found it great value for money. The fit was just as good as some of the more expensive masks I've tried. I will definitely buy this product again - I like to treat myself to an at home spa once a fortnight.
I use these masks bi-monthly to keep my skin looking and feeling both youthful and hydrated. At only $4 a week outlay, these beautiful and economical products are as good as an expensive facial using several products. The 30 minutes i spend with my feet soaking, breathing in soothing aromatherapy oils whilst lonvitalite does it perfect job is the most relaxing and appreciative "me time" this stay at home mum has. Highly recommended.
This is one of my all time favourite products. My busy lifestyle means any chance for a relaxing pamper session is much appreciated. Having the Lonvitalite masks on hand at home means I enjoy great feeling skin and am forced to relax! I love that!  I leave the mask on for 20 minutes then press the remaining product into my skin.
Tried this mask out as a treat last week. It left my skin feeling so smooth and soft afterwards. It had a lovely cooling sensation on the face and I loved the coconut scent, not too strong at all.
I received this in a Marie Claire beauty box to sample and it was lovely. After taking the mask off my skin was soft and full of moisture. The mask itself can be a little awkward to apply trying to get your eyes and mouth through the holes cut out but practice makes perfect. Also, the part on the chin didn't stay down very well so I had to tilt my head a bit. Even with the awkwardness the results were wonderful and I would use these again. I would also recommend them to anyone looking for a reasonably price face mask that offers lots of hydration and softness.
I love using this face mask for some instant softness and nourishment. I try to keep the mask on my face for atleast 15 minutes and relax and pretend I'm at a day spa and soon enough, my face dewy and feels plump and supple. Well priced too. Once done with the mask, apply the leftover serum onto front and back of neck and to décolletage for additional benefits.