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L'Oréal Paris Paradise Superliner Kajal

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L'Oréal Paris Paradise Superliner Kajal is an eyeliner that can be used to draw a line along the lash line or smudged for a smoky eye effect. The intensely pigmented liner glides on smoothly for a long-lasting finish that lasts up to 14 hours.


L'Oréal Paris Paradise Superliner Kajal


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I loved that this Jamal superliner was easy to use once I got the hang of it, I loved that it was smudgeproof and that I could get a nice precise line. I often use a pencil liner and this is a nice alternative. The pigment is great and the product lasts well without slipping. I get a lovely Smokey eye quickly and easily. It’s not too dark so doesn’t give a fake look and it’s great value for money at under $20.00. Overall a great liner I would recommend
I was expecting to really dislike this eyeliner because of its shape but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy its application was. it is a very smooth and soft formula that great for smudging and creating a smoky eye but it kept smudging and transferring to my eyelid throughout the day so that I ended up with panda eyes.
This goes on well and stays put. I love how you can use it to make a thick or thin line, or use as eyeshadow. It's really versatile. It is blackest black which I love. I found it didn't transfer like some eyeliners do.So pretty good kajal eyeliner.
I really like this liner! Its something new that I haven't really treid and tested before, so I was super excited to try it out! I really love the formula, to was really smooth and creamy but once on it stayed in place nicely for the whole day. I usually prefer a liner that is more precise such as a liquid liner but this was surprisingly really lovely and I will definitely be using it again and adding it to my beauty and make up routine. I personally think this liner is perfect for beginers and people who are comfortable with applying make up. I will definitely be recommending this liner to my family and friends! I also love that it has multiple purposes, you can use it as a thin liner, a thick liner or even buff it out as an eyeshadow! L'Oreal has really been slaying the make up game, really excited to see what products they put out next!
This liner was an interesting shape. When new, it's easy to be precise - but what happens when it wears down and becomes thicker? I think it would be difficult to use for anything other than an eye shadow base. On that point it does make for a nice eye shadow base. It goes on quite patchy but you can layer the product to build a solid colour. This product is good for smudging along the lash line but I found that it didn't set and would migrate around the eye area throughout the day. 
I loved the L'Oreal Paris Paradise Superliner Kajal. It glides on so smooth and lasts the whole day. I like the fatness of the crayon as I find it easier to apply especially when in a rush out the door. The price is really affordable, I will definitely be purchasing again. Only negative would be how do we sharpen it when it starts to get closer to the end.
This is the first crayon liner I have ever used and enjoyed. The ease of use is effortless due to the pointed nib, giving precise wings. The product is very smooth with application and does not clump with additional layers. Any mistakes made can easily be wiped away. I will continue to use this product as a base liner as I find it to be easier to apply than most liquid liners. The only flaw I found is that the pigmentation isn't as black as I would like and I sometimes fill the inner wing area with a liquid.
I love love love this liner. When I first looked at it I was skeptical cause I though the end if this liner is huge how is it possible lyrics going to give a neat, clean wing for a liner look. It totally suprised me however because the shape of the liner allowed you to get a beautifully smooth thin liner or a thicker line if you rotate it. Absolutely making this liner a staple in my makeup kit!!!
I'm not really a fan of this product. 1. The chubbiness of the stick where you grip on can be difficult for me to apply to the eye with accuracy due to my smaller hands. 2. I found the lid of the stick came off multiple times in my everyday bag and caused a bit of a mess in the bag. The tip of the crayon also became blunt when it was exposed I the bag. Note: maybe keep in a makeup bag to minimise mess. I did love the colour of the liner and the effect it had on my eye for a great everyday as well as night look. This product is definitely not for a winged subtle look but a dramatic smokey eye. It smudged a little which kind of gave me black eye or I rub my face without noticing.
Unfortunately this product did not work well for me as it was very prone to smudging, likely due to my oily skin type. This product would likely be better suited for those with normal/dry skin. Though it smudged on me, it is very pigmented and blends out lovely. The shape of the liner makes it difficult to get a nice line, definitely looking better smoked out.
This is a very interesting liner! I did not expect much from it but as soon as I lined my eyes, this little number glided straight on! Compared to my other eyeliner, they normally smudge from my hooded eyelids but this liner stayed on all night without one smudge! (I have oily lids) The only let down is the strange shape of this liner as its shaped funny, big bottom with a edged tip - which would be confusing down the track on how to sharpen or reshape the tip? Overall I do recommend this product as it glided on really nicely, didnt smudge and stayed on my hooded eyes really well (granted if you don't touch your eyes a lot)
This is a good eyeliner if you're wanting something for smokey, smudgy looks, however I found that if you're wanting to do a winged eyeliner or anything precise it is just too chunky and smudgy to be able to do anything with. It therefore also makes the eyeliner one you can only use on occasion, as a smokey eye or smudged eyeliner look isn't very day-appropriate.  What it is good for is intensifying black if you're doing a dark eye, so if you're planning on wearing black/dark eye shadow and want to intensify that colour, this eyeliner works great as a base.
Very easy and smooth to apply, great even colour, gives a nice smudged look but does tend to move throughout the day and left black marks under my eyes after a few hours which I did have to keep wiping away. I'd use this as an easy every day eyeliner for quick application but probably not for events as I wouldn't want the messy look or constant touch ups.
This is an odd eyeliner. It's a very large pointed crayon, which I found difficult to get any amount of accuracy with. It lasted well on my upper lash line for tight-lining, but around the eyes always came off as smoky, no matter how I applied it. There is little chance of precision with this product. I also found it was a pain to remove, makeup wipes and cleanser took most of it off, but I still woke up the next morning with traces of it in my lash line and balled up in the corners. If you're looking for a soft smoky look, this is going to be great for you, but I generally prefer a bold and precise winged eye which this is not at all good for.
I'm not sure what to really think about this product. I'm not one to wear eyeliner myself - I've never been able to get it to look good on me. Possibly to do with my eye shape. This product is nothing like I've seen before though! I didn't read the packaging properly when I first handled it and had no idea it was a crayon to begin with!! (The lid is off the product in the picture above so you can see what I mean). The crayon is not extremely pointed to begin with, so the line is kinda thick, and unfortunately will only become thicker as you use the product, which is a bit of a negative. It has a very creamy formula and doesn't snag as you glide it along the eye. It smudges easily, but only up until a certain point, so it doesn't completely rub away - good for a smokey eye, not so good if you rub your eye accidently and you're trying to rock a winged cat-eye. You will need eye-makeup removed to get rid of all the remnants of this product, and will probably have to clean the site more than once, it is a bit tricky to remove. Overall I'm not a big fan of this and wouldn't purchase myself. I can't see myself really using this outside of this Review Crew Trial.
I have always used liquid eyeliners to get the super fine lines so this product was difficult to use. I like the shape and feel of the product but application was difficult. It was very smooth and creamy kind of crayon-like and I did have more success blending it to achieve a smoky eye look then a creating a super fine line. I will continue to use this as an alternative to my liquid liners as it gives a more natural softer look.
I am normally a liquid liner user, however I did enjoy trying out this 3-in-1 product. For starters I really love the unique packaging and shape of the crayon itself. It applies smoothly along the lash line, however it did  take me a few tries to get a smooth, thin line (being a liquid liner user usually). I found  that when used only along the top lash line it stayed really well all day and didn't smudge. However, when used on my lower lash line or water line it smudged very quickly and I developed panda eyes. I also tried using this product as an eyeshadow for a smokey eye effect and it worked really well. For me personally, I felt it was too dark as a shadow and I doubt I'll use it again for that purpose.  Overall, I was satisfied with the definition this liner gave along my top lash line and also the depth of colour it provided as a liner. But unfortunately, I don't think I'll continue to use this product as I can achieve a look I'm happier with in a quicker time with a liquid liner. 
I'm not usually the one to rock a smokey eye but I imagine who do or have a smokey eye as their signature look would like this. It glides on super smoothly and is easy to blend out and diffuse because it is very creamy and soft. However, it's not the blackest or a jet black kajal eyeliner, though it is still relatively pigmented and dark. Longevity wise it lasts a few hours though I would recommend setting it with a black powder eyeshadow to lock it in and prolong the wear. It's essentially a great base for a smokey eye. Pair it with L'Oreal's new Lash Paradise Mascara and you'll have sexy, smouldering eyes for a glam night out! Thank you BeautyCrew!
I have used this for four days. So far it seems to do well. Winged, black eyeliner is my go-to everyday look. I found the product to be nice and creamy to glide on to the lash line. The eyeliner is nice and light to hold. The black pigmentation was not quite dark enough for me as an eyeliner alone but would work well with a Smokey colour shadow. It was a little tricky to apply at first as it is an unusual crayon shape, but I got the hang of it after a couple of tries as the eyeliner is easy enough to manoeuvre. The product was long lasting and didn’t smudge. I wore it all day long and in quite hot weather and it still looked fine!
Amazing liner! So easy to use with a thin tip to control the line perfectly. It went on so smooth I initially thought it was a liquid liner and was surprised to find it’s a crayon! I didn’t notice any smudging and found it to be quite long wearing.