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L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 SPF 15

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L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 SPF 15 is an anti-ageing moisturiser that works to repair and prevent wrinkles and pigmentation. The formula contains active ingredients such as pro-xylane and LHA to visibly correct wrinkles, redensify the skin and prevent premature UV-induced ageing.


L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 SPF 15


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L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 SPF 15 is a fabulous day cream  that I loved.  The cream is lovely and emollient,  soaks in quickly and really leaves your skin feeling instantly feeling hydrated and moisturised.    It contains an SPF of 15 so it protects your skin from the sun too which is great.  I used it every morning over my serum, and the cream felt very comfortable on my skin.  My skin's hydration levels were raised and my skin did not as feel as rough or dry as it often does.     After a week of daily use, my use was much smoother and it felt soft and  plump.    The cream really did  do its job and at this price, I would definitely  recommend it for your face and neck.   Quite often it is easy to forget to apply skincare to your neck, but this cream is definitely worthy of applying it  to your neck aswell.   Not just for the sunscreen which is great as this stops future sun damage, but it will smooth out your skin and make your neck look more youthful. PRO's Great value day cream Contains sunscreen for added daily protection Instantly hydrates Over time, your skin does look smoother and younger Available at your local supermarket I recommend this cream to anyone who wants fast results and has any wrinkles, fine lines or sun damage.   It's fabulous, it does work and it's a luxurious cream you can afford to use daily.f
loved loved loved this cream. I adore loreal products and this one is a true winner in my book. A lovely consistency so smooth and silky, it glides on well and sinks in immediately without any greasiness at all. This is super hydrating yet feels really light to wear on my skin, it has a pleasant fragrance and I find a little goes a long way so great value for money. This visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and leaves my skin looking dewey and more youthful. I used it morning and night for best results and I love the addition of spf for day to protect skin. The packaging is classy and sleek and I can see no negatives with this moisturiser and would highly recommend it
I have bought a few jars of this moisturiser, returning to it regularly as it works so very well. The moisturiser is enclosed in a heavy, burgundy coloured glass jar with a silver lid, and looks very stylish & expensive. Perfect for the dresser!  The cream has a very thick consistency, and a noticeable, but pleasant scent. If you're sensitive at all to fragrances in your skincare, make sure to try it via a store tester ahead if buying. If you like your skincare fragrance free, this won't be ideal for you. I find using a modest amount of the cream is all that is needed to give me plumped up & moisturised skin each morning.  Personally I'd prefer the cream to be in a pump bottle, but with the thick formula it may be not feasible.  I find the cream doesn't irritate my sensitive tzone, or clog pores. Makeup applied after using the cream glides on easily & lasts well too. I like how readily & easily the cream sinks in too. Regular use of the cream has resulted in my complexion looking & feeling smoother, with a reduction in fine lines around my mouth & nose in particular. My skin feels beautifully hydrated all day, and is nice & plump with a lovely glow. The SPF15 enables me to both protect my skin and miss an extra step in my morning routine. My drier areas (neck & decollete) both have improved considerably from using this wonder cream. In other words, this cream has worked, and worked very well - what it promises, it delivers! I find it's ideally suited to my combination skin as it moisturises without clogging pores & can make my dry skin areas feel & look so much better. At under $50 for a 50ml jar, the cream is also good value,  It's often easy to find it on special at various large retailers too. I highly recommend this to anyone concerned with the signs of ageing - I guess that's nearly all of us! 
What a beautiful red jar that this cream comes in.  Opening the lid, and you see a lovely light moisturiser, has a nice soft scent, nothing overpowering.  Just a little is needed, spreads beautifully across the skin and absorbs well. Skin feels lovely and smooth and after sometime of using this moisturiser my skin started to look replenished and well maintained.  Liked the fact that it has SPF 15, but a higher SPF would be great
L’Oréal Revitalift Laser x 3 SPF 15+ has my vote!  From its packaging to its luxurious feel, I am certainly impressed. Typically SPF day moisturisers are greasy, however this is not. It’s sits well (on its own or) under makeup, without your makeup sliding off during the day. It’s hydrates without the grease, and I noticed my skin was visibly tighter and pores reduced. A small amount goes a really long way too! Definitely noticed a more youthful complexion after my trial, will by using again for sure!
Great product, hydrates skin like no other, I noticed that the skin under my eyes looked softer, I can feel and see the improvement! I like that it has sunscreen as I don’t like the chemical concentration of other high SPF+ creams. A nice product. It works quite well.
I love the luxury look of this product. The scent is very pleasant and its a great way to start my morning makeup. It moisturises nicely and goes well under my foundation. The feeling lasts for quite some time. I am unsure if my wrinkles are less visible but I received some compliments the last couple of days for looking radiant. Price is not a bargain but worth it. Would recommend snd buy again.
Delivering on the claims on the packaging for the most part, thanks L'OREAL Paris REVITALIFT Laser x3. The jar it's self id classy and makes an impact with glass and a ruby red with silver lid. Love the gentle scent and the cream is almost rich yet light formulation that is velvety and spreads well onto the face and neck, also only needed a little for full cover It leaves your skin feeling non greasy and refreshed just after application. I found it lasted all day and kept my skin moisturized without the need for another application. I was able to apply my makeup over it when it had set in without problem and loved theSPF15. Results after 12 days, complexion is more even and skin feels smoother and more elastic. I can't speak to the wrinkle reduction claims as I will need to use for three more weeks to judge if it worked for me. I will review again at four weeks. I love this and will buy if the wrinkles abate.
I loved being asked to trial this LÓreal product. I used this cream weekdays for work, but it it was on the weekend, I would aim for something with SPF 50+ in it.  It was easy to glide on and eliminated the need for me to use a primer under my foundation.  For the price of just under $50.00, I find this quality and the results similar to a more premium branded product. Whilst it is what on the inside that counts, I did like the look and feel of the packaging. 
This product comes boxed with easy to follow directions. Inside is a screw top jar which makes for easy application. Contains SPF another bonus. The cream is clear pinky white and has a nice consistency. It has little to no smell. I found it to be very hydrating. I'm pregnant and my skin has been very sensitive and it reacted well to my skin. Leaving it feeling smooth and hydrated. I found my skin feeling softer and firmer within a few days. Lots of people have been commenting on how good my skin has been looking. I was very happy with the product. A little bit goes a long way. I will continue to use this product..
A custard coloured cream which is the perfect consistency with a slight scent which is not OTT.  I am always in search for the perfect face moisturiser which is not too thick, not too thin, not too heavy and not too light but able to leave me with hydrated skin.  L'Oreal **** has nailed it.  This moisturiser ticks all of my boxes.  It is the perfect consistency, it glides on and sinks in without leaving a heavy feeling, but leaving a fresh hydrated feeling.  I am not particularly worried about anti-aging benefits, but if this cream hydrates and anti-ages, well I'm winning.  The packaging is beautiful and classy in a deep red casing.  I absolutely love this cream and will be buying when this one runs out.
I really liked this product a lot. I had been looking for a daily moisturiser to use that had a spf in it as my current cream was more for night time use. This seems quite thick when you apply it but sinks into your skin right away and I did not feel any greasiness at all. Makes your skin feel soft and no strong smell either. Was able to them apply my make up straight away and it felt like a good base underneath which didn't dry out my skin either even in air conditioning. Would definately recommend this product and I would continue to use this.
Great product, silky smooth, lovely light fragrance, can see fine lines are less. I found that it didn't allow for my foundation to be absorbed so my foundation sat on top of my skin and it looked a bit cakey. Overall love the product, will keep using it, love the fresh feeling it gives me after applying it.
I love the expensive look of the red jar, but I do prefer my cream in tubes. This cream is pleasantly scented and the cream feels light on my skin. It applies fantastically, however I did find it didn't absorb very well. Although I didn't feel that this cream worked for me, I would still recommend it to others to try.
I tested the L'Oreal revitalift Lazer X3 over two weeks. The texture of the creme felt velvety and gel like, the seant was like a bouquet of flowers which smelt refreshing and beautiful.  I have normal to oily skin and felt that this cream was slightly too rich for my skin, as I would be shiny by the afternoon, also I learnt early on that a little goes a long way, regardless of this I was still shiny after a while.  Over the course of the two weeks I did notice that my skin was more even and brighter.  I love the fact that this moisturizer has an SPF, I felt that it protected me against the sun and over the two week period that the lines around my eyes and my mouth did soften.  I would love to see this moisturiser in a normal to oily type as I believe that it did provide me with all the things that it offered,  but the the oily shine was the only thing that let me down. I would recommend this product for a normal to dry skin for the 40's+.
I love that this cream is quick absorbing and does not leave a greasy feeling on my skin after application. The scent is just right and not overpowering — I don't even need to put any additional perfume or cologne because it does the job. The SPF is a bonus because that's one less item I need to worry about.  I am keen to see the long term benefits of using the cream for days to come.
I’ve been using this product for approximately 3 weeks now and have really enjoyed it. It’s gives a nice moisturised base under my foundation or B.B. cream however I did find it to be a little bit shiny. I haven’t noticed any noticeable changes to my fine lines but my skin is nice and soft. Has a nice pleasant smell and rich creamy texture - a little goes a long way. I would purchase again but only on sale because I feel the RRP is a little bit too high for an everyday moisturiser.
Feels great on the skin and absorbs quickly.  The scent is pleasant which makes using this product a lot easier.  I have noticed a slight change in my skin in that my fine lines are minimal and my skin glows.  Only recommendation i would make is to have it in a tube rather than a jar.
Fabulous light moisturiser that is easily absorbed into the skin. The packaging is sturdy and sits well on bathroom cabinet (no ugly packaging that needs hiding). I use this cream everyday, the fragrance is fresh and the moisturiser leaves my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. I have already recommended to friends and family as the price for such a good quality product is fantastic.
I normally love L'Oreal products but definitely not a fan of this one.  The first day I used it before blow drying my hair and ended up a sweaty mess.....it was like my pores were all blocked.  The day ended with me looking like a grease ball :( I passed it onto my partner and he loves it.  He's been using it daily and, even though he's working outside for 12 hours a day, his skin is looking great and I can see improvement in the fine lines around his eyes.