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L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age Rosy Re-Fortifying Day Cream

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L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age Rosy Re-Fortifying Day Cream is a hydrating facial moisturiser enriched with flower extracts and neo-calcium for skin that is losing its youthful density and natural colour. The formula has been developed for very mature skin and works to restore the skin’s natural barrier function whilst supporting its structure, leaving the complexion feeling hydrated and glowing.


L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age Rosy Re-Fortifying Day Cream


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I have just resumed using the L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age Rosy Day Cream after trialing a number of other moisturisers and have no doubt this moisturiser is well suited to my skin.    The moisturiser is packaged in a rose gold glass jar with a gold screw top lid.  The jar holds 50ml of product.    The cream is a rosy pink colour with a bit of a shimmer and has a very pleasant rose fragrance. It is thick and silky in consistency and smooths effortlessly over my skin.  The cream absorbs quickly, leaving no sticky residue and provides a good base for my primer and foundation.  I can use any number of foundations or BB creams and there is no pilling or patchiness.    I have mature, dry skin and I have found the L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age Rosy Day Cream to be very hydrating and firming. When applied, the moisturiser leaves a pale pink tinge to my skin and a real glow.    This moisturiser used in conjunction with the matching serum really delivers to reduce the appearance of fine lines and leaves my skin looking plump, soft and smooth.    I would definitely recommend this product for mature, combination to dry skin.    Pros:  easily absorbed; gives skin a healthy glow; provides an excellent base for foundation; is affordable   Cons:  none, in my opinion  
My sister got me onto this wonderful cream.  It smells and looks divine (I love the pink hue).  You don't need to use much, as this product goes  a long way. So the value is really there as it lasts for ages. My skin feels so soft after, I'm ready for the day ahead!!
I love that LOreal are targeting the mature age skin. This is a fabulous product and offers the mature skin solutions. The packing is lovely and its all part of feeling good when you purchase a special item. The colour of the cream gives a rosy youthful glow to your skin which instantly improved the look. The cream itself is interesting as it gives a firming and tightening feel more than a moisture feel. Overall I loved the cream and although all my wrinkles and lines are still there I looked and felt better with the youthful glow.
I loved this product and felt it gave my skin a dewy finish....the hint of Rose was an added bonus as I now find my skin looks better and healthier without any extra makeup. I have only been using this for a week....but I have already noticed an improvement in the fine lines.
Found this product a great companion to the serum. Both products applied before make-up give a wonderful foundation of products. I sometimes suffer from allergies but I did not have a problem at all. Great product
From the first application it felt much like a rich velvety cream Pleasant scent.Absorbs quickly and not greasy like some other creams.Skin felt soft  moisturised and hydrated My skin is combination with the " T " zone oily and a little dry in other areas,Wasn't too rich for oily areas It's pink in colour so its very important not to over apply Less is more rule ! The only down side is no SPF 
Beautiful day cream. Made my face so soft after using the serum. I just wish it had some sun protection
Product has a rosy colour and is very easy to apply.  My skin felt soft and well moisturised.  Gives the skin a hint of colour. 
The product suits  my skin perfectly.
Lovely but unfortunately not for me. I have super sensitive skin with a definite red undertone. The redness isn't usually obvious but occasionally a product will heighten that redness and this is unfortunately what happened with the Age Perfect Golden Age Rosy Re-Densifying Cream. I stress that I believe the problem is with my skin, not the product. I was fascinated to see the rosy colour of the cream. It applied easily and felt soft and moisturising but a short while later my face was really red. There was no irritation but the redness lasted all day. I am sure this would be a wonderful addition to the range to compliment the serum, which I really love and the night cream if it was suitable for you. I was disappointed that it isn't suitable for me but thank Beauty Crew and L'Oréal Paris for the opportunity to try this product.
Loved this product.. put on immediately after shower for better absorbshon.  Skin felt soft and smelt lovely. Noticed some fading of skin damage. Skin looked much better and brighter. Would recommend for mature skins.
Good product
I'm really impressed with the day cream - love the scent and feel too. The cream glides on so smoothly and gives an awake, healthy glow to the face.  It took very little to moisturise my face for the day, and worked well under makeup.  A great product that I'll continue to use in conjunction with the serum.
Having  used Loreal skincare products for most of my adult life I was not surprised with with the positive results of Age Perfect Golden Age. The Redensifying Day Cream is packaged beautifully and the jars are easily manipulated for application. My skin has responded to the significant hydration boost and the rosy tone is very pleasing. It feels revived and looks healthier. I also found that my foundation applied easier and looked smoother. This trial was a well timed opportunity for me as I was unsure if I needed very mature skin care. I love these Loreal Golden Age products and will continue to use them. They are reasonably priced and easy to recommend to friends.
I liked the pink colour as this makes it obvious that it is the day cream (as the packaging is the same for day and night creams). It smooths on easily and you can easily tell if you have not patted it on properly. I feel my pores look smaller and my skin is smoother.
Really loved this product. Works well together with the re-activating serum. I have quite dry and sad to say, aged skin and I am thoroughly impressed with this day cream. My skin feels soft and moist since I have started using it.
This went on my skin very easy,and found I didnt  use any foundation for the time I trialed it . my complexion is looking very good and happy to recomend it ,and will buy it again,
Absolutely loved this product it felt rich on application and it was easily absorbed into my skin leaving a soft pink glow, it was non greasy as with other products I have tried. I havereally noticed a difference in my skin tone. Wonderful product for my skin type. definitely recommend it.
I really like day cream and along with the toner/serum in the range made my skin very soft.  I always like to wait a couple of minutes before applying my primer.  I was a little surprised by the colour of the cream, but when I read about the natural pink micro-pearls I understood why it was that colour.  It is a little thicker than other day creams I've used but it quickly absorbed into my skin but being "mature" I didn't think it was heavy at all but probably something I needed.  The pink pigments definitely do brighten my skin.  I would repurchase this product.
This cream is a real favourite of mine and I intend to continue to use it.  I loved the rosy glow that it gave to my skin.  It glides on easily, has a lovely light scent on application and feels good on my skin.  I think my skin is looking better since I began using it just a couple of weeks ago.  I would recommend this to anyone who wants the healthy rosy glow this cream provides and which seemed to even out skin tone.