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L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler [+Hyaluronic Acid] Ampoules

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L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler [+Hyaluronic Acid] Ampoules is a seven-day intensive anti-ageing treatment that works to hydrate and plump skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The ampoules contain a high concentration of hyaluronic acid that penetrates deep into skin, providing necessary moisture to make skin appear fuller. 

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L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler [+Hyaluronic Acid] Ampoules


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Plumping without the needles

This intensive treatment set is the cheapest way to achieve nice plump skin without needles. It comes with sufficient product to get two uses out of each ampoule. After using this, my skin looked incredibly hydrated and plump. It improved the appearance of fine lines on my skin and gave me a glow. This is prefect to deal with the effect of the winter on my skin. I especially like that this can often be purchased on sale, making it very affordable. Overall, I highly recommend this intensive treatment.

Like watering the Sahara desert!

Well well a lot to live up to after the promises it's given, and whilst it does seem to make my skin feel well feel like I actually have skin again you know that feeling ladies as we age we no longer feel the tight smooth skin like we use to,however I do believe that it also looks more 'alive' and no.matter how small the improvement it's an improvement right? Even though there was a very generous amount in each cute little glass vial I could of scrimpt and made it do 2 treatments each one I decided to lubricate my skin to the hilt! Including my neck, decolletage and backs of my hands instead! I would buy this again for sure and I'm not generally much for purchase repeats I like to usually try something new. So go on ladies give it a go. You certainly won't be disappointed!
I really enjoyed using this product- the potion in the ampoules was very generous and was sufficient for two uses The immediate effect was a noticable smoothness and silkiness on the skin, and my moisturiser went on easily The glass ampoules are a bit tricky, but I appreciated the fact that they were not plastic After 6 days my skin is slightly smoother and redness reduced I would buy this again
Thank you for allowing me to try new Loreal Paris Revitalift filler ampoules. I liked the little ampoules and found them easy to use and very convenient to get the correct amount every time. I can be a little stingy with product sometimes so i liked that these tiny  ampoules poured out a generous amount that covered my entire face and throat. I found the product to be a little sticky at first but then after applying moisturiser over the top it really seemed to sink in an do its job. Occasionally there was a slight residue so i would not use it in the morning but only at night before bed. Its a lovely product and made my skin feel very soft and smooth. I will buy it again in a few months.
One product and 7 days to Intensely Replumped Skin bursting with moisture. That's a big promise to make but after those 7 days I am pleased with the textur, look and tone of my skin. I was indeed sceptical but after just a few days I knew I was trialling a stellar product that delivers what it says. I found the little Ampoules a perfect amount of product for my dehydrated skin on both face and neck. It was a little hard to get those last drops of product out, I so I grabbed a cotton bud and was able to empty the Ampoule and used that last remaining product on my problem lines and wrinkles around my eyes mouth and forehead. At first my skin felt a little tacky after application. But once dry, my skin felt so incredibly smooth and hydrated. That feeling would last all the way till the next application before cleansing. I would add my night cream of choice afterwards where it just amplified the happiness of hydration. I love the results after just 7 days, my fine lines are less noticeable and my deeper wrinkles have plumped up making a woman in her mid 40's feel great about her skin be sure I'm worth it. A definite must try and I will be purchasing again.
This product allowed for an evening ritual of facial massage that left a sticky/tacky residue until it was dried. The phial contained enough product to spread on to decolletage as well.  I experienced no tingling or reaction to the product unlike other "anti aging" items.  The $50 price point is at an entry level which can be worked in to a budget prior to the preparation before an event.  Personally I did not note any difference in hydration of the skin surface, however, as I was unwell in the trial period that may have played a part.  This product would suit anyone willing to incorporate a new monthy or second monthly serum into their regimen.
Very happy to trial to this product Surprised by the amount of packaging involved in this product. Is it necessary? Loved the product and it’s effect on my skin. Surprised by the price for one week, so it would be fantastic leading up to a special occasion. Will buy again
I was really excited to receive this trial as I have fine lines and was keen to replump those areas of concern. Pro's: I liked the small ampoules and the packaging was simple and it was easy to break open. It was easy to apply and smelled good and felt lovely on my skin. Con's: It was way too much in the ampoules for one application and I only used half in the morning and then used the other half at night time. My skin feels smoother but I do not feel there has been a reduction in fine lines or that there has been a plumping or rehydrating effect and unfortunately I will not be recommending this product.
Thank you to the beauty crew trial team and to Loreal  for this trial. I was very excited to try the L’Oréal Revitalift Filler Ampoules as it contained Hyaluronic Acid and I have only heard good things about this ingredient. The serum is clear and has no fragrance. The ampoules were easy to open but I found the product a little hard to get out. The product was a little sticky on the skin but it did give a moisture boost to where I had applied it. After using this product for 7 days I did not see  any major difference to  my fine lines or any major firmness, maybe I needed to trial it for longer than 7 days to see any major difference. I also believe that this product would of been better in a glass jar or tube as it would be better for the environment. Thank you for this trial but I think I needed longer to see any dramatic change to my skin texture.
I was sceptical about this product but was pleased with the results. It was easy to apply and soaked in readily. I have noticed a difference in the plumpness of my skin since starting the trial. The only bad point about the product is the vials hold to much and it would be much easier and less wasteful if it was a bottle with dropper instead
This product came along at the right time, my lines are starting to show more and really needed to find a skincare product to help with this.  After using for 7 days I found my skin was more hydrated and the product defiantly made my skin feel softer and lot firmer. I thought the capsules were a good idea as they give you that boost over a short period of time and hygienic. The only negative is the capsules are plastic, so for the environment this is not a great idea.  All in all I really liked this product and it does make a difference and light and easy to use.
After several days I noticed my skin looking more refined and softer with lines appearing a lot less deep. Now I have finished using the ampoules I am still noticing my skin looking clearer, the pores look smaller. My skin took the liquid in very quickly with no stickiness. Would love to see the difference after a longer period.  I liked the individual ampoules but would prefer in a small pump pack as sometimes the container has to be tapped a number of times to get the contents out.  Overall very happy with the look and results.
I’m really glad I had the chance to trial L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Filler ampoules.  The product went on my face smoothly and had a nice texture.  I found the ampoules to be annoying and didn’t feel like all the liquid came out of the cap, even after flicking many times. Having said that, the product surprised me. My wrinkles noticeably reduced by day three and I even had comments from people saying I looked great. I think the product would be great to use when you know an event is coming up and you want to look your best.  As mentioned in other reviews, there was heaps of product left over which I used on my hands.  I followed my normal skin routine after applying and found my makeup looked heaps better too.  I would recommend but more for upcoming events not everyday use for the price.
I was excited to try this product as I have noticed some fine lines and being cooler at the moment my skin can also feel a bit lack lustre and slightly dehydrated. A little goes a long way as I felt like the ampoules had a fair bit in each one. I feel like after the 7 days whilst I noticed my skin felt more hydrated, I can’t say I really noticed a difference in my fine lines. For the price I’m not sure whether I would buy this and I also find little things a bit annoying to use and prefer to use products in a more easier approach. I guess it’s probably unreasonable to expect to see fine lines disappear after a short period of time so perhaps combining this with other products you would notice a more visible result. 
After a single usage of one ampoule I noticed that my skin was better hydrated. I have quite dry, dehydrated skin and really enjoyed the increased moisture that the ampoule delivered to my skin. Great texture that easily absorbed into the skin and skin was not left feeling tacky either. Definitely would recommend buying and will buy for myself to use through winter! Great work on this product and the right amount in each ampoule to properly cover the face and neck.
I really enjoyed testing the L’Oréal replumping ampoules. There was a surprising amount of liquid in the tiny ampoule and I did have to wait for a little while for it all to soak in (as directed) before applying the next layer . The texture was almost like an oily gel texture and it glided on really nicely. I think you could almost stretch the one treatment to two with the amount. It did create a small tingle on my skin but my skin which can be quite sensitive didn't react negatively to it and once I put on the rest of my skin care it didn't tingle any further. It did leave my skin feeling really hydrated especially as it gets really dry in winter so I did love that. I didn't notice a huge difference with my fine lines although the tiny ones around my eyes did seem a tiny bit less maybe. I would definitely use it again as it left my skin feeling lovely.
L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler [+Hyaluronic Acid] Ampoules is a 7 day treatment to plump and hydrate skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines. It is expensive for a drugstore brand at $50, I guess it’s aimed as being a flash treatment before a special event. The packaging is seven little vials which to me is just a gimmick and a fairly poorly executed one at that, the ampoules contain way too much product and you end up applying it to décolletage, hands and even arms just so your face doesn’t end up wet and sticky for ages. The serum itself is clear and slightly viscous, it feels very wet and sticky on application and takes a couple of minutes to absorb. It didn’t pill or ball up on my skin, and other products applied well on top of it, but I didn’t notice any real difference in my fine lines, and for $50 for 7 days supply I expected a noticeable improvement. I love other L’Oreal products but I’m afraid this one didn’t do anything for me. For reference I am 46 with dry skin, and I live in Queensland.
I used these ampoules for a week and was definitely  impressed with the results. My fine lines have plumped out and are not as noticeable so that is always a bonus. My skin was smoother and healthy looking as well, who doesn’t want that?? There is definitely more than enough product per ampoule. I do think L’Oréal can improve this product though. The packaging seems excessive and I would prefer to use slightly less product and for it to last longer than a week. Love the product just want it in one bottle.
I was a little sceptical about using another Loreal anti aging product as the last product burnt my skin. But i was pleasantly surprised to see no reaction on my skin. The deep lines in my forehead were reduced and my skin appeared smoother.  I would definitely recommend this product. Very happy with results.
I've really enjoyed trialling the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler [+Hyaluronic Acid] Ampoules and I've found my skin feels smoother and hydrated after use but I can't say that I've noticed any obvious plumping or minimising of my fine lines. I have combo skin and still get pimples in my forties but I also suffer from very, mild rosacea and a bit of dermatitis which causes flaky skin around my mouth and nose that can sometimes become quite thick and ugly but this product hasn't caused any of my issues to flare up any more than usual so that's a huge plus in my book, in fact after use my skin has felt smooth, hydrated and calm. The ampoules are an interesting idea, there are obviously two serums that mix together when you flick the top of the ampoule then you crack the top off and apply the contents. I do agree with other reviewers that there seemed to be way too much product in one ampoule and I did find the excessive amount of packaging to be overkill, I think I could have easily stretched the amount of serum to 10 days to a fortnight while still completely drenching my face and neck. I would definitely prefer a pump top bottle with the two serums seperated until you pump the product out and mix it in your hand, this would save on packaging as well as wasted product and hopefully make the product cheaper and allow for several weeks of use, either all at once or spread out over a few months, if this was the case I would possibly repurchase but at $50 for just one week of use I haven't seen good enough results to justify the price. At $50 for seven ampouilles this product costs over $7 per daily use which works out at over $400 for just two months of serum, most serums last much longer than two months so that makes it more expensive than high end products like La Mer.  As much as I enjoyed using this product when I break down the cost in comparison to similar products it just doesn't stack up which is why I wouldn't repurchase or recommend this product at this price point, in fact when I started this review I'd given it four stars but as I weighed up the pros and cons while writing this review I've actually dropped two stars from my rating as I just can't justify the price.