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L’Oréal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit

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L’Oréal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit is a compact all-in-one brow kit that includes styling wax, tinted powder, angled brush, spooled brush and mini tweezers to help create full and defined brows. The wax and powder are long-wearing and can be reapplied to help build colour. 

Available in two shades.


L’Oréal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit


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I really love this brow product from Loreal, it is easy to use and lasts all day. I have the shade medium to dark shade which is a perfect shade for my brows, and I love combining both the wax and powder shades to create the perfect brow. I personally recommend using your own spoolie and eyebrow brush as the one it comes with is very small but it makes for a very convenient tool for travelling. All in all it is a great product that I highly recommend!
I really enjoy using the brow powder in this kit. It's very smooth and pigmented. The wax on the other hand, is pretty stiff and weird to use. For some reason I expected it to be a pomade texture like the ELF brow kits, but it's very different. I don't touch the wax at all. The powder is pretty nice though. Overall if you're after a brow powder, this is good, but I prefer the ELF brow kit or the NYX one to this. Also, ditch the mini tools and use your own angled brow brush instead. Makes the world of a difference :)
I like this product because it's versatile depending on where I'm at in my brow wax cycle... If i'm due for a tidy up the wax works well to brush hairs upwards and keep them in place and the powders great to fill in any gaps and ensure a more defined brow. It's really compact too so I keep it in my hand bag in case I need a touch up.
This product is quite good. The powder is very lightweight and blends well. The wax for me is a little pointless as it doesn't work that well but it does add extra colour and cover for the powder.
Love it, tried many other brow kits and this one is the best.  It is such a slim and stylish compact and it houses everything neatly inside (a quality angled brush, spoolie and the lid is a big mirror).  The powder is really pigmented so you will need a light hand or you can easily go from brows to BROWS!  You then finish off with the wax to really hold everything in place.  Once it's on it really stays put, even through hours of sunglasses wearing which really tests my eye products due to the humidity the glasses create.  The colouring is perfect for me, it isn't a warm brown (I hate warm browns!) it is a nice cool ashy tone.  If you are applying on a cold day slightly warm the wax with your finger first then it's much easier to work with.  You can easily just use the wax for a natural but groomed look, or you can layer the powder from natural to more dramatic if that is your thing.  Great product and so economical as only the smallest amount is necessary.
My favourite brow kit I have tried many other brands before and will always go back to this one. Such great value for money always with kit including everything you need to achieve those perfect looking full brows!
After trying many brow products, I have found my perfect match! The handy kit includes powder, a slightly tinted wax, an angled brow brush and a spool brush. Pros: - The light/medium colour doesn't have the red undertones that so many shades do - Hooray! - The wax / powder combination is foolproof, and allows me to build colour gradually. Whilst I prefer the look of natural arches, I have found that you can build to a more defined look easily. - I don't need to be ultra precise, which is perfect when needing to do a five minute face (most days for me!) - Great price point Cons: - Whilst the colour is perfect for me, I imagine that expanding the range to include a darker tone would be ideal. And its all packaged up in a handy little compact that doesn't pop open in my drawer / makeup bag - Genius kit!
This is a great product, the formula of both the wax and powder are nicely applied and blended, great for naturally filling any gaps in your brows. I have gifted mine to someone else as the colour is not quite dark enough for my brows being a very dark brown. I wish there was more selection in colours.
This is a fantastic drugstore product which is especially convenient when travelling as it contains all the tools you need to have perfect brows on the go! I'm a natural brunette and use the medium/deep shade - I find it's a perfect match as it's quite cool toned. I've used a number of different types of brow products over the years (pencils, pomade, gel etc) but ultimately I find the wax/powder combination to be the best at giving me naturally full and polished brows. I definitely think this is value for money and would thoroughly recommend!