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L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Mask Detox & Brighten

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L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Mask Detox & Brighten is a deep cleaning mask enriched with black charcoal and three pure clays – kaolin, montmorillonite and ghassoul, to draw out impurities and detoxify the skin’s surface, leaving the complexion looking bright and radiant.

Got lacklustre skin? This mask makes detoxing easy and features a blend of special clays to brighten, smooth and soften skin in just 10 minutes.
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L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Mask Detox & Brighten


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I find the effect of this grey-blue coloured mask to be strong and as I wear it I can almost feel it drawing and pulling out the impurities and feel it's detoxification.  It's quite an enjoyable feeling when you are after a purifying/detoxifying mask - this mask does the trick and I love sometimes using it when I want to really purify the look and feel of my skin.   I put it on quite thickly because that is the texture of it in the jar and it's easy to smear on all over my face (avoiding eyes and lips of course!).  This mask looks simple both in formula and packaging.  It has a scent that is unexpected:  it has a light perfume-y scent and has a thick texture which does not spill.  The glass jar is squat and very stable.   After wearing it for about 10 minutes I use a washcloth to remove the mask and it is easy to remove (unlike some other clay masks).  It's a great mask for easy removal and I love that about it!   After removing the mask I splash my face a few times to make sure it's all gone and I put my normal serum and moisturiser on.  My skin is left feeling invigorated and so refreshed and it looks really clean, fresher, brighter and more even-toned straight after using this mask and for several days afterwards.  I do love to slather on a good moisturiser after using this mask.  My skin is an aging, oily-combination skin type.  I use this mask sporadically but using this mask once a week would be plenty for my skin. Some tips for this product are: *Keep the seal between the lid and jar in place when not in use.  This formula dries out easily and the seal makes a big difference in preserving the original consistency.  Make sure lid is on properly. *Use a hydrating mask around the eyes and lips while using this mask.  Keep this mask well away from any sensitive and extra delicate areas like the eyes and lips. *If you are using it in an air-conditioned heated room in winter it will dry much faster. *I don't need to let this mask completely dry out on my face to have it work it's wonders. *Your dog won't recognise you when you wear this mask and he/she may give you a strange look if it sees you wearing it (just saying!). This mask does exactly what it promises and I love it's easy removal so I've given it a five star rating.
I was sceptical about this, especially given all the social media coverage it was given on its release - a sure-fire sign in my experience that a product isn't actually going to be that good. And as someone with super-sensitive skin, I was worried about the results I'd experience given that similar masks have left my skin absolutely wrecked. I'm happy to report then, that I'm completely converted where this mask is concerned! The first time I used it I was a little worried about the scent - my skin doesn't take kindly to overly-scented products - which is quite strong and almost floral in nature. It definitely won't be to everyone's taste, but I don't mind it especially as it tends to fade as the mask dries. The mask applies really easily, although I tend to use a flat foundation brush as I find it's easier to get it out of the jar which has quite a narrow opening. You also need to apply the thinnest of layers otherwise it won't dry or dries patchy, so I'm certain my current jar will last much longer than the 10 applications stated on the box. I tend to leave this on for about 10-15 minutes in which time it has an almost cooling sensation on my skin as it slowly dries. Once it's dried down completely I place a warm, damp washcloth on my face to 'loosen' the mask before gently wiping it away completely using the same washcloth soaked in warm water. The main thing I notice after using this mask is how smooth and plump my skin feels and looks. And it definitely leaves it looking much brighter too. It's never once broken me out or caused any kind of reaction either, which is definitely another positive. Once my current jar is finished I'll definitely be repurchasing this. I also like to place this mash in my t zone area and place the brightening Loreal mask on other areas not so problematic for a brightening and evening skin tone effect.
I love this range and have tried nearly all of them now, just have the yellow one left to try.  Overall, this is definitely a winner. I like how easy it is to apply and how it dries showing where your oilest spots are. It's also good to use in conjunction with other clay masks in the range to target areas. For myself, I usually do my T-Zone area with the grey as that's usually where my break out areas are.  I love that after using this product my skin feels supple, brightened and freshen. I used this predominantly in summer when my skin is oilest and it really helped bring the oil down. I would steer more away from this or use less if you are dry as it's not necessarily going to give you supple skin if you are too dry. During summer, I use this twice a week in conjunction with sheet masks.
I LOVE using the pure clay mask! Its like a weekly treat to my skin - it applies easily, feels great on my skin and just leaves it feeling amazing. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make their skin brighter and clearer. It also leaves my skin so smooth!
I love the scent and the texture of this mask. It applies easily and dries out quicker than the recommended amount of time. When it was on my face, the mask didn't cause very tight feeling that's typical of mud mask, which I'm happy about. However, that's where my "like" ends. Unfortunately my skin had a mega breakouts at the end of the day (I used it in the morning). Something in the mask wasn't suitable for my skin. For that alone I won't be repurchasing.
Love, love, LOVE!! I normally don’t even consider a chemist/grocery store product. My boyfriend brought this home thinking he was offering a kind gesture. We did marching masks to make him happy, and we’ve since gone through multiple jars of this. For a $20 product, it pulls its weight and more. It is superb for as a whole face treatment for clearing up skin texture, clarity, and leaving the face feeling fresh without being over-stripped. It also works exceptionally well for a spot treatments for blemishes.  I have tried the other products in this series, and not as much a fan as this one.  I have been telling anyone who will listen about this product.  Definitely worth a try. 
Ifound this mask easy to apply and it didn't irritate my skin, however I did notice that it bought impurities to the surface in the first few applications causing a bit of a break out,but my skin usually has panic attacks with new face products. After continued use the new impurities died down and my skin was left in great condition. I found that the clay mask would dry when worn for the recommended time and can be slightly messy/difficult to get off, I found that it was easiest to put it on 5-10 minutes before having a shower and taking it off when I washed my hair. After taking it of you get a very 'squeaky clean' feeling but the tightness is easily fixed by putting on a bit of face moisturizer.
I have tried all three face mask of the loreal range and this charcoal one with brightening effect is my favourite of all.  It comes in a sturdy tub without any spatula, so the downside would be you will need to use your fingers to scoop out the product. The product lasts you for a while as a thin layer is more than enough for one time use. I use this product at least twice a week. It comes in a dark grey charcoal colour without an over powering smell. Once applied on your face, your face feels tight and product dries off quickly too. When I wash my face I try it rubbing it in a circular motion. It is very easy to wash this off unlike other charcoal masks I have tried.  The immediate results you will notice is that your skin feels so clean and fresh as well as brighter and much smoother. It definitely helps in brightening my skin and making it more clear and clean. It is a must have pamper for your skin.  The only negative that I have noticed is that you need to use a cleansing toner even after you wash off the mask because a lot of the product would have sinked deep into your pores and it stays there until you use a toner to wipe it off. 
This mask is so cost effective! Only $19.99 and it comes in a lovely, classy looking transparent jar! The clay mask itself is very smooth and easily spread over the face. So only a relatively small amount is needed to cover the face. I think if I use it once a week, this jar will last me over 6 months. I have dry combination skin and I tend to get a little oiliness around the nose and some blackheads as well. I apply this clay mask over my whole face anyway, while I feel my face is deeply cleansed, my face isn't too dry at the end, a very pleasant surprise for a clay mask. This is a mask that I will recommend.
Having quite oily skin I have tried many masks to make my skin feel pure. None have worked as well as this one. While the mask truly nourishes and illuminates the skin, a lot of mess is produced, I recommend using tools for application and incorporating it into weekly routines. :)
L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Mask Detox & Brighten is the best $20 investment for your skin.   I lone using this mask, it makes my skin feel and look brighter and clearer, even after the first application. This mask has 3 different types of clay in it, to help purify your skin.   It is gentle yet very effective.  After cleansing, apply a thin layer to your skin, avoiding your eye area.  It will dry, I leave it on around 10 minutes, and then rinse it off with a warm wash cloth.     I use this mask twice a week.  I find it excellent for getting rid of dry and dull skin, clearing up pimples, minimising pores and it also helps with oilier skin tones.  This summer weather makes my skin greasier than normal, so this mask is a real godsend. My skin looks  brighter and clearer, it really does detoxify your skin, leaving it smoother, clearer and much more radiant.     I I love using this mask, twice a week I put aside a little time to regularly use this great mask, using it regularly will maintain the wonderful benefits. PRO's Great value, used twice a week it should last you 3 monthes Pleasant to use and smells nice Easy to apply Dries quickly Skin benefits like purified skin make your skin feel and look brighter and clearer - after the first application I recommend this mask to anyone who has oily skin, pimples, pores or dull skin.  You will notice the difference straight away and your makeup will go on better and look better too.
I had been looking for a mask but with so many on the market, I didn’t know where to start until I saw an advertisement for this and because I’m a huge fan of L’Oreal, I thought I’d give it a try and I was very impressed. I use it maybe once a week and when I can twice and it leaves my skin looking bright and a lot smoother. I would definitely recommend this to friends and family
L'Oréal  have created an amazing super-charged pure clay mask with the power of Charcoal to detoxify and illuminate your skin in just 10 minutes...(which is fantastic for the busy person).The charcoal acts like a magnet to draw-out and capture deep impurities such as dirt, oil, and pollution. This creamy, non-drying formula leaves skin feeling clean, velvety smooth and rebalanced.  I used the mask every other day for a week, or three times in total. I used it after double cleansing at night, and made sure that my skin was still damp to help the clay spread faster. The clay is quite thick, but easy to spread using wet fingers. I concentrate a thin layer on the center of my face—the forehead, nose, inner cheeks, and the chin. After five minutes, the mask begins to dry and set fully on my face. It gives the skin a slight minty feel, but it wasn't uncomfortable nor did it sting. And as suggested, I only left the product on for 10 minutes before rinsing it off. I recommend dissolving the mask using damp fingers in circular motions for minimal tugging! The clay should wash off easily this way. I have to commend this mask for staying true to most of its claims. It may not be extremely unique, but it does the job. Plus, I like how it's not too drying despite being a clay mask, and that I'm able to use it a few times a week. Add that to how my skin always feels cleaner after every use! I definitely recommend this product. Plus the added bonus of Loreal being a reasonable price, just as good, if not better than those over-priced expensive brands.
LOVE!!! I bought this clay mask when I needed a new facemask. I had read good reviews on this product from other Beauty/crew reviewers and so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. I love the packaging  and the amount of product you get for the price is amazing. I remember reading someone said you only need a little and wow you really do.  A little goes a long way with this mask so you only need a thin layer. My product always feels so smooth and soft after Pros: *Nice chic glass packaging *Pleasant scent *Doesn't burn sensitive skin *Dries within 15 minutes *Get a lot of product for $20 *Skin really is softer and smoother after application *Washes off easy Con & Tip *I wouldn't say it's a 'con' but due to the open container style packaging I get mine out each time with a cotton tip, it helps you control how much to get out and keeps everything sanitary. Overall *I love a good face mask, to me it isn't a chore, its a tranquil beauty ritual that I enjoy doing once or twice a week. With this mask it's easy, smells clean and fresh, and leaves my skin feeling super soft every time. I've been using mine for a few months now and am only just starting to need to replace it. I intend to try the collection as I really am happy with this mask. I completely recommend anyone to give it a try.
The L'Oréal Pure Clay Detoxifying + Brightening Charcoal Mask is one of the best charcoal face masks I have tried.I love the smell (very fresh and clean), I love the way it dries on the skin, I love the consistency, I love the results - my skin is clean but not irritated, smooth but not tight, it generally feels appreciative! I generally use a brush to apply this mask, just to keep any icky out and to make it as sterile an application as possible. Overall I would definitely recommend this two in one product, which saves you the hassle of applying a mask and exfoliating separately. this product is ideal for anybody that wants their skin to receive a very thorough detox. A pure clean.
Move ooooover Glam Glow!!  As a face mask enthusiast (which I rely on and pray for clearer/smoother skin) this is a fraction of the price and doesn't sting as much on my sensitive skin which works just as well! My skin feels less rough and under skin congestion (particularly on my chin/jawline) feels flatter AKA getting sucked out and washed away! Finally a product that doesn't break my bank or break me out AND works!! 
Really enjoyed this as a brightening 'glam glow dupe'. Very similar product. My skin gets sensitive in winter and when I used it then it burned me so would not recommend for a sensitive skin. On normals skin days worked wonders and gave me a glow! Perfect as a spot mask on the hormonal congestion on my chin.
This mask comes in a lovely solid square. The mask is a thick, smooth, creamy consistency of a dark grey charcoal colour and feels nice to put on, as it glides easily onto the skin with a cooling effect. Surprisingly, for a charcoal product, the smell is light and fresh. As the mask is left on it slowly solidifies, drawing out impurities from pores. After removing, my skin is left feeling refreshed and my skin has a healthy flushed look. It’s great for weekly to monthly use, as part of your skin care or as a pampering treat.
Loving this mask, great price, great results. This mask was so easy to apply, just smooth on a thick layer and relax before rinsing. The charcoal clay is the perfect consistency for application and felt really nice on. I removed it with a warm face cloth which was easy and afterwards my skin was certainly more radiant, smooth and hydrated a huge bonus. The packaging is high quality love the pretty glass jar and absolutely love the price, great value for money. This produce minimises the appearance of pores which I love and leaves skin looking so clear and feeling really clean and fresh. I will be buying this product again as I believe it delivers such excellent results. I highly recommend this
This mask is amazing!!! It leaves your skin so clean and radiant and feeling so soft and smooth. Never has my skin felt so good after a mask and the best thing is it’s not only fun to put on but the results last. I use once a week but if I’m hormonal and breaking out then use twice and I cannot believe how much it has impacted on the negative impurities that I had andnused to get when hormonal. I hardly get any spots or dark circles under my eyes now at all!!! It’s like magic