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L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Soothing Mask is a clay face mask for sensitive skin that works to detox skin and help it recover from tightness and redness. The mask contains kaolin clay to remove impurities, mineral-rich montmorillonite clay to purify skin, and ghassoul clay to absorb excess sebum without drying skin out. The mask also contains mallow polyphenol to soothe, soften and protect sensitive skin.

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L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Soothing Mask


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I didn't have the best experience with this product. I have quiet reactive skin at the best of times but hoped this might calm it a bit while giving it some nourishment. How wrong I was! After applying the product for the suggested amount of time I washed it off and saw that my skin look like it was on fire. I was red and blotchy all over. My skin did feel nourished though. So not to bag the product as I am sure it would be great on other skin types but be weary if your skin is like mine and your using the product pre a big event or anything.
The L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Soothing Mask is a winner for me!  It comes in a very cute container that has a twist lid and a cap on the packaging. I'd prefer if the cap came off with the lid, however I understand it's purpose!  The fragrance is quite subtle and earthy. I use my fingers to apply the mask and it goes on smoothly without mess. While it is on it has a gentle cooling effect and is pleasant to leave on. Removing it is very easy with a face towel, it comes off straight away. My skin feels so smooth afterwards with zero irritation.  I highly recommend this very affordable mask and am a big fan! 
I have sensitive skin and I love this mask! It left my skin feeling cleans and soft with no irritation. The mask smells lovely and is easy to apply and take off. It has a creamy but thin consistency and is very comfortable to wear. I loved it and will definitely use again.
Finding a mask targeted for sensitive skin was pretty exciting, until I opened the jar and had a smell.. the mask has quite a strong perfumed smell... I was hesitant to apply it to my skin and I usually react pretty bad to perfumed products. Even though my skin did feel soft and clean after using it, it did leave my skin pretty sore and red. About 2 minutes after applying the mask my skin started to tingle.. unfortunately I won’t use it again :(
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Replying to Emily S.Dear Emily, We are sorry to learn of the problem you have experienced with a recent application of the Pure Clay Soothing Mask. We understand you have experienced a reaction to the product and we sincerely regret your discomfort in this instance. Please be assured that the L'Oreal Group takes the utmost care in the formulations of their products which undergo thorough and rigorous testing before being released onto the market to ensure the safety and quality of these products. If you could please contact the team on 1300 659 359, one of our team of experts will be able to assist you with your concerns.
I really liked this mask! I have sensitive and dry skin, so am unsure when using clay masks as they often leave my skin feeling really dry. This mask didn't dry out my skin at all, and it evened out my skin tone. My skin felt fresh nourished after using it. Was also easy to apply and wipe off.
As a person with sensitive skin and prone to dryness, this product was quite nourishing for a short term fix. It was easy to apply, dried quite nicely without any flakiness and was also easy to remove. During application I did feel a slight tingle, most likely because of dry skin but did feel moisturised. Would recommend if you have the time to apply mask consistently in your weekly routine.
I found this product to be easy to apply and remove and had a pleasant scent, whilst being gentle on my sensitive skin. I applied the product with my fingers however a foundation brush would also be suitable. Whilst I enjoyed using it, I don't think it was particularly effective at being soothing - it left my skin soft after usage but besides that I didn't see much of an effect.
Actually love this product! Both my partner and I have sensitive skin, mine leans more to being oily, his leans more to being dry but it made both of our faces feel so fresh and hydrated  The texture of it is so thick and creamy and the colour is so nice! Definitely does what it says
I was really excited to try out this product since it is a soothing clay mask targeted towards anyone with sensitive skin. It aims to detoxify the skin while reducing irritation with a combination of 3 clays and soothing Mallow polyphenol (a plant extract with antioxidant properties). Packaging: A tub packaging with a screw-on lid and an additional lid Texture: A smooth, creamy lavender clay mask that spreads easily (like melted butter) on the skin How I use it: I applied it before going into the shower and remove it in the shower (I find this method the most convenient for me) Pros: The mask had a little exfoliating effect since I can feel some fine granulated particles when removing it. I can definitely feel that my skin was softer and deeply cleansed immediately after using the mask. My skin did not feel tight and dry after using it either, which is definitely a plus point for those with dehydrated or dry skin. Cons: Unfortunately, after leaving the mask on for a few minutes, it left a burning sensation that reduced slightly to a tingly feeling. It felt really uncomfortable on my very sensitive skin. I didn't find it soothing at all since my face feels raw and painful to the touch after using the mask, however, it did not make my skin redder either. I was rather disappointed since I had high hopes for the hypoallergenic soothing clay mask. I cannot recommend it to those with sensitive skin types like mine (even though this product is meant to be for those of us with sensitive skin types) since it stung my skin so much. If you are sensitive to scents, you'll definitely want to avoid this product. Personally, the scent doesn't really bother me but I don't really like it either because I prefer unscented skincare products. I do like the detoxifying and deep cleansing that it left my skin with, without drying my skin further. However, I really don't enjoy the painful process when I am leaving the mask on my skin. I'm not sure why it stings so badly (might be the citric acid and/or fragrance, in combination with the clays?) but a masking session is supposed to be relaxing and soothing (for me, at least). Sadly, I will definitely not be repurchasing this mask. I do love their charcoal detoxifying cleanser that isn't drying and cleanses well. I hope that L'oreal will release a version without adding fragrance, colouring and adding in a few more skin soothing ingredients.
I only used this product once. I have eczema and quite sensitive skin, soon after applying I found it stung a little on my eczema patches. Once I washed it off my skin felt soft and smooth but soon turned very dry, so I didn’t use it again. I would recommend it for sensitive skin but not for people with eczema or very dry skin.
I have really enjoyed using the L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Soothing Mask. I was surprised (and quite excited) to see that the mask is a lilac purple colour. I found that it was gentle and non-irritating, and didn't dry out my skin after use. Immediately after use, my skin felt fresh and soft and appeared brighter. In the longer-term, however, I found that I did require further products (serums, moisturisers) to keep my (fairly dry) skin hydrated. As with most clay masks, washing it off was good for exfoliating my skin. I would recommend this product to others with sensitive combination skin.
I have sensitive skin and always on the lookout for products that can improve my skin without causing irritation, and I'm happy to say I have added this product to that list.  This mask comes in lovely packaging it has a bit of weight to it and makes it feel a lot more expensive than it is. Considering this, I have used this product quite a number of times now since receiving this as part of the review crew, and I have found I have not used that much. The box says there is enough product for 500 uses and I believe it, which I think is a FANTASTIC value for money! As for the mask, after using it I found there was a difference in my skin, it felt soft, clean and healthy. The mask is easy to apply and washes off easily.  Overall, I would buy this product and have been reaching for it often since receiving it and will continue to use it long after I have written this review. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with sensitive skin, considering the value for money, you really have nothing to lose! 
Very good mask, calming and soothing, it had a nice smell and a good texture on the skin, i felt it left me very oily afterward though and did not give me the satisfaction i really wanted and experienced from other products in this line, overall it was a good experience but i wouldnt fork out for this product on my own
I have very sensitive skin and had no reaction to this face mask however I didn’t see any change in my skin whilst using it. The scent was pleasant and it applied easily to my skin and there was a slight tingling sensation within the first few minutes. It was not hydrating nor drying for my skin. I will continue to use the mask to see if there is any improvement by at this point there is no difference at all.
I have sensitive combination skin, and t-zone gets oily at times. Unlike the other clay masks that I’ve tried, this one does not dry my skin out, it brightens and awakens my face. It is easy to spread out on the face and does not have a strong chemical smell, did not irritate my skin, but also did not help with reducing redness. I think it’s a decent product but I would prefer it more if it helped with soothing redness.
Clay masks, contrary to popular belief, can be used for all skin types, even dry skin!  This product uses pink clay which is gentle and soothing. The product has a creamy texture that is easy to spread on clean skin. I have combination skin and this mask really gets into oily, clogged pores and it is really visible when the mask is drying (I like being able to see my skincare work). You can see the oil from your pores coming out and it shows as a darker colour on the mask. The mask dries and tightens quite quickly, but washes off easily. Skin feels smoother and brighter after using it.
I love a good face mask, but unfortunately this was not a winner for me. Similarly to some other reviewers, my sensitive skin reacted poorly to this mask. I found the floral scent overwhelming and didn’t notice any significant improvements to my skin. The selling price is reasonable though, so it may be a good purchase for those without sensitive skin.
This product works in a very similar fashion to the L'oreal charcoal face masks, but is much gentler on sensitive and dry skin. I have both, and I found that after use my skin did not feel tight or dry, but texture was immediately improved and was left shiny and black-head free. I would highly recommend this mask to anyone looking for an affordable, skin-friendly, cleansing helper.
When I saw L’oreal were releasing this new mask, which is specifically for sensitive skin and is one that doesn’t dry the skin out, I knew straight way I wanted to try it, so was excited when I was picked to trial it as i’m always looking for products thatare suitable for sensitive and dry skin. They have specifically formulated this hypoallergenic mask for sensitive skin using three pure clay’s which have been combined with Mallow Flower Extract, which is apparently known for its soothing properties without drying out the skin.   On the box it states how your skin should be immediately after use and within four weeks of using it consistently. I didn’t trial it for 4 weeks but in the short time I did, I found my skin to be less irritated, cleansed, refreshened and defiantly not dried out or stripped of moisture. It comes in the same glass container as the rest of the pure clay masks. This one doesn’t have clear glass, so you can’t see the product inside. but the outside glass colour is the same colour of the actual product inside. The mask has a silky smooth creamytexture, which is a thin consistency.   It has a subtle scent to it, which you can smell whilst wearing the mask and then once you have washed it off within a few minutes it wears off.   I found it was really easy to apply and wash off. Whilst I was wearing the mask, it felt comfortable and wasn’t irritating the skin either.   It comes for a fairly reasonable price,  not cheap but not too expensive, and is easily accessible from most chemists so I will repurchase after running out.
I received this product to trial as part of Beauty Crew.  - At just under $20, I'd say that the price is reasonable for the amount of product given, although if I am looking for drugstore masks I'll tend to stick to the lower end of a $12-$25 price range.  - The product claims to soothe and detoxify sensitive skin, From my experience, I certainly found this to be the case. I also found that my skin was softer to the touch. However, I would note that the result was pretty subtle, and my skin is already very clear. It's not going to be a miracle product but most products out there won't be.  - It contains kayolin clay! I religiously use my Palmer's Enzyme Mask each week to gently exfoliate and soften my skin. However, I tend to find that during the winter months that product can be somewhat drying. With the L'Oreal mask this isn't the case!  - I don't mind the packaging although I know that some people won't like the container as it exposes the product to the air and possible contaminants once open. I'm not too fussed about this and will dip my fingers into the product rather that using a spatula.  - The product does have a slight scent. My skin (and nose) aren't super sensitive to such small amounts of perfume, however it's something to note if you are.