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L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Shampoo

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L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Shampoo is a shampoo for dry hair. The lightweight, transparent formula contains six flower oils that help deliver nutrition to hair, while nutri-ester technology forms a thin protective film along the hair fibre to help prevent scales from lifting, leaving hair soft and shiny.

Price above is for 250mL. Also available in 700mL.


L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Shampoo


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This is a brilliant shampoo by L'Oreal. Most shampoos I have previously used have thoroughly cleaned my hair, but have left it too 'squeaky clean' - so that there is no moisture at all left in my hair. The L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Shampoo has done quite the opposite! My hair feels beautiful and soft after cleansing and is ready for the next step. The packaging is great. It not only looks great with the metallic/gold labelling, but it's packaged well and product is easy to dispense. I just wish it came in a bigger bottle!! The formula is beautiful. It has a thick consistency and I only used a small amount (50c coin size) which was enough to lather up nicely and give my hair a good clean. Overall I love this shampoo. Because of the quick turnaround of bh receiving the product and me receiving it, I could only use it once and that was enough to convert me! I am very pleased with this shampoo and will continue using it, along with the other products in the range.
My hair has a tendency to get dry and brittle, particularly in the winter when hair dryer use is indispensable, while my scalp is sensitive and get irritated easily. This shampoo was recommended to me by my mother, who knows how hard a time I have finding a shampoo that cleanses my scalp without causing a reaction which doesn't also cost the earth. With just one use, I knew this was a winner. Containing oils from six precious flowers - rose, chamomile, flax, lotus, tiara and sunflower - this golden-amber shampoo does an amazing job of nourishing my tresses, leaving the fibres supple and silky. Combined with the conditioner, my hair always looks well-cared for and healthy. And even though this contains sulphates, which tend to irritate my scalp, it seems the oils have a soothing, calming effect. I love how gently this cleanses my scalp - I find one wash is usually sufficient, but when my hair is particularly greasy, it takes two. One concern I had was that the oils would weigh down my hair and make it look flat, but the oils are lightweight enough for my hair to retain its normal bounce. I like that it comes in a translucent bottle, so I can see when I'm running out. The top cap is a minor gripe, as is the short-lived scent. Other than that, I love this shampoo -it's nourishing, calms my scalp and improves the quality of my hair. I recommend this to those with stressed tresses that need a bit of TLC.
I was lucky enough to be gifted the entire Elvive Extraordinary Oil range a few months back. This is probably my favourite shampoo of all time. It is lightweight while still deeply nourishing your hair. I feel that it does a great job of cleaning my hair yet doesn't leave it at all feeling astringent. My hair is fine so I need a product that won't weigh my hair down and this shampoo is a winner! It has the most gorgeous scent. I can't speak highly enough of this range!
I use this shampoo along with the matching conditioner in the same range and enjoy the smooth and sleek benefits. This shampoo is non drying and leaves my feeling soft and very easy to style. This shampoo has a pleasing slightly perfume fragrance but is not strong or artificial scented. It does not leave any oily residue in my hair and keeps it free from flyaways. This shampoo feels like a luxurious treat to use because of the way it enriches my hair and keeps it looking smooth and shiny. I use the matching conditioner to provide even more nourishment and care for my tresses.
I used this along with the matching conditioner to give my hair ultimate hydration! The shampoo is filled with six flower oils and has a wonderfully floral aroma. The shampoo lathers quite nicely and gives my hair that clean feeling without feeling dry.  My scalp and hair feel nourished and moisturised.  There is no heaviness which can come with some hydrating shampoos and it didn't leave any residue either.  Just soft, healthy and luscious hair with lots of shine.