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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Geranium Radiance Remedy Shampoo

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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Geranium Radiance Remedy Shampoo is a shampoo infused with geranium oil to protect dull or coloured hair and provide increased hydration and shine. The formula is silicone, paraben and colourant free.


L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Geranium Radiance Remedy Shampoo


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I haven’t usually tried many supermarket/chemist shampoos as I’ve had a “holy grail” shampoo and conditioner for my colour-treated hair that fulfilled my needs. I was still happy to try this in any case, because it also is designed for coloured hair. Firstly, I really enjoy the scent. Geranium is a difficult scent to capture, a flower more noted for its brilliant colour than its scent – but somehow they have managed to nail it. It is strong but not overpowering.  Secondly it does leave my hair nice and soft and it did look shiny after. Whether it was as hydrating as it promises? Not so sure. I found the formula quite thin, and definitely was harder  to lather than my usual shampoo.My hair was certainly clean, but without the body my usual shampoo leaves, so while I’m happy to use this,  I would not repurchase as an alternative to my usual. 
If you love the feel of naturally clean, full beautiful hair then this product is for you! Coming in a large 400ml bottle, this instantly gets in my good books as who doesn’t love a convenient pump bottle when in the shower, creating a no fuss routine. 2 pumps was more than enough to work a decent lather into my long, thick hair.  The geranium scent is absolutely beautiful! At first, I was worried that I was going to smell like my Nan’s basket of pot purri, but it wasn’t to be! My husband even commented that my hair smelt ‘really nice’, which is a BIG DEAL for guys to ever mention something about our hair!  The result once I left my hair to naturally air dry was not what I was used to.. Using shampoos that gave me that squeaky clean sensation was apart of my hair care routine, which I can see now, is not the best to keep your hair naturally healthy as it can strip away too many natural oils. My hair feels clean, but not shiny scalp clean. It feels The was natural hair should feel. Not only does it feel lovely, it looks lustrusous, full and definitely more healthy.  I’m not sure if I would repurchase this particular scent (as I always like to mix it up), but I would be very interested in trying a different one in the same line. I would recommend this product. 5 stars from me!
Hi I am using this shampoo with its conditioner for about 3 months , before 1 month I noticed that my hair is falling more than usual . Did any one experience the same thing?coz I am not sure if it is related to shampoo using or I have a specific problem. Thanks
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Replying to faez abdalFrom L'Oréal Paris: "Hi Faez Abdal, thanks for your review of Botanicals Fresh Care. We are sorry to hear that you had this experience with the Geranium Radiance Remedy Shampoo. Your feedback is important to us and we would be keen to speak with you directly to further understand your user your experience. If you could please give our consumer team a call on 1300 659 359 that would be great. Looking forward to hearing from you soon."
Whenever I'm after a new shampoo, I have one brand that I always go back to, and that brand is Loreal Paris. What can I say about it that I haven't already, if you are a reader of my reviews, you know what I mean. Whether it's their hair care, hair dye kits, skin care or makeup, I know from experience that I can rely on that product to work quickly, effectively and so beautifully. I saw this new shampoo in my local Priceline store and knew I had to have it. Geranium, radiance, shine boosting , pump bottle applicator, tick tick tick and tick. Oh yeah, and natural botanical ingredients and Loreal Paris tick tick again. At my next shower the very first thing I noticed was the divine smell of the product when I cracked it open, so floral and gorgeous, almost like an expensive fragrance. I wet my hair and lathered up and massaged it into my roots and ends, then repeated, conditioned rinsed thoroughly and wrapped my hair turban round my wet locks and exited the shower. After drying off and combing my hair, I noticed already it was full and shiny, and even more so when it fully dried. It was silly soft, smooth, glossy and full of body and that delicious smell lingered all day long, I had many people ask me what my perfume was. I just smiled coyly. So fellow beautycrew readers, what did I make of this shampoo, if you couldn't tell by all my gushing, I loved it. The smell, the packaging, the thick creamy formulation, the shiny full hair, the lingering scent, the affordability, I loved every bit of it. If you want a hair care brand that you can keep on going back to time and time again because it's affordable, it really works from the first use and the packaging is pretty and economical and efficient, then it has to be Loreal Paris. Because you are worth it ladies xox 
The L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Geranium Radiance Remedy Shampoo is a shampoo which restores shine and hydration to hair. As my hair is coloured a product that helps with hydration and shine is what I need. The shampoo comes in a bottle with a pump. It has a really nice soft scent that disappears once applied and is washed out.  The shampoo is easy to apply, and lathers ok, not as much as some other shampoos but well enough.  After washing out this shampoo my hair feels clean, and soft. I did need to use the accompanying conditioner to restore moisture to my hair. But together both the shampoo and conditioner work really well.  It added more shine and hydration to my hair and made my hair feel softer overall. I have enjoyed using this shampoo.  Pros: - adds shine  - Hydrates  - Smells nice  - Cleans hair well.  - Free of nasties.
On first trying this product I was worried that because it was specifically for dry hair that it would make my hair overly oily but I was pleasantly surprised that my hair was clean and soft without been shiny and oily and lasted a few days like this. The only thing I found was that it was quite hard to lather and spread through my hair and I wasn't really a fan of the smell.
This is my least favourite product of the range but I don't think it's too bad.  The shampoo has the same amazing coconut scent that really transport you to a tropical island. It's great if you want to relax.  However I do find using the shampoo alone leaves the hair quite dry after and it is difficult to build up a lather. 
I'm in love with this product. Love the he smell, the way my hair felt from the first use and how healthy and shiny it is now..  after using it for about 3 weeks I can see and feel the difference. I had my hair dyed half way through the trial and used this product without affecting my colour ( my caramel highlights look as beautiful as the first day).
This is a good everyday shampoo that thoroughly cleans the roots of the hair and removes build up. You will want to use it in conjunction with a rich conditioner though (the conditioner from the same line is great) as it can dry your hair out. The smell is fantastic and it provides a good lather but the best thing is the convenient pump!
Shampoo was nice enough. Smells divine and did it's job. Bit confused as to why the shampoo is so much bigger than the conditioner though? I would use double the amount of conditioner as opposed to shampoo. When used in conjunction with the conditioner and mask, my hair was lovely and soft and easy to style.
I loved the smell of the shampoo, and it certainly my hair and scalp feel really clean. I wasn't sure how much to use and if I needed to do it twice - seemed strange not to have the instructions on the packaging. The shampoo consistency looked a bit cheap, thin and shiny/pearly, but it worked well.
Have quite a high expectation of this shampoo after seing great review from the botanical range. The shampoo smells great with a natural earth tone packaging design. Smells great but I think it still leaves my hair a bit dry and lack of shine after using it.  Love the pump bottle with pretty decent price for the size.
The packaging of this product is really nice, quite natural-looking and sophisticated plus it's a pump pack which is a huge bonus in the shower. While it's not a bad shampoo I found that for my fine, coloured hair it wasn't that great either as it left my hair feeling a bit dry and frizzy although the conditioner did help a lot. While I know that foaming shampoos aren't great for my hair I felt that I needed to use quite a bit of product to get a good coverage so although it's a big bottle I don't think it will go all that far. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the scent as I normally don't like geranium it wasn't overpowering and whatever it's mixed with, I thought I detected a subtle citrus scent, was actually quite pleasant and while I did get the occasional waft of the scent throughout the day it wasn't noticeable all of the time, I have another L'Oreal shampoo and conditioner that works fantastically but smells so strongly of a sandlewoody fragrance that I just don't use it as it's a scent that never a seems to fade. Overall this is a nice product and while I appreciate the concept of a more natural shampoo without all of the nasties I really don't think I'll be repurchasing this for myself.
Loved how this felt like I had already conditioned my hair. The packaging is lovely and easy to use. I wasn't a fan of the strong smell, I did continue to use it as my hair went from a hormonal lanky greasy flat look to a soft shiny vibrant look. Doubt I will buy the shampoo because of the smell but the conditioner is wonderful 
I have very damaged hair from excessive colouring and found that this shampoo very aggressively stripped the colour from my hair. Even so, my hair did not feel dry and brittle afterwards which is a plus. The fragrance and feel on my scalp was lush but in terms of a product designed for coloured hair this does not live up to expectations.
I loved this range! The shampoo was nice and silky and lathered well and was gentle on my coloured hair. The scent was gorgeous and despite being allergic to fragrance I didn't have any reaction to this product. The packaging was attractive and I loved the pump bottle. I will definitely continue to purchase this product.
My honest opinion on this product is save your money. For $18 there are better shampoos on the market. Don't get me wrong, I love L'Oreal Elvive shampoo and conditioner but the Botanicals left me flat-literally! You need a lot of the product to obtain a good lather. Quite a watery consistency. I did love the  pump pack and size of the bottle.
The shampoo itself smells really nice and the packaging looks great. Unfortunately for me that's where it stopped. The shampoo made my hair feel like straw upon washing and therefore I needed the masque after using the shampoo. I have used L'Oreal Professional products in the past which were far superior.
L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Geranium Radiance Remedy Shampoo is a lovely shampoo with geranium oil to care for, give shine and lustre to coloured and dull hair.  I washed my hair with this shampoo twice, and my hair felt clean and looked shiny and the colour was definitely brighter and looked more vibrant and radiant.  The shampoo comes in a fabulous pump bottle with a generous 400 ml's in it.    This shampoo is lovely and creamy, and lathers up extremely well.  It contains no paraben or silicone.    A lovely shampoo with gorgeous botanical ingredients to ensure shiny and radiant hair.
I loved all the other products in this range but this one is just so-so for me. I found that it just doesn't clean my hair as thoroughly as other products I've tried. I had to wash my hair more often then I usually do. It does smell amazing though and it feels amazing when your using it.