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L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Yuzu Lemon Brightening Mask

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L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Yuzu Lemon Brightening Mask is a clay mask formulated with a combination of three pure clays to purify and yuzu lemon to brighten and even the skin. It also contains kaolin and ghassoul to absorb impurities and excess oil and montmorillonite to rebalance the skin to reduce imperfections. Skin is left fresh and radiant.


L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Yuzu Lemon Brightening Mask


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After using it for about two weeks, I noticed a change in the feel of my skin. My skin is way smoother! The mask itself was nice - it did not have a heavy feeling like other masks I have used before, it also wasn’t tight pulling. It had a fresh smell. I kept the mask on for 15 minutes, every other night. I've continued to use the mask now for almost two months, and I still love the way my face feels afterwards. It has a thick consistency but doesn't feel caked on upon application. I use a foundation flat brush to apply the mask. Then after 15min I apply small amount of water to hands and exfoliate the mask then rinse off. I find this way it also removes dead skin. Also reduces any scarring
I have never really used L’Oreal skincare in the past, and I wanted a clay-based mask as I do get congestion and some blackheads in my t zone area. I decided to try this one from L’Oreal as my sister actually tried this and she loved it. I do have some scars and uneven skin tone so I was really drawn to the brightening aspect of this mask and the yuzu lemon extract sounded like it would make this mask smell delish! The product comes in a decent sized jar with a mini spatula included. The first time I used this mask I did end up  scooping out too much, and as it’s pretty concentrated you only need to apply a thin layer. The fragrance is quite strong, which I do find slightly overpowering. The texture is lovely and creamy and it’s not chalky or overdrying like some other clay masks I’ve used. It has an interesting and unique yellow colour, which I love! I really like that it doesn’t set too hard or crack. It provides a deep clean and gentle exfoliation as it contains small exfoliating beeds. It rinses off well and leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and comfortable, without drying out my cheeks. My skin also looks instantly brighter and healthier every time I use this mask and I currently use it twice a week.  This is a great, clay-based mask that provides a deep clean and gentle exfoliation without overly drying out my skin. I would recommend this product to combination and slightly oily skin types. I don’t think very oily or acne prone skin types will find this provides a deep enough clean and sensitive skin may find the fragrance too strong. I will repurchase this mask as I think it’s effective and affordable too.
I will admit that previously I had tried out one of the L'Oreal masks and was incredibly disappointed as it left my skin irritated, red and splotchy so buying this was a risk but I was willing to take it and I am glad I did!  First off it smells amazing- it is extremely fragranced so if you're sensitive to smells then you may want to avoid this product but- if like me you do not mind that then this is perfect!  I love the colour of the mask itself! I have to admit when wearing it I feel pretty funky! When wearing this mask there is a texture that may become irritable but I find that with a thin layer it doesn't bother me as much. After taking off the mask itself I am left with exactly what it promises- noticeably brighter skin and I feel extremely refreshed afterwards, along with that my skin feels further more moisturised which is amazing! I would recommend only using this mask around one to twice a week but I presume that is the case with majority of masks.  I definitely would recommend you give this mask a try! And personally I have already recommended to my friends that they follow my suit and try it out. I'd give it five stars except I'm more prone to dry skin and I think this product is better suited to those with normal or oily skin instead. 9/10
This product is amazing! I use it once to twice a week to revive my skin from the harsh Australian sun and not only is a joy to put on (I feel like I'm having a mini spa treatment at home), it leaves my skin looking fresher, more dewy and glowing! The texture of the mask is nice to apply, it hardens well when it's on, but not so much that you struggle to remove it again afterwards, and it smells nice too. Definitely worth trying if you have dull or tired looking skin!
I was intrigued to try this brightening mask by L’Oreal as the formula and ingredients sounded pretty good and the price is reasonable too. It’s a yellow coloured, thick mask that comes in a jar with a spatula. I find a little goes a long way and you only need a thin layer for it to start working. It contains exfoliating granules which are a bit large and rough for my skin and the fragrance is slightly overpowering. I leave this mask on for about 10 minutes and unlike many other clay based masks it doesn’t set or dry hard on your skin. I add a little water to create a smoother paste and start to exfoliate my skin in small circles. Once you rinse your face you can feel your skin is instantly smoother. So overall I think it’s a decent exfoliating mask that really does smooth and soften my skin. I do feel my skin looks slightly brighter but nothing too major and I have been using it twice a week for about 6 weeks. My skin is slightly dry and although this mask claims to contain 3 different clays it doesn’t dry my skin too much or leave it feeling tight or uncomfortable. This mask also claims to brighten skin with yuzu lemon which is what made me want to try it in the first place. So I will keep using this product as I do have uneven skin tone and post acne scars.  I recommend this for anyone with normal to oily skin, who wants a fairly quick and easy to use deep cleansing mask and exfoliator in one. I don’t think this product would suit very sensitive skin as the fragrance and exfoliating granules are a bit harsh. It’s a good, affordable treatment that does make skin softer, brighter and smoother, but it’s not my favourite product to be honest. Repurchase: no Overall rating: 4
I have used the loreal anti blemish mask with great results so was looking forward to trying this detoxifying brightening mask and was not disappointed. I loved the tiny grains as I felt it was exfoliating as well as deep cleansing. It was easy to use, it went on well and was also easy to remove, a big bonus. The black charcoal draws out impurities for brighter skin and it is a great deep cleanse with its little beads to gently exfoliate gently without being abrasive, for a clear refreshed vibrant looking skin. At a price point of $20.00 its great value for money and the packaging is lovely. Overall I would certainly recommend this product
Beauty and makeup is absolutely everything to me, my whole life and I’m certainly not ashamed about it in the slightest. I’m not vain or an airhead, no, I just love being female because the best part about being female is playing with skin care and makeup products and enhancing the best parts of me. It’s really my whole identity and I will never stop playing around with it and discovering what really makes me who I am. Of course if you want the best possible looking makeup, you need to take care of your skin properly with a twice daily routine or no makeup, no matter how well applied and blended, will ever look very good. Plus if you keep at it every day and night, you may even get such good skin that you can even go makeup free into the world confidently and there is just no better feeling in my opinion. I’ve worked so hard every day and night for a few years now at my skin care routine and I really have been rewarded with the best skin of my life ever and I definitely know what works and what does not. I have a very streamlined range of brands that I use and love every day, and L’Oreal Paris is one of my top three brands that I love. They are affordable, effective, and work instantly and long term for me every single time. I absolutely love their range of clay masks, I use the red exfoliating one and the charcoal one weekly so when I saw this pretty yellow brightening version, I just knew I needed to add it to my little collection of skin perfecting pots of gold. After double cleansing and light exfoliation, I applied a generous amount of this golden mask with my real techniques mask brush and left it for the recommended thirty minutes and laid back and relaxed fully. Then I removed it with a warm, damp muslin cloth, applied serum and moisturiser to my still damp skin and I was done and ready for my beauty sleep. I’m very impressed with this latest version of Loreal’s mud mask, like the others they apply so smoothly and easily, they feel nice on my skin and don’t irritate me in the slightest and they really boost the look and feel of your skin with each weekly use . My skin is so much softer smoother even and brighter after using this brightening mask twice weekly for the past several weeks. I love the way these cute pots look on my bathroom vanity, sort of a retro look and as long as you use a spatula to dispense the product there is no problem for me regarding hygiene. Affordable, efficient, effective and pretty packaging, Loreal you just continue to make me feel beautiful, confident and oh so worth it.
I am obsessed with this mask! I have very sensitive skin and it didn't aggravate it at all! The tiny beads exfoliate the skin so beautifully and your skin feels so bright and smooth after using! It isn't too abrasive so you can definitely use it twice a week! I would recommend to anyone!
The mask left my face feeling fresh, brighter and cleansed, with its grainy texture it also doubles as an exfoliator which was a bonus. I've been using this mask in my skincare routine once a week for a deep cleanse, cant imagine my routine without now, worth the price!
Love it. Super easy to use and great results. My skin felt really clean and brighter afterwards. Good for sensitive skin. I will definitely be adding this to my makeup bag. A really good product at a great price. I also loved how it made my skin fell after only a few uses.
I love great face products that make my face feel brighter, cleansed, and refreshed. I can say with confidence that this mask does all of that and more!!! Definitely one of my favorites ! I am almost out so I am going to have to buy a new one! 10/10 would recommend.
I can’t begin to express the wonders this mask has left me looking. My skin is feeling light, bright and as soft as a baby’s bum (literally)! I recommend to use twice a week as you wish of course for amazing results in my experience!! You won’t be disappointed. xo
I was really excited to trial this thanks to the Beauty Crew trial team. I had seen it on US blogs and it sounded amazing. It really exceeded my expectations!  If you've tried the Jurlique Purity Mask or the Body Shop Himalayan mask and liked them, then you'll love this. It has exfoliating beads that both help to remove dead skin cells as you apply the mask and then when you remove the mask. I use this alone but it's also a great mask to layer over the other L'Oreal masks so I can do a 2 in one treatment.  The L'Oreal masks are great value and the tub lasts a long time. L'Oreal is often on sale so you can normally pick these up for under $15. The only draw back to the mask is that it's in a tub and isn't as hygienic as a squeezy tube. The mask really lives up to the hype and now I can't wait until the sugar scrubs are available. 
I loved this mask!  I felt like a Simpson with it on due to the yellow colour but my  skin was left feeling superb and soft afterward. The mask has a slight granule texture so I even did a little exfoliation when I rinsed off. It didn’t dry completely but it felt tacky to touch. I haven oily skin so this helped keep my oil under control the next day in felt! I would buy this again definitely. 
Well, me and my husband both tried this mask because of its brightening properties it claims to have. Its smells nice and different compared to other L'Oreal masks in this range. I could apply very thin layer as not much would come out of the jar because of its consistency (I generally prefer applying a thick layer) It doubles up as an exfoliator because of the granular particles in the mask. And finally, yes I did like the mask and its results. It did help me with brightening. 
I have been using this mask twice a week! It feels great on my skin despite being heavily fragranced.  It left my skin glowing and wasn’t drying at all. The grainy bits serve as a great exfoliator, making my skin smooth, less dull after each application. It’s a very affordable product for the price and I will definitely purchase!
OBSESSED! It is so so easy to apply and never irritates my skin which i struggle with from other masks. The light exfoliation is my favourite part! Its not to much but also leaves my skin with a smooth finish which i am absolutely obsessed with! HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE
I would recommend only using this product  when you want more of a deep clean. It leaves the skin feeling fresh but can be bit drying so ensure you use a heavy moisturiser after. I would recommend this product to someone with oily skin and will continue to use this once every month for a deep clean.
Love this mask, it is very easy to apply with a brash without any mess. It feels cool on the skin. I did notice my face looked a bit brighter after washing it. Great product to pamper yourself every week with. Exfoliate skin really well. I do recommend this mask to anyone who likes to pamper themselves and take care of their skin!
I am always a skeptic when it comes to mask treatments at home but I really have to say this product is amazing. It is quick and easy to apply. I noticed my skin felt softer after use, and looked so much brighter, will be telling my friends about this one!