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L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Lavender Shampoo is an ultra-gentle shampoo for sensitive scalps. It is infused with lavender essential oil, soya and coconut oil to hydrate delicate hair. The formula is free from sulphates, silicones, parabens and colourants. The packaging is made with 100 per cent recyclable PET to reduce environmental impact.


L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Lavender Shampoo


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I enjoy trying new products and the packaging enticed me to buy the L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Lavender Shampoo. First of all i have to say that I really love the convenience of a pump bottle. That way I can use as little or as much as I need minimising wastage. I do have a more sensitive scalp during the cooler months but the lavender oil, soya and coconut oil really soothed my hair without any irritation which was a surprise. I absolutely love that this shampoo is free from sulphates, silicones, parabens and colourants. It lathers ok with a few pumps but i know that its due to the natural ingredients which im totally ok with. It left my hair feeling fresh and cared for.  It also leaves a suble lavender scent to the hair but nothing strong.  Extra points for recycled packaging! Well done Loreal.
I love this product. My hair is fine and a little limp and can be pily but this product plumped my fine hair, made it feel softer an dfuller. It smells amazing and used in combination with the mask the results are amazing. Have already purchased all three products again.
The fragrance smelled wonderful and the product lathered up really well.  I love the push pump dosage so you don't use too much.  My hair felt very clean and not heavy afterwards.  It does seem very expensive though.  Even my daughter loved the fragrance.  I think she would have loved it as a body wash
For the size of the bottle it seems a bit pricey in my humble opinion. Lathers well. Cleans hair. Didn’t feel overly silky or smooth like my regular brand. I’m not a lavender fan and this was overwhelmingly strong. If it was on sale with a different aroma I may purchase again.
A lovely shampoo overall however for me the scent is not overly pleasant. The shampoo is of high quality and really nourishing for my fine and fragile hair, without being greasy or weighing it down. It lathers really well, therefore a little goes a long way. The packaging is beautiful and I particularly love the pump bottle, ensuring justbthe right amount is always dispensed. Overall a nice shampoo however I probably wouldn’t buy it regularly as I just don’t love the lavender scent (even though it isn’t overly strong).
As someone with hair which can lean towards the oily side, the type of shampoo I use makes a huge difference to me!  I have tried sulfate free shampoos in the past and was left with hair looking dull and greasy, but with the L'Oreal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Lavender Shampoo I was impressed - unlike other sulfate free shampoos, this had a surprisingly foamy lather and left my hair feeling squeaky clean.  After blowdrying my hair I could already see that it was noticeably shinier, and the beautiful luxe lavender scent still remained in my hair, which I loved.  The amber bottle with its stylish packaging design was an added bonus, as our bathroom is newly renovated and I've been on the lookout for more stylish haircare!
I absolutely loved the fragrance of these products.  It smelt like a Beauty Therapist's rooms.  I liked the pump pack, I dont have a lot of hair but found I need a couple of pumps to clean properly.  It was easy to wash out and left my hair feeling great once dried.  I would highly recommend.
Love the smell from the start and the fact it's not too creamy as this can flatten fine hair.  It definitely gave my hair a boost and is something I would look to buy in the future.  I also liked the pump idea as it was easy to use.
On the first wash my hair was gorgeous and soft, however I found over repeated washes that residue built up and my hair wasn't as bright as it should be (it's blonde).  The scent left on my hair was lovely!  I'd use it occasionally as a back up shampoo, but I would go back to my tried and trusted regular!
I love that this product is vegan, and soap free with added essential oils. As its soap free It didnt foam as heavy as normal shampoo, but still left my hair feeling clean. I needed the conditioner and masque afterwards as it did leave my hair feeling too straw-like as a shampoo alone. I like that the fragrance is earthy and not girly or fruity sweet, which meant that my whole family enjoyed using it. My hope is that it wont be too expensive to purchase, just because its more environmentally friendly and vegan.
Packaging: I liked the style of this packaging, the brown and purple is a pretty combination and the pump pack made it easy to use the shampoo in the shower. Fragrance: The fragrance was fresh & clean and the lavender wasn't too overpowering. It has a lovely scent, during and after I had washed my hair. Lather: The shampoo extremely lathered well on first wash and had a nice consistency. I have fine hair and normally have a lot of fallout when wahing my hair and I noticed less fallout after using this product for 2 weeks. Result: I highly recommend L’Oréal Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Lavender Shampoo. It has great consistency and fragrance, and wasnt too heavy for fine hair and left if feeling soft and manageable and smelling great as well! I will definitely be continuing to use this shampoo.
I love the scent of lavender in this shampoo. The shampoo comes in a pretty pump bottle and is easy to use. I only needed a little bit  probably 2 pumps as it lathers quite well. I found my hair to be healthy after washing and it was left with a divine scent. I was very happy with the results from this shampoo and would buy again.
The Shampoo was really nice and the lavender smell was soothing and relaxing while showering, it lathered well and I didn't really need to use a lot.  I like that it has no sulfates, silicones, parabens, and dyes, and knowing it was vegan-friendly plus the packaging was 100% recycled material was impressive, The pump bottle is attractive and really efficient which is great in the shower as you do not have to pick up and have it slip out of your hands.  I will definitely purchase this product again.
Once again great product by L’Oréal I love the smell of Paris Botanicals Fresh Care Lavender Shampoo. It feels light in my hair and my hair is nice and shiny. Love the look of the bottle and like using the pump. I will definitely keep buying this as it is keeping my hair shiny and and smelling wonderful.
I love anything lavender scented, so this shampoo range is right up my alley.  I always shampoo twice, but the amount I needed seemed minimal - a little goes a long way!  I love that it is a pump bottle as well as I feel like this is a good way to lessen wastage.   I have super fine and brittle/curly hair, and I lose quite a lot of it when I wash my hair... so much so that I dread washing my hair most of the time!  I have still lost hair when using these products together, but after using the shampoo and the masque together I think the masque especially lessened the amount that came out ever so slightly, and anything that causes less hair to fall out is always a bonus with me. The shampoo itself didn't seem to strip my hair too much and as mentioned, a little goes a long way.  Would definitely purchase this in conjunction with the conditioner and masque again.  
I love this product. It looks simple and plain on the outside but everything on the inside is delicious!  I absolutely love the beautiful lavender aroma which immediately makes me feel relaxed. I am currently pregnant and so I am very conscious of the chemicals I am currently using on my body and hair. I felt comforted knowing that this product has no sulphates; parabens, silicones, or colourants! The results were great and wiped my hair from all oil and grease! Definitely will continue to use.
I received three products in the L'Oreal Paris Botanical Fresh Care Lavender Soothing Therapy range as part of a trial a few weeks ago and must admit that I'm not a fan of this range. I have been using the shampoo, conditioning balm and masque now on my mid-length, fine hair. First of all I find the fragrance a little too strong. It's not unpleasant but be prepared to smell it even days after your wash. I do like that this range doesn't contain any nasties and like how the products are presented. I didn't like how my hair felt after the shampoo...it felt like straw! The conditioner overcame this issue to a certain extent and the masque certainly was better again. Whilst wet, my hair still felt a bit rough but once dried it did feel good and was nice and shiny. At this point I would be reluctant to purchase this range as it didn't suit my hair and the fragrance was too strong for me.
I dont mind the smell of this shampoo. It reminds me of another brand Ive used in the past and I usuay get complemented on the smell of my hair afterwards. My hair is quite thin and dry and often picky so I never know what to expect. I found the shampoo lathered well and felt that it cleaned my hair but unfortunately did not remove all product build up (hair spray and antifrizz). However apart from that my hair felt healthier and smelt amazing. Love that the bottle is easy to use and the pricepoint affordable. Will continue to use and reassess over time. Still a great product worthy of trying
I'm a sucker for a lavender fragrance and this range of products did not disappoint! The shampoo has a pump which I always prefer and the texture was thin but lathered nicely. My hair is quite fine and I felt the volume improved over time.  I was very impressed with the way it made my hair soft and hydrated and I felt I didn't need to use much conditioner afterwards - unlike some shampoos that make my hair feel like straw until I condition. 
I loved the scent of this gorgeous lavender shampoo.  I have fine and thin hair, and it lathered up well, cleansed beautifully, smelt wonderful and really did clean my hair well, leaving it shiny and healthier looking, like it did have more volume.    A great value sized bottle that will last you absolutely ages, is easy to use and a pleasure to use in the shower.  It will not dry your hair out.  I loved this shampoo.