L'Oréal Paris

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Foundation Blender

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L’Oreal Paris Infallible Foundation Blender is a makeup sponge for applying and blending foundation. It is versatile and precise, offering customisable coverage and minimal product wastage.


L’Oreal Paris Infallible Foundation Blender


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Should you get one of these gorgeous little black game-changers. YES. YES you should. If you have never tried a beauty blender, you haven't lived. This little black sponge makes any foundation and concealer application both easy and flawless. (I love the visual of even the slightest "mottled" appearance, being blended and smoothed out to give your skin a flawless finish- from an orange skin to that of an apple). I'd have been concerned with the sponge soaking up my foundation, but it really didn't. When washing or cleaning the sponge, be gentle. Go easy on the little critter. I tend to use gloves during the washing process, as you can easily knick the sponge if you have nails. But after cleaning, the sponge bounces right back to it's original shape and condition. How brilliant! I replay mine every 3 months or so (as I am a slight clean freak and I also love treating myself to new things), but I do think it would last longer.  The little pointed tip is great for the corners of your eyes and the rounded shape makes the sponge easy to hold and work with.  10/10 !
I must confess that I have never owned an original beauty blender. Only the dupes. Perhaps I do not what I am missing out but so far I have liked what I have been using. Since my Real Techniques sponge got a bit old I decided to give L'Oreal a go. I like the colour of the sponge - black, it looks posh. The shape of the sponge is tear like with a pointed flat space, perfect for applying concealer underneath the eyes. The sponge is much harder than others I have used so far, it is less bouncy and seems to be more dense. I have got an impression it does not absorb as much product as well. It does its job well, I find it easy to blend the foundation and concealer in. I like to use it with foundations that offer high coverage, as the sponge in my opinion sheers them out a bit. All in all, a decent make up sponge. A bit pricey however.
I am so impressed with this blender! As i have never used a beauty blender before, i found the shape of it great and the ability for it to be able to cover large sufaces was great. I found it great for under eye and nose blending work. The density of it is perfect, Really love it!
I am so impressed with this blender! The density is perfect- It didn’t feel like a rubber ball hitting my face even when dry.  Slightly damped was still easy to use and the shape is excellent for under eye work as well as around the nose. Really love it! 
I found the shape of the beauty blender to be really handy for applying a wide range of products, so that was a plus. I just found it to be too hard, which made it hard to blend and I felt like I was being too rough on my skin every time I tried to apply product. It was okay, but I wouldn’t reach for it again.
Well, quite honestly, I did not like this blender much. I found this sponge too hard and dense for my liking. Also, it does not give me a similar effect like a beauty blender. Hence, I still gravitate towards my original beauty blender and prefer that instead of this one.
Honestly was not my favourite sponge as i do love the shape and angle that's used very well with concealer although it is hard as a rock literally blending will not be as easy as expected. When having it damp it may make it much easier to blend also and soften the sponge a bit.
This foundation blender is quite firm, but it really didn't bother me. I kind of felt that I was giving my face a firm massage as I was applying my foundation, which helps to relieve some of the puffiness around my eyes- Win! What I loved most about this beauty blender compared to many other comparable brands, is that it didn't soak up the product before I was able to apply it to my face. So many I have used in the past have soaked up so much product, and led to me having to use twice as much for the same result I would have achieved if I had have used my fingers and minimal product. The foundation blender has all bases covered with a pointed flat side, as well as a rounded side, to ensure easy application for larger areas or delicate, hard to reach areas like around your nose or the corners of your eyes. I was really happy with the performance of this product and will be sure to see it featured in my daily makeup application.
I'm fairly new to using beauty blenders and liked the look of the Infallible Beauty Blender because of the sharp edges which can be used for contouring. It was great for blending around the eyes and nose but absorbed a lot of product and was a bit too firm compared to my beauty blender and couldn't really 'bounce' it to blend foundation like i would with the beauty blender. Great for concealer though due to the ergonomic design.
This blender is hard as a rock and did nothing for my makeup application! It didn’t spread the product out around my face at all and soaked up a lot of product. I had to use a beauty blender afterwards to make myself look decent and give my skin some coverage.
I liked the contoured edge of this blender as it was easy to get into all the nooks of my face. I did find the blender to be quite firm, probably too firm for my liking. An upside was even on the first use it did not soak up the majority of my foundation like other blenders tend to.
Unfortunatelly I didn’t like this particular sponge! I found it too hard even when wet and not bouncy enough! It didn’t really blend, rather it seemed that with every dab it removed more than it blended. I think I will stay faithful to my Beauty blender although I was hoping that this would be a good more affordable option!
I used this foundation blender with my liquid and cream foundation and loved the results! Not only is this sponge simple to use, it created a smoother, more uniform blending experience compared to my fingers or a brush. An airbrushed look without the airbrush? I’ll take it! This blender was incredibly soft and plush - like a little pillow dabbing against my skin.
The beauty blender was ok. I loved the sharp angles and different sides to it as it’s a great idea when you want to get into different prts of the face. I did find it a little on the firm side though compared to others I have tried in the market. Price point wouldn’t want to be much higher
I am very on the fence about this product. It has potential to be a great product but it is very dense and feels like im bashing my face rather than blending in my makeup. The edges are good for getting in under your eyes but because the sponge is so dense its harder to blend in to my skin
L'orèals infallible foundation blender is a great shape fitting nicely into the plam of my hand, it allows foundation to be effortlessly applied to my skin, blending nicely. However the foam is very dense, absorbing a lot of the foundation and feeling hard on my face at times.
This beauty blender has a flat surface on the side which is really handy for inner corner of the eyes and nose area. I feel like this blender doesn't absorb the product like other beauty blender. It also feels compact and hard when i first used it, I gave it a 3 star because it does its job like every other blenders.
I love using sponges to apply my liquid foundations and I really wanted to like this one because of it's shape and size. Unfortunately, the sponge is a bit too dense, even when I tried to wet it, and hard that I found it difficult to effectively apply my foundation.
Im absolutely in love with this sponge! The sharp edge allows you to get into all corners and blends everything out smoothly! It give the foundations a beautiful shine and is even coverage all over the face! Sponge is soft, and did not suck lost of foundation in like some I have used before!
This is a great sponge! It is certainly comparable to higher-end brands and while a bit dense, does excellent work when moistened. I would not recommend using this dry as it does absorb product but when wet, it is a dream. Good bounce, flawless foundation application and the flat edge gave good access to areas like the nose and eyes. However, it is not extremely soft, which I personally prefer. The black look is also quite lovely and luxe, and doesn't show stains after washing unlike lighter-coloured sponges