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L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Red Cream

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L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Red Cream is an anti-fatigue moisturiser that works to reduce visible signs of tiredness. The tinted formula is infused with orange-red colour pigments to enhance the appearance of skin tone, while Pro-retinol helps combat the visible signs of ageing, and red ginseng increases circulation. Skin is left looking instantly radiant and wrinkles are reduced with continued use.

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L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Red Cream


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Loreal red cream

Using just 4 days, but already see the difference, before I have profesional creams from skin clinics but this cream is just amazing so far, very happy
I enjoyed using this product. It came in an awesome bright tub, great size and the cream itself smelt amazing. It was a great addition to my skin care routine and I noticed an improvement in my skin texture and plumpness. I used this night and morning with/without makeup and found it worked wonders!! There are a number of other products in the same line that I used at the same time which also helped improve my skin.
Cream felt very lovely on the skin and I love that L'Oreal has incorporated red ginseng into it. However, I did notice the scent was very strong and the product left a bit of a red colour on the skin. This did go away very quickly though, as the product absorbs very quickly into the skin. Packaging also feels very luxurious.
I enjoyed using this product. The red packaging was inviting and the cream was thick but light. The cream went on beautifully and my skin felt silky and looked like it was glowing. It worked as a great base for makeup and allowed my foundation to blend in perfectly. I was a bit weary about the strong scent of the cream as I have sensitive skin and a lot of scents/fragrances irritate my skin and I come up in rashes but despite the scent my skin didn’t seem to react to it. I was pleasantly surprised. If the scent wasn’t so potent I’d happily give this a 5/5. It’s a great product
I generally use boutique type moisturisers in my every day life however I was pleasantly surprised with this L’Oréal revitalift red cream. I found my skin absorbed the product  quickly with a smooth consistency leaving no residue. I found my skin to look brighter and more radiant. I’m not sure it had any affect on my fine lines but then it’s only been a month . I would definitely recommend the product and would consider re purchasing the product when it runs out.
I really love the L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Red cream the glass red jar is very nice. The cream has a reddish colour to it that didn’t show up on my skin. The cream was very hydrating on my skin and didn’t leave it oily which I really love. My skin feels so soft, has a nice glow and smells amazing! The scent is very strong which did play up with my sinus issues a little which is why I only gave it 4 starts. My skin definitely feels and looks better. If you don’t like anything that has a strong smell I wouldn’t recommend this but other than that I think this cream is great and definitely has made a positive difference to my skin.
I am someone who used to have oily skin and now its more toward combination side. L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Red Cream is a thick and rich moisturiser. When I applied the cream, my skin felt properly moisturised without applying too much. I might not buy it again since it is not water based and I prefer more light cream for my acne prone skin. However, I don't mind using t during dry winter weather. Its good for normal to dry skin type. For everyone with Oily skin, I would ask them to be careful with this moisturiser and not use alot.
I was quite intrigued to try this product as it had interesting features and benefits I was looking for!  The packaging is nice and very much along the lines of other L'Oreal products. Being in a solid square jar, it is easy to access daily and reach every last bit of cream.  The cream inside is a pale red-pink colour which is supposed to be the colour of the 'red ginseng'. The cream smells strong but it is a nice fresh scent. I really liked the texture of the cream. It's thick but it applies easily onto the skin and absorbs quickly. I found that with regular use, morning and night, the cream made my skin feel smooth and look like it had a glow. I am not certain it really removed fine lines but my skin did appear plumped and fresh after use. I have sensitive skin and it didn't make me react or cause breakouts.  While a feature of the cream is the red tinting, I must say that this was the downfall for me. The tinting did give my skin a glowing look, which was okay, but I found on my pale skin it actually left me looking quite red and flushed - even after putting foundation over the top. A flushed look might be nice on the cheeks but when it is consistently all over your face and neck, it doesn't look good. Perhaps this would suit a darker skin tone.  Overall, I liked the way it smoothed my skin and plumped it but I didn't like the red colouring it left. If I could give this 3.5 stars I would. 
Rivitalift Red Cream is a product I was really looking forward to using. The packaging is very lux with a little glass jar. It comfortable fits in the palm of your hand and the lid is easy to remove. Maybe not best to take away when traveling as the glass jar makes it heavy. The moisturiser itself is thick, creamy, lightly fragranced and has a coral red tint of colour to it. It’s teally hydrating and absorbs well into the skin. I did find however I had to wait a little longer before being able to apply makeup. I preferred using this as a night cream and waking up with super soft skin.  After a few weeks of use I can’t comment on any change to wrinkles and I don’t feel the red colour actually did much. 
I got to try the L’Oréal revitalift energising red cream. I loved the smell, texture and the moisturising effect of the cream. I am 37 years old with quite dull skin, unfortunately the cream did not add any glow to my skin. I am still using it as it is a nice cream.
I can not say if I like this cream for it's intended benefit, as I didn't use it enough as I would have liked to due to the scent. It's quite strong and was off putting for me. It didn't linger all day but on initial application was just too much for me. The times that I did use it, I had to use more than I normally do with other moisturisers because it's quite thick. The jar it comes in is nice and feels luxurious and upon opening it, I was impressed by the red colour, as I haven't ever used a cream like this. Even though I can't comment on the long term benefits this cream claims to deliver such as reducing wrinkles, I can say that it does instantly deliver a glow to the face, due to the pigment in the cream. It doesn't stain your face or anything like that, so no need to worry.
This cream had a much more luxurious feel, consistency and scent than I was expecting from L’Oréal. It absorbs into my skin quickly, leaving no residue- even though the cream is reddish/orange in colour and I noticed my skin has an instant spark to it following application. It looks brighter and I look more awake. I was very pleasantly surprised by this face cream.
This cream is amazing! I've been using it for a few weeks now and honestly my skin feels so soft, it's incredible! There's quite a lot of product in this distinct red glass tub, and a small amount of the thick cream goes a long way. A faded reddy-clay colour with a distinct scent to it, I have found my skin feeling so soft and silky after use. I feel like my skin looks very refreshed the next day, definitely can see the Advanced Retinol and Ginseng at work! Honestly think this is a great product, my skin has never felt more supple and moisturized!
Already a fan after a few weeks of using this product! Firstly, packaging is slick and well made. Love the bright red lid and that is is glass - much more sturdy than plastic packaging  Secondly, the consistency of the cream is wonderful. Not heavy at all, no greasy texture and it absorbs very quickly into my skin. I like the smell of the product, it’s fresh and almost florally. I’ve been using it on days when I’m not wearing makeup as a day cream and I like the added “colour” in the product - leaves my skin looking fresh even without other make up.  I’m keen to see what the retinol will do after prolonged use - nothing wrong with anti-aging in my books! Would repurchase.  
I was excited to try this product as I'm definitely the demographic that wants multi-tasking products. I don't mind admitting my age - as long as my skin seems to defy it!  I found the L'Oreal Revitalift cream very enjoyable to apply; it sinks in and isn't greasy. I've been mostly using it at night, and upon waking have found my skin pleasantly plump and smooth. It also sits well under make-up when I have used it before an evening out. I have some redness on my cheeks that this product helps reduce, and I feel it gives me skin a natural radiant glow even when I don't wear anything over the top. I'd love a pump or squeezy tube version for travel!
Loved this thick luxurious cream, which really gave my skin a nice morning wake up! It’s a very rich texture without being oily and leaving a heavy residue, which I found perfect. I think it is a great texture for the winter months especially as this time of year tends to really dry out my skin. The red tint of the cream also have my skin a nice added glow and I get like it took the darkness out of the bags under my eyes. I definitely felt that the ginseng worked on my skin as I did feel it was pepped up after applying the cream.  I found it smoothed my wrinkles once applied too which was an added bonus. I would recommend this cream to anyone who feels skin is fatigued and to feel hydrated and energised without a heavy, oily cream.
Loved it, a red lotion, great absorption and hydration for the skin, what more could you ask for. After weeks of use, the  appearance of my skin was glowing, helping with my skin tone, only need the small amount and love the fragrance. Using the cream day and night makes it a great addiction to my skin care routine anytime.
I trialled this Revitalift red cream recently and I think it gave me some good results.  The cream itself has a slightly red tint but it’s not very strong so it can be used under makeup during the day.  It can be used for day and night but I prefer to use if for night because it’s a bit too heavy for my combination skin during the day.  However, it did give my skin a nice healthy glow. I’ll continue to use the rest of this jar but I probably won’t be using it in the future, I would recommend this for dry or mature skin types.
Loved the smooth, creamy texture and way it just glided onto my skin, providing much needed hydration. The pinkish-red colour is cool, too! My only complaint is that I felt it was quite thick, although perhaps I am not the right age group for this cream. It is probably best suited to someone a bit older, say 40s and above.
I am all about hydration for my skin so I was really interested to try this! I really like the fragrance of this, but if you're sensitive to fragrance in your skincare it may be strong for you. Also, it's actually red in colour. It felt thick and creamy and absorbed well into my skin. Overall I thought it was a great! There are better products for hydration if you have super dry skin, but for me it was perfect.